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  1. Oh oops, I forgot to mention some negative things: no hot water, my room got flooded the day before my wedding b/c a pipe broke and the bottom of my dress got wet (but they took it to the cleaners immediately & we got upgraded to the master suite), and the hotel was overbooked so they kept trying to get my guests to stay elsewhere - but besides that it was great. Oh and I got in a fight with a "KAPITAN" at Oceana Grill, but the restaurant was amazing!
  2. Girls, So sorry I have not yet made a review. All I could say though is that everything was amazing - from the flight, to Claudia, to the salon, to the gazebo. Here are links to my fb albums w/ the wedding pictures. I had my cocktail hour in the garden, ceremony at the gazebo, and my reception at el caribe beach. In one of the albums I also have some pictures from my TTD shoot. I brought my photographer, videographer, musicians from new york, and my rabbi from florida. If you have any q., feel free to ask b/c I really don't know when I'll get my review done by. Good luck everyone
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by minasian34 Sooo here I go... I recently got back from Dreams Cancun where my wedding was supposed to be! As soon as I arrived to Dreams Resort I was greeted with much kindness. I expected to hear from Claudia a day after I arrived which I did not. So I contacted her myself. Our appointment was made for the next day at 10 am. My husband and I arrived on time and waited 45 min. for Claudia to show up. Once she did we went into the business center and got our wedding details squared away. Our rehearsal was Sat 6/26 @ 3pm. We all showed up but the rain started to
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Rachel&Chris2011 Michelle, Congrats on the wedding! I am getting married at the Dreams Cancun in January and cant wait! I also live in new york and actually you and Arsen look so familiar!! I'd love to chat sometime and get advice and tips from you. Rachel Thanks Rachel (I know I'm a little late). Are you Yan & Mir's friend that facebook msged me the other day? If so, give me a call any time. I loved Dreams and I could talk about the hotel and the weddings there forever lol. (And if you're not the Rachel I'm thinking, still feel free to
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by carolina24 happy wedding day michelle613!!!! congrats! Thank you
  6. Girls, I'm backk and married! My wedding was an absolute fairytalee! Claudia and my parents worked behind my back to throw in some surprises and everything from hair, makeup, flowers, gazebo, reception setup etc etc was just simply fantastic! I'll be writing my review within the next few days! But WOW i am obsessed loll i want to do it all again, so jealous of all the brides with weddings coming up!
  7. Congrats (again)!!! You were a gorgeous brideee & from what I saw of your wedding, it was beautiful!
  8. Hey, this info is probably somewhere on here but I can't find it: from the buffet menus how much can you choose from each?
  9. Wait, if my guests want to go to Desires after the wedding, and some aren't guests at the hotel - how much will it cost to have them all enter? Do you think they're strict and we could just sneak them in lol?
  10. Hey, we're also doing fans and pashminas for women only. For men we're getting cigars and I don't know what else yet. Honestly, it's usually the women who even care about favors and remember to bring them home. Men will be happy with cigars and maybe those little travel size tequila bottles or something.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by KelZavs20 Hi Girls, for the first time ever i am having a hard time getting a hold of Cecilia....and of course its when i have a pressing question!!! i need to set the arrival time for my guests in order to finish my invitations.... But besides that, i cannot for the life of me remember the diferences between the beach near the gazebo (i think this is the carribean beach , the one that was just restored and is now massive) and the other beach (i think its called himitsu?)....do any of you have any opinions good or bad about these beaches? i was origin
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by StarfishBride2010 I received the dance floor at $700 for free for not using the photographer. $300 seems very minimal since the photographer cost is $800. I am getting married June 8th...I'll be sure to post a review when I can Wow that's so awesome. I'm getting married June 10 but arriving the 7th so you might have a fan watching. WHo did you speak w/ about this exchange. I'm not using the photog or videog in the package and wna get my money's worth lol.. so far all Claudia kinda mentioned was like gazebo decor
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by lilz125 Just got back--yay we're married! I'm writing my review right now but I figured I'd reassure everyone that the gazebo is done. It was finished when we left on Friday-they were finishing putting some last paint touches on it. Good news is the 6 of us who had our weddings this past week weren't affected. Some of us got finished dome gazebos while the others had open air gazebos. I got the open air gazebo and absolutely loved it!. Congrats Liz! I probably should've checked on here before bombarding you with questions in my email, haha
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