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  1. beautiful dress you look fantastic in it!!
  2. great review sounds like you had a fab time, your pics are awesome you looked so happy
  3. hi my now husband wore black pants, a white shirt and waistcoat it would have been way too hot if he had a jacket on as well, the bestman wore the same as did both dads and they were complaining it was too hot, tho it was only for the ceremony and 1 hour or so of pics after. We did see a couple of weddings were the groom had a tux on!
  4. your pics are great it looked an amazing day congrats
  5. serena

    I had my shower, pics

    sounds like you had a blast, the ice cubes looked fab
  6. looks likeyou had a great time and the cake is fantastic!!
  7. serena

    I'm a newbie!!!

    welcome to the forum and congrats on your upcoming wedding
  8. serena

    I'm A New ROR Bride!!

    , and congrats on your up coming wedding, you will find loads of great ideas on here!!!!
  9. serena

    Newbie - Riviera Maya May 2009

    congrats on your upcoming wedding and happy planning
  10. serena

    Hi Everyone

    welcome to the forum, and congrats
  11. serena


    congrats on your upcoming wedding and happy planning
  12. great dress the pics will be amazing
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Neema29 You and your hubby looked great! Beautiful bride, beautiful weather! Pics were great! Who took you pics at the resort? hi neema thanks, i think it was chris who took the pics!!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by chicklet Pics are super. Did you do upgrades to your bouquet? hey chicklet, thanks we are really pleased with the pics, and nope i didn't upgrade my bouquet