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  1. Our wedding was at 11 am but I wanted sunset pictures all week, but everytime the sun was setting we were so busy doing something that we were not ready. Anyway, one thing is that the sun sets behind the resort in the mountains. But the sky is still beautiful over the ocean.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by geology_rocks Lucky girl! I'm in the middle of an identity crisis! Thanks funny! It seems so weird to write my name different and to be called by my new name. I teach 1st grade and they use my last name all day long and to hear it changed is weird! But I LOVE IT!!!
  3. It seemed like it took forever for us to get ours. I was able to change my name on a few things that didn't require anything, but I did wait to do any credit cards, bank, really everything until we got the original just so there was NO PROBLEM! HA!! Anyways it took almost 3 1/2 months!! Yeah a long time. We were married March 13th and didn't get it until the end of June. But when we did I went to the SS office, etc all in one day. It was SO fast and easy! I was surprised how easy it was. Well, good luck to all of you!
  4. I agree if I looked that good at 5 am I would be very happy!! They turned out great!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Lilpaisley I was planning on being barefoot for the wedding, but am worried about the sand being too hot. Our wedding is at Noon...did anyone have problems with the sand being too hot to walk on? We went barefoot on the beach and were married at 11:00 a.m. It was not too hot on our feet. I would suggest wearing some type of shoe, flip flop, etc... to dinner.
  6. I am just getting caught up and saw your pictures. They are beautiful!! Your flowers turned out great! Everything looked really good together. I love the colors. Congratulations!
  7. I've been waiting for these! They are BEAUTIFUL!!!
  8. She pulled mine into a pony tail and then pined the curls. It stayed all day! If you bring a picture or just tell them what you want they will do a great job! They do these all day almost everyday!
  9. BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I love the pics! I can't wait to see the TTD. Im sorry to hear about the not so good parts but it looks like you guys had a wonderful time and have some stories to tell. Congratulations!!
  10. That would be a good setting for a jamaica wedding. I was dead set on the beach.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by CaliaA07 Hey girl, try putting your video on vimeo...it's Vimeo, Video Sharing For You. They let you have a longer video on there. I put my slideshow which is 15 minutes long on there. Youtube has a timelimit and stuff. Try that and see if it works! Thanks!! Ill have to let my hubby know because I don't do computers!!!!! I spent all day trying to get Nortin anit virus back on our computer, and it still won't work. I give up . Anyway I will get on him about our wedding video.
  12. Did you get it yet I am curious?
  13. Oh I forgot to tell you that you don't have to make a decision until you get there. We were sure we wanted it before. But I bet if you ask they will show you samples when you get there. I asked them to send me a clip or something but they said it was too big but we could talk when we got there. Everything is NO PROBLEM in Jamaica!! If you do get the video you will get to watch it before you leave. They give you a DVD player in your room to borrow.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Ellipse22 I will have no family video taping. I think it would be a good idea because I only have 6 people going (including us) and maybe I can arrange a get together to view the video ;-) That's one way to convince him!! P.S. What is your first name?!?! Thanks! We only had 7 of us and 3 were kids. I tried to get my DH to post the video on youtube but that hasn't happened yet. In the video it starts with a few pictures to music (that we picked and brought with us) and then it shows me walking down the isle and the whole ceremony. Then it has us taking pictures after the ceremony, this is also to music. I think they did a great job! The transitions are good and we pick the music so of course we like that. I will try again to get him to post it. I think the problem is that it is too big to fit on youtube. I did find one before we left because I wanted to see what $300 was getting me, but it was choppy. If you go to youtube and type in ROR jamaica wedding there are lots of clips. This may help. Oh sorry I'm Lindsey. We are in St. Louis Missouri. I hope this helps! I will try and figure a way for you to see the video. It may take me a little bit. Im not the computer person, my DH is.
  15. Our wedding was at 11 on the beach. I didn't notice anyone until we were taking pictures after the ceremony, but they asked them to move. I didn't notice but my husband said they had people standing on the sides behind us keeping people from walking behind us durring the ceremony. No worries!!
  16. Everything looks amazing! I can't wait to see more. Congratulations!
  17. All your hard work paid off!!! You look beautiful!!! I can't wait to hear your review! Congratulations!!!!!
  18. I was shocked! I wanted him to win but thought David A was going to take it. My TIVO cut out the very last part but I caught it on the news! Go DAVID COOK!!!
  19. Great review! It makes me want to go back!! Congratulations!!
  20. Quote: Originally Posted by Ellipse22 Thank you for posting your pics! You are gorgeous! I may have to think about the DVD...convince the FH ;-) Your welcome and Thank you!! I don't want to make you feel like you have to get the DVD (but you do!!) I just really think you may wish you would have had some type of video of your wedding. Are you planning on having family tape the ceremony? I can't wait to see your pics when you get back!
  21. I am so sorry to hear that things didn't go as planned. We ran into some of the same issues. She was late to get me and the chocolate cake.... wasn't chocolate at all. They even took it back and asked someone but brought it back to us and said it is chocolate. OK Anyway you did look amazing and you will always have the memories and hey your on the beach in Jamaica what else could you want... I can't wait to see your pictures!!
  22. I'm never sick of seeing wedding pictures! Also how exciting to be closing on your house soon!!!
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