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  1. Honestly, we have stayed at countless all inclusives. Every year we go to Mexico and stay at a different resort...all are 5 or 6 apples (which are the highest ratings) so I would say we are rather picky travelers. We LOVED Dreams! It was perfect. The resort wasn't too big, the rooms were nice, the food was some of the best food we have had at all - inclusives at least consistently. We have had good food at other resorts but usually its only at 1 or 2 of their restaurants. All of the restaurants at Dreams were great. I wouldn't worry about the reviews. You are always going to have those that don't like much of anything if its outside their "norm". Remember some people are really set in their ways. You and your guests will have a great time!
  2. The new email address is weddings.drecu@dreamsresorts.com The entire AM Resort properties went through email changes due to some corporate changes they just went through.
  3. I got mine from the following website and they were gorgeous. Worth every penny and very comfortable! Crystal Flip Flops, License Plate Purses
  4. Thanks ladies. Andim...I watched your wedding as well...you looked gorgeous!
  5. No they don't have to pay to stay at the hotel next door. Dreams takes care of all the expenses. And andim is correct...they all got 3 free nights to use within one year. So it really wasn't that bad.
  6. We had a couple guests who ran into this "overbooking" issue at Dreams. They booked through Expedia and were asked to switch to the Hyatt right next door mid way through their trip. They were there for the wedding but the next day Dreams asked them to move due to being overbooked and the Expedia and Orbitz customers are the ones forced to move. I would just play it by ear. They did allow our guests to utilize our resort at no extra charge and they just slept at the other hotel pretty much so we didn't notice it too much. Hope this helps! Good luck with everything! It will be great!
  7. Hi Rebekah - We gave our wedding coordinator a gift and a cash tip when we arrived. I also brought her some gifts for her 6 year old daughter. Some of the things were Wisconsin t-shirts, nail polish, headbands, baseball cap, Justin Bieber CD for her daugther, starfish necklace for both of them. We gave her $100 cash right away. After the wedding and seeing how amazing everything turned out we ended up giving her another $200. I think a lot of brides gave around $100 - we really appreciated everything our WC did so we wanted to make sure we gave her a little more. Hope this helps!
  8. Peterpanpixiedust - yes its me I was trying to keep low as much as I could in fear I'd be bumped off again. If something happens below is my email address...feel free to contact me about anything! We have over 3000 pictures so we captured just about EVERYTHING I'd be happy to share! The wedding was truly a dream come true! lindsey.pearson@plexus.com or linzj27@yahoo.com
  9. Ladies - Cecilia told me she has 46 weddings in June alone. She is extremely busy. You might be better off calling her if you can. I can tell you if you have detailed questions she is wonderful once you arrive at making sure you get everything you want.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Nikki&James Your pictures are amazing!! Congrats!!! X Thank you!!!! It was a dream come true wedding!
  11. Thanks Michelle...you as well! I loved your ceremony set up! Gorgeous! Congrats! Isn't it so sad to be home...I want to go back and do it again
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by shanbeth When you say "legal ceremony" do you mean that if if we are getting married in Mexico to make it legal all the witness siging, etc. has to be done "DURING" the ceremony? I thought they do it after? I'm still debating whether to get married at a JP before we leave to save on $ or wait. We are arriving the 4 days before to make it legal, but seems like a lot of work for something to go wrong. Any advice would be great! Shanbeth 11-11-10 Dreams Cancun Ladies - You must have heard some horror stories about legal ceremonies...I had a legal ceremony and it was so easy. The blood work took 5 minutes. The ceremony is not in Spanish as others have said...ours was in English and I wrote the entire ceremony and the judge read the script and added in the legal pieces where needed. You could understand her. The documents are in Spanish, however I have filed for a new SS number and got my drivers license with the Spanish document and I have had absolutely no problems. Its a personal choice. However, if you are hesitating because you think its going to be a lot of work or your affraid of all the logistics you shouldn't worry about that stuff at all and just do it! I personally wanted my wedding day to be my wedding day! I didn't want 2 different days...for me it was a big deal to know we actually got married a different day than when everyone helped me celebrate. I promise you it was so simple you would be shocked! I wouldn't take it back for anything
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by tiffanyan02 I love your dress! The details are gorgeous! I loved your hair. Did you order the flowers for your hair from the hotel as part of your package? Did you think your makeup held up ok in the heat? Great review! I'm so thankful for all the details everyone provides! Thank you! I didn't order the flower it was sitting in a vase in the salon and I said "i want that flower" so they cut it out and stuck it in my hair The makeup held up perfectly and I was dripping sweat at the end of the night! I am so glad I had my makeup done.
  14. Peterpanpixie dust....I had Mireya for my hair and makeup as well and she did AWESOME!!! You can see my pics I included above in the snapfish account. We had 3 others get their hair and makeup and it wasn't as good as her's...she does a great job. The graffiti is bad, but honestly you don't notice it at all unless you plan to have your reception on that big beach. It wasn't in any of my pictures or my video when you are on the gazebo. I wouldn't worry too much about that. I will try and get some pictures posted of the Honeymoon suite...the two story suite was incredible...we loved it. Good mini review!!! Love it!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by StarfishBride2010 Ladies...below is a link to our snapfish site to view photos. Lots of pictures of the resort and set up if you're interested... Snapfish: Share:Registration Sorry the login information is below if you'd like to view pics... Username: Rob.Lindsey060810@gmail.com Password: cancun2010
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