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  1. Hi Ladies, And congrats to you all. We are married March 1st at the Riu Ocho Rios and then honeymooned at the Grand Palladium. It was an amazing two weeks at both resorts! In my opinion the best resturant we ate at was the Italian (Reggaetoni). Both my husband and I thought the same. We tried all but the Bhogali I believe.... Good luck with all your planning!
  2. dayna_123

    ROR Brides (Riu Ocho Rios)

    I was married there March 1st.. It was amazing! Wouldn't change a thing! I had the private poolside reception, with bbq menu. Well worth the 55/person. It was the best meal of the week. It poured rain all morning, and when us girls went in to get our hair done....by the time we were finished it was beautiful. I think it turned out to be the hottest afternoon of the week.
  3. dayna_123

    ROR Brides (Riu Ocho Rios)

    These are the free option flowers.
  4. So when I started planning my wedding a year ago, I wasn't planning on having a flower girl or ring bearer since I have one nephew and FI has 2, all around the same age and I wasn't going to pick between the three of them. My nephew was booked to go all along, FI's not. They had no intentions of bringing the kids down. So I then decided to make my nephew ring bearer since he will be the only child coming. I order a cute seashell from Etsy to carry the rings, had a tie made to match the bridesmaids dresses. Anyways, final payments are due next week...and guess whose booked and coming now...the other two children. Do I now have to include them in the wedding to? FI brought that up tonight...and I am now wondering what to do???
  5. dayna_123

    March 2011 Brides!

    I'm getting married March 1 2011, at the Riu Ocho Rios! Can't wait! We leave 4 months from tomorrow! Time is flying by!!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by debbmach I found my shoes today and I love them! So comfy, I'll be able to go from the beach to dancing all night!!! Those are my shoes too! They are super comfy! Something that I will totally wear again. I bought them in white and my 3 bridesmaids bought the same color as you!
  7. dayna_123

    Arrival in JA Prior to wedding

    Quote: Originally Posted by akua420 dayna - I'm leaving from Ab and I just had the same thing happen to me. We were supposed to leave Feb 18 and now we're leaving on the 19th getting married on the 22nd. As long as our flight isnt delayed overnight, the wedding-co. told me it will be fine. We are also leaving from Edmonton, one week later. Are you getting married at the Riu also? I know the girl that is getting married the day after you, also leaving from Edmonton. We are both using the same travel agent and I hear that flights are pretty full leaving out of Edmonton that week, with two large wedding groups! My travel agent told me not to worry about getting my date changed yet, as she said flights could change again. I don't think that will happen. I'm just worried and want to have a definite answer!
  8. I bought them at a store called Sara's Fashion in the West Edmonton Mall. I did find the pic on Dress-Queen.com, for half the price. Nice! Oh well, they are ordered and its one less stress. Its not a typical bridesmaid dress and thats what my girls wanted.
  9. Here are mine: I wanted something simple and flats to walk in the sand. They are so comfy too. My bridesmaids have the same ones in silver. They are from Browns.
  10. Here are mine...I think they are so cute. Just gonna get the bows removed.
  11. dayna_123

    Arrival in JA Prior to wedding

    When we booked our flights we were arriving on a Friday and getting married on a Tuesday. Flights have just been released and we don't depart now til Saturday. Our date is still march 1, which is a Tuesday, is this ok? Or will I have to change our date??
  12. dayna_123

    Beautiful ROR Photos

    Beautiful pictures! Can't wait for our wedding! Only 9 months to go.
  13. dayna_123

    Riu ocho rios is amazing!!!!

    Congrats! Can't wait to read your review!
  14. What time in March are you going? We are leaving Feb 25- March 4, married on the 1st! These are the prices we have gotten from our TA, as they aren't available online yet. When they do get released online if they come in lower, ours will be lowered as well. Edmonton $1995 Toronto $1827.25 Halifax $1938.95 These were pretty close to the price we were expecting to pay going into it.... Hope this helps!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Lisa DSO This dress was one of the ones on my list, but sadly I can't find it anywhere I'm all the way up in Northern Alberta, Canada. It was the first dress I tried on that day. I loved Maggie's whole destination collection and they didn't carry any of it. But I tried on Joanna and loved it! Its so flowy and fits so nice! I ordered it in white, although I tried on diamond white.