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  1. I am so jealous of you guys! I wish I could do it all over again! I had so much fun at ROR! I loved every minute of it!
  2. i have a 16 week old puppy and around here, they will not groom her until she has all of her shots. she cannot get her rabies shot until tomorrow. That guy is an a$$
  3. i always hated it when i went to weddings and was worried that people would do it a lot at ours. in the end, it only happened a couple times and it was not as bad as we thought it would be.
  4. we let our guests do their own thing, if we decided to do an excursion, we asked everyone if they wanted to come, but otherwise, everyone was on their own. it was nice because everyone pretty much hung out together anyway.
  5. i really like the gingerbread man by philosophy plus it smells sooooo good. try that one, it smells delicious!
  6. I watched your show last night and it was great! I was crying several times! Your husband is so sweet! I am so glad that you were able to have the show to remember it forever! Congrats!
  7. i love wife swap and supernanny. i also like road rules/real world challenges.
  8. This is so exciting! Have fun at the parade for me! Can't go, making settlement on my house!
  9. just make sure that you practice your knots before the big day. our rings were almost tied too tightly!
  10. it is beautiful. i would have loved to get married there but it kinda pricey. the one thing that you need to be aware of is the size of the beach. when we were there it was so small, apparently the size changes in the seasons, according to a worker. but it was so pretty and so amazing. we can't wait to go back!
  11. i was thinking the same thing that erica said, there should be some kind of no-sting barrier that you can use. we use that on pts all the time. good luck!
  12. we went up there yesterday and they had poured some cement for the deck but that was about it! Cross your fingers for us!
  13. Ryan and I are supposed to make settlement on our house on 10/31. Our house is new construction and part of the deal was that the builder would put a deck on our house. The builder has known about this deck for over a month. We did our walk-through yesterday and the wood was just delivered. The deck was not even started! GRRR. Then we get an email from our realtor saying that settlement might be moved because the deck was not finished. They said that weather depending, we might have to push settlement back. I called her and told her and told her that this was unexceptable. We made plans to have people down to help us( from out of town), the utilities get transferred to our name on 10/31, we rented a uhaul, and we rearranged our work schedules. The biggest problem is that our mortgage rate goes up on 11/5. She said that maybe she could call the builder and tell him that we were not happy. I said that is a good idea. We went out to dinner, got home and there was an email from the mortgage guy saying he was sorry but it was not his rule, it was the rule of mortgage companies everywhere. Since the deck is part of the deal, the deck needs to be done before they can settle. we understand that, then we read to the bottom of the email where she wrote to him saying we are not happy. WHY did she tell the mortgage guy this? Shouldn't she be calling the builder? Do you think we should call the builder ourselves? If this goes past the fifth, we could stand to lose substantial money. We are so frustrated right now, i could just scream!!! any advice would be appreciated! TIA!
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