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  1. COngratulations, the pictures are gorgeous, thank you for sharing. I'm sorry it wasn't what you expected, but thank you for the honest and detailed review.
  2. Beautiful pictures, and your colors and flowers are gorgeous as well! Its nice to see how beautiful everything will look even if it rains! Thanks for sharing and congratulations!
  3. Congratulations and thank you for the review!
  4. Oh my gosh I LOVE the pictures of you and your husband meeting before the ceremony, those are so amazing and romantic and personal! Your wedding was beautiful, COngratulations, and congratulations and good luck with your fun new addition!
  5. Your pictures are gorgeous, and your review is so helpful! Thank you for sharing, and COngratulations!
  6. These pictures are gorgeous, our family looks so happy! Your cake is amazing, I may steal your pic for inspiration if that is ok! COngratulations!
  7. Thank you so much for this review, it sounds like your wedding was AWESOME! I can not wait to see your pictures! May I ask how you got a 5pm wedding?
  8. Those are really great pictures, you look beautiful and natural, and that makes them very sexy in a very romantic way, I bet your husband LOVES them!
  9. Your pictures are so beautiful, and you were a gorgeous bride. YOur dress is fabulous! Congratulations!
  10. Helen Graham was the wedding coordinator I was in contact with before I decided on ROR. She is out of Kingston, but does do weddings in Ocho Rios. She was excellent about answering all of my questions, and so attentive about what I wanted for my wedding day, I felt bad that I was not going to use her. She has a great website with packages, prices and photos. Destination Weddings, Weddings In Jamaica, Wedding Planner In Jamaica, Getting Married In Jamaica Good luck!
  11. I would like to know this as well, but I am going to use the free bouquet as my toss bouquet.
  12. I have to say that I love #3, I almost bought it, it is the most beautiful dress in person, and it looks amazing on you. I will be at ROR on your wedding day, it will be fun to see the one you choose!
  13. Hey ladies, is anyone having an At home reception in the Boston area?
  14. This is amazing, so much information, and very professional. Thank you so much for sharing this!
  15. Oh my gosh I agree, and thanks for expressing this gratitude. Without this site i have no idea what my wedding would be like. I have gotten so many ideas from the ROR girls, and BDW ladies in general, I know my wedding is going to be unique and wonderful! Thank you everyone for all the knowledge and support!
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