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  1. It's a given that centrepieces go home with guests, after all, what are you going to do with multiples of the same arrangement? If you have very special pieces, then it's probably best to keep them on your head table where your girls can make sure they're gathered up at the end of the night, and leave your not so special pieces on the guest tables.
  2. A former BDW bride had one made out of clay! I can't remember her name, but it was gorgeous. May-be someone can find it and add it to this thread?
  3. That's gorgeous! Mixing the flowers with the brooches is just the right amount of tradition, and bling! Good job
  4. Way to go! You're quite detective! It's amazing how devious some people can be. I'm so glad you caught on to him and that you were able to get most of your money back, at least.
  5. I like the 2nd and 3rd ones. I'm partial to that palm tree image. It's definitely one of the nicer ones!
  6. I like mochamakes3's suggestion about shortening it to tea length. If it's any consolation, the colour is very rich and that's a shade that almost everyone looks great in (it will look great in the pics too).
  7. Hi Dana, you should speak with your hotel first. WHen I was planning my wedding (Dreams, PC), my WC told me NOT to ship anything in advance as items had a tendency to "go missing" quite frequently ...
  8. You're right! Such a beautiful SHOULD be worn! I hope someone snatches it up from you soon!
  9. Brandy is right, and their work is phenomenal. Check out the vendors and read the reviews. You won't be disappointed! Good luck :-)
  10. You're very talented! Looking forward to seeing you in your custom gown. Have a great wedding!
  11. The girls are right on the money, and I agree with them all. If there's anything I can add, it's that you need to remember that whatever you decide, it's not just your life that will be affected. FI deserves to be with someone who truly, deeply and honestly loves him (as do you!). If you're not that person, then as hard as it is, you have to give him the opportunity to move on and find that joy. The same goes for you too -- don't settle for anything less, or you will forever have a case of the 'what ifs'. Good luck sweetie, and good for you for being strong and mature enough to not only acknowledge that something is not right, but also to take steps towards resolving the issue.
  12. Tough choice, they're both beautiful, but the first one really is drop-dead gorgeous. Sure, you're going to be hot in it, but you won't remember that so much when you look at your pictures. If you can afford it, buy both and change into the lighter one for dancing at the reception and TTD (if you're doing one). Alternatively, you could try getting a knock-off version made of the second one, or find a used one. Good luck!
  13. I agree with Karyan -- it's too late to make the other two ring bearers now. But, is there anything else they can do to participate in the ceremony, if they want to?
  14. You did a fantastic job Angie. Have a wonderful time at your wedding!
  15. ThomasJsGirl (by the way, is that a reference to My Girl, the movie?): YUP!! DH's name is Tom (Thomas) and it just morfed to Thomas J, and stuck! Good luck with your planning -- hopefully your guests will abide by your wishes. (P.S. I'm still not crazy about it, but that's just my opinion!)
  16. I'm in the "what's the big deal" camp! Yes, it's your wedding, but, you're also the hostess of this special event and isn't it the host's/hostess' job to make sure your guests are comfortable, enjoy themselves and want for nothing? I can't see how the inclusion of alcohol, which is a generally accepted staple at celebrations, would cause you such heartburn. It's not like you and FI are forced to drink, so why is it OK to force such a personal preference on your guests, especially since you've admitted it's not for religious reasons?
  17. Hi ladies -- while I'm happy to share my templates with our wonderful B2Bs, I just wanted to clarify that if you're still a Noob, please don't ask me to send them to you as it could get both of us banned. Only those who are juniors and above are permitted to ask other members for their templates. Thanks, Lucy
  18. You did a great job! Have a wonderful wedding and looking forward to reading your review when you get back! Congrats!
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