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    Bridal wear

  2. meBonidie2be

    Bridal wear

    Victoria secret bridal tank $20PPD (including shipping and PayPal fees) Excellent condition. Size large. Bride hoodie. Size medium. Excellent condition. $18 PPD.
  3. Thanks again neighbor! I'm thrilled but still in awe you could be so close.
  4. Sent you PM. Look forward to hearing from you.
  5. Honestly it has been so long. Wedding date was 11/11/11. Probably beachthemeweddingshop.com or something very close to that. I had ordered over $300 worth of starfish from there but my guests took a bunch of them. I still have those available if you'd like to make an offer.
  6. I was able to get shipping quotes for the ladies that asked. I PMed them. If you are interested in anything let me know and I'll get you a total price : ) I do have these items listed in multiple places and I must get my spare bedroom back so act fast!!!
  7. meBonidie2be

    WTP: 15 Raffia Fans and OOT Items

    I have 7 raffia fans and tons of starfish. I'll do the raffia fans and 10 large starfish for $30 PPD.
  8. Are you interested in all the starfish? I can box everything you are interested in and get the quote from the post office.
  9. I apologize but i dont know how to estimate shipping. i have 16. I'll take them to the post office for the quote.
  10. meBonidie2be

    Starfish and many other post wedding items

    Bump. I totally forgot I ever posted this! I am pretty sure I still have everything. I gave up hope I would ever sell and gave a few random things to my mom for her house.
  11. Feel free to make an offer on anything. PPD means shipping and Paypal fees are included. 7 Raffia fans $7 2 flower girl hair bows bought for $17.95 each. Never used $18 PPD for both OBO David Tutera shimmer sheet NIP $9 PPD OBO Victoria Secret "Sexy Little Bride" tank, Large. EUC $20 PPD VS Bridal Robe retail is $58 one size EUC $22 PPD Black bridal hoodie Medium. EUC $18 PPD OBO Made in USA : ) Starfish table number card holders $20 minimum OBO 51 3 1/2in -4 1/2in white pencil starfish $50 PPD OBO 11 ~7-8 in white pencil starfish $30 PPD OBO orange Starfish in glass bowl $5 (without the bowl) mini shells $8 PPD nine seashell card holders$8 PPD Gallon ziplock shells $9 Beeswax candles $6 for both tea lights, I found another box after i took the pic, one was missing $6 for 17 16 Custom Ocean color pillar candles. They were lit during our AHR for 6 hours and not even an inch burned down. When I put them together in sand-filled vases I wished they were burned down more because they looked too new. Make an offer. I can provide more pictures of their current state and pics of how I incorporated into my decor. Wedding bell candle holders $10 PPD
  12. meBonidie2be

    Starfish and many other post wedding items

    This is how I used the candles for the AHR. Starfish for AHR. I also have that fish net if anyone is interested in that.