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  1. I did! I even have a post about it somewhere!
  2. Sorry! Dumb mistake! lol Bust : 37 Waist : 30 Hips : 38 Hollow to Hem : 54". I am 5'2" and it ws still a little long. I am typically a 34D and size 4 in pants, however, since it does have the corset back, the sizing does not have to be exact. It can also be altered if need be. Thanks!!!
  3. Hi everyone! I have decided to go ahead and sell my wedding dress I used as my TTD. It is white strapless, corset back, chiffon.....very pretty and very comfy. It does not wrinkle, so it is great for travelling. The dress I used as my real wedding dress had to be steamed once we got to the resort, but this one didn't! I only wore this for maybe an hour....just for the photos. It has been cleaned and preserved. I am only asking $250....I just need to get some of the cost of the dress and the cleaning, preserving, and alterations. This dress can also be altered if necessary. Payment mus
  4. I forgot these items are still available also: Large table number stands mini starshish starfish wine stoppers garter set
  5. Hi all, These are the items still available. Please let me know if you are interested in any of these items! Thanks so much!!!! box of glass rocks thank you labels brown and bluw 5x7 mini albums suduko books playing cards hand sanitizer corsage pins votives and glass votive holders mother and father cards BM dresses BM rhinestone tank earrings Bebe Flip flops
  6. These items have also sold: Mini maraccas Chair sashes Cookie Cutters Lg. Starfish 5x7 picture frame Spanish for Dummies I also found some submersible LED lights I used for our centerpieces. There are 22 of them. 12 are still in the orginal package. I will sell all of them for $10.
  7. FYI......... The following have been sold and paid for: Luggage Straps 9" Table stands Easel Bridesmaid Survival kit Key/Tip Holders There are some other items spoken for, but as of now have not been paid. Thanks!
  8. OK....here's the last bit of stuff! Don't forget to look at my first post when PM'ing me if you want to buy any of this! Thanks!!! ( natural colored gift bags-$4 for all (1) 5x7 silver colored picture frame-$1 White garter Set-$5 HUGE box of blue glass rocks. I used these in our centerpiece vases-$50 for all
  9. (7) 15" table number stands-very sturdy!-$20 for all Package of silver thank you labels-$2 (1) Silver colored photo easel-$2 (1) brown and (1) light blue 5x7 photo album-24 pages-$2 each =$4 Clear plastic luggage tag straps, bag has approx 350-400 pieces-$15 Bag of small real starfish-$3 Bag of approx 20-30 real sugar starfish-$7 for all MORE TO COME!!!!
  10. (4) Suduko Books-$3 for all ( decks of playing cards-$5 for all (13) bottles of hand sanitizer-$10 for all (1) package of small silver starfsih charms....25 pieces-$5 (2) packages of corsage pins-$1 for both (72) ivory votives and glass votive holders. Some are slightly used....still have plenty of hours left. $50 for all (6) yellow and green straw beach bags. $3 each =$18 (1) green, (1) pink and (1) yellow straw beach bag. $3 each=$9 (1) mother and (1) father greeting cards for wedding from child. $5
  11. (4) starfish wine stoppers-$12 for all (1) white satin Flower Girl Basket-Never used. Has white starfish on each side of the handle embellished white a swarovski crystal-$10 (21) mini tropical maraccas-$15 for all (ribbon and place cards not included. (15) room key/tip holder. I gave these to guests to keep their room keys and tip money in. I have the template I used and can give you if interested so you can put your own logo. $20 for all (19) Immodium and Advil bags-$35 for all (each organza bag has 1 packet of advil and 1 packet of immodium)
  12. Hi everyone, I have so much left over stuff from our wedding and it's now time to clear it out of our house! If you are interested in any of it, please PM me as I don't get on this thread everyday like I used to do. In the PM, please include your email address and your physical address so I can email you a paypal invoice and I can calculate the shipping. All items are for sale plus the shipping costs. Once I sell an item, I will make note of it on here. Thanks for looking!!!!!! Please Note****i do not want to split up pieces of the same item, I am selling each item(s) as a lot!!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Allisa Trayce this is fabulous! Makes me wonder what I've been doing with my time ~lol. Thank you so much for sharing, I gad started to get stuck and in a 'what do I do next' mode. You just got me going again.... So glad I could help! I planned for almost a year and kept busy all the way up to the day we left! lol
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by katken OK ladies, plane leaves in 10 hours, bags are packed, drinking wine for one last time with hubby to be before we're in Mexico. I proimse a planning thread and review when I return. I can't thank you enough for all of your help during this process, especially JHarwood2Be and Trayce. Hasta lavista! I'm sooo excited for you!!! I can't for you to get back so we can see all of your pics!!! CONGRATS!!!!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Debbi803 You really did think of everything...I'm definitely going to use some of your ideas! Where did you get the first aid kits and the stickers for them? I am using the same colors nad also a starfish and sand dollar theme! Love your ideas! Thanks so much! I got so many ideas from this great forum!!! I got the 1st aid kits at the Dollar Tree and matte sticker paper from Staples and printed them out myself. Thanks again!!!
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