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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by marise Hi Salomeh! I had a question about transportation from Dreams to the airport. I'm working with Teresa at vacations for less also and I wanted to know if your guest purchased the round trip airport transfers? I know a few months ago transportation services weren't able to pick guest up from resorts and transport them back to the airport because of the cab strike. Was this still a problem for your guest, or did it pretty much get resolved? Thanks Salomeh! Most of our guests, including us purchased the round trip airport transfers. They were great! Got
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by JGAMMAGIRL77 What did you dinner options did you go with? Jess I have attached our menu! Menu.doc
  3. Keep in mind for your trial you have to go to her, she doesn't come to your hotel. From Dreams it took us about 40 minutes roundtrip, and the trial took about 2 to 2 1/2 hours.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Ana OMG I love love love your pics! You look stunning! Everything turned out so amazing yey!! Congrats hun! Thanks Ana! We did it :-)
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by marcoloscabos Dear Alex and Salomeh, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the good times Your wedding was truly amazing! Please give my best to your families, we had such a great time! Love always, Rev. Marco, I am so sorry I didn't write a review about you! You were AWESOME. Our parents, friends/family loved our ceremony and your great sense of humor :-) You did such a wonderful job! I hope all the future Cabo brides on this forum get a chance to work with you. Go Steelers ;-) Love, Salomeh & Alex
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Erika J Salomeh!! Everthing looked so beautiful!!!! I loved all the pics. Was a bunch of those pics from the "club desires" or whatever it is called? I have never seen pics of it before and I know with my friends people will be ending up there. LOL, Club Desires was our favorite place to party :-)
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Jess I know I've been looking EVERYWHERE! I live in La Costa area - closer to Encinitas - what about you? I would LOVE to borrow or buy it off of you No Problem! I live in the Hillcrest area. The only problem with the flower is that it doesn't have a pin. My hair stylist took it off and just pinned it herself with bobby pins. There are little holes from where she pinned the flower. You can come by and look at it anytime. Here is my email address: salomeh_g@hotmail.com.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by JGAMMAGIRL77 Did your girls get measured somewhere before ordering thier dresses? I seen this website and considered ordering from there but I was afraid that the dresses would be the correct fit. Jess The dresses run a little big. The girls went to a local store and tried them on first.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Jess can I also ask you wear you got your hair flower? I'm having a hard time matching it to the oyster colored dress I could NOT find a flower anywhere that I liked. I found this at TJ Max! Do you want to borrow it? What part of San Diego do you live in?
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by marise Salomeh thank you for the awesome review! I'm working with almost all the vendors that you had and its so awesome to hear them having such great reviews! And your pictures look gorgeous! Congratulations Mrs! Congrats! You will LOVE them all :-)
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by midnight24 i love that you used peacock feather accessories! i am planning on the same. the bridesmaids dresses were cute and different, where did you get them? loved the cake and your you looked stunning in your dress. congrats and thanks for sharing your photos! Thank you! The girls LOVED their dresses. The dresses were Alfred Sung Style D330. In store they were over $200 but I ordered them on www.houseofbrides.com for $99.00 (Same exact dress).
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by liznsergio Congratulations on your wedding Salomeh!!!!! You were a gorgeous bride and your smile was amazing in every picture!!!!! Few questions...you is the designer of your dress (you looked amazing in it and the material totally complemented your skin color!!). Do you remember the name of the company for the fire dancers? Thanks Liz! My dress was by Alvina Valenta #9612, in Oyster. It has a detachable train which I loved. It was a little tight and hard to walk in so I bought another dress for dancing later on in the night. The dancers are called lu
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Tammy Host salomeh, congrats!! i am so glad teresa worked out for you. we have been working together for years now. i am also glad you liked Gilda. She is so sweet and one of our sponsoring vendors. I can't wait to see your pro pics!! you look gorgeous in your sig pic. Also, can you share some pics of your flowers and prices from Florenta? i know people are always asking about that. also, i am glad you reviewed yarai. i have had many people concerned because they do not read as much about yarai on the forum but i have to say to those worried abo
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by krebsler How much did you pay for your fire dancers? That would be a dream of mine but I know they are extremely expensive. Great review! They were $660 for 15 minutes...they were so good!
  15. Hi Michelle! I am so sorry I didn't hear you when you said "hi" to me, let's just say I had way too many Corona's that day. You looked beautiful and your wedding looked amazing. I loved your colors and the chairs. I can't wait to see your pictures. Gilda just sent ours yesterday.
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