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  1. I'm also curious where you got the orchids ( i need purple ones)
  2. I was looking at Amazon yesterday! But thanks for the info, good to know they are speedy!
  3. I still need OOT bag items and 12 more fans!!!
  4. Hi Ladies! I'm in a hurry and need to purchase 15 raffia fans and OOT bags items (looking to purchase enough items for 15 bags: tylenol, tums, chapstick, aloe vera, sun block, pepto bismal etc.) Open to any offers as I am getting married in 3 weeks!!!! Thanks!!
  5. BOUGHT MY DRESS LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doc1.docx
  6. I love the top of your dress and the belt. You look so happy! Excellent choice. I think I have discovered my problem, although I felt beautiful in the 2 dresses I didn't feel like a bride. I felt like I was going to the red carept or a gala or someplace extremely glamorous, not the beach for my wedding lol
  7. i also am a 2 and i agree the dresses become so distorted when I try them on thats its very hard to tell how it will lay/fit when properly sized. I know I shouldn't be complaining about being a size 2 but in this situation it kind of sucks and is not helping me make a decision. Good news is... it has been 24 hours since i tried on the dresses and I still like them and am going to retry them on with only my mother this time. To many people = to many opinions!
  8. thanks ladies!!! I think I'm going to continue my shopping. I am so indecisive
  9. Went on my 2nd more serious shopping trip with my family. I feel like there is something wrong with me. I can't seem to have that "moment" the above two dresses were my favorite but still didn't have that moment nor did my family. I'm just curious what are your opinions on these 2? To pagenty?
  10. EEEEKKKKK I have been waiting impatiently for these pics!!!! Great Job BTW, and thes pics make me feel so much better about my decision to book Sandos Caracol!
  11. i LOVE this dress, I pinned it awhile ago (gotta love pinterest)
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