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  1. I am almost done my review. unforuntaly i wont have any professional pics for another 5-8 weeks! so, all the ones i am posting in the review are from guests!
  2. i didnt sweat at all! my dress wasnt satin. it was a thicker material but not glossy like satin. it was a little heavy but i wasnt bothered by it. the weather was crappy and raining that day. i was a little hot from dancing all night at the reception but who wasnt?! the weather was awesome. we were there for 10 days and it rained only 2x. each time it rained the sun came back out a few hours later.
  3. hey ladies! so we just got back this past thursday after a awesome wedding and honeymoon! I have a TON to say about MP, the coordinators, florists, etc! I am working on my review this week! I will let you all know when it is up! here are a few pics for now! first 2 are of me and my hubby and the last is my dad!
  4. Kristie you wedding vid was beautiful!!! brought tears to my eyes! Congratulations!!!
  5. thanks ladies! Lana- we will be in the sunrise section! so, if you see me come say hi!
  6. We FINALLY reached 75 room nights! we had a couple book last minute! we leave this Tuesday coming up! I can't believe it! we are booked for tucan gazebo(ceremony), tucan garden (cocktail) and Caribbean Terrace(4 hour reception) with PSAV as our DJ. I will have a ton to review when we get back. I am going to try and post my planning thread on Monday before I leave. I will send you girls the link. will anyone else be at MP from 11/8-11/17? Hugs, Jessica
  7. does anyone know if you purchase a room night for an outside vendor, will that night count toward your group booking and incentive? thanks!! Jess
  8. I would talk to your WC or Miami contact about this. I am getting married next month and they told us that in order for the room nights to count for us they MUST book through your group rate. they can do that with your TA or through MP directly. my MOH and her husband are members and they are booking through their membership. I had to talk to a few different people before they decided to let us use their room nights towards our group nights. hope this helps.
  9. just thought i would post this. It is by Wes McDonough,- "oh love". this is a GREAT first dance song! http://www.myspace.com/wesmcdonough/music/songs/oh-love-67767484
  10. great review! beautiful bride!!!! we are using PSAV too. what was the DJ's name and did he play good music?
  11. here are mine! love what everyone else has! earrings and bracelet from Carolee.com
  12. here is what I have so far! Love all of the stuff I see on this thread! 9in bircage veil- wearableartz necklace with our initials on front and marriage date on back.- ofthefountain this si our cake topper. only the bride is the monkey and the groom will be an alligator- Garden arts this is my hair flower that I will wear with a 9in birdcage veil.- inblossoms passport invites- Thestylishscribe
  13. Do any of the past brides have a picture of what the round tables look like when they are set up for the reception? also, what size round table cloth do i buy? i am going crazy over here!!! thanks!!! - Jess
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