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  1. we had the whole reception there and it was awesome. it does cost $500 US for a 2 hour reception and $1000 for 4 hours. the entire dinner for all of your guests are included. the food was Terrific!!
  2. Nope! it was the checks i ordered from the bank, waiting sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I'm soooo gonna sneak out of here early to go to the post office..lol. oh and congrats on the baby Liz, i cant wait for one of my own, we're trying!!
  4. i'll try not to get too worked up...it's only been a month....but oh how i wanna leave work right now and go straight to the post office!! hahaha
  5. oh...the notice i recieved was the post office...and it's certified mail, not registered...does that make a difference?
  6. if you are on a private resort/villa etc...i'm sure they will be fine, they may get a few funny looks from the staff, but it cant go any further than that. going off the resort may be another story...unfortunately ignorance is worldwide.
  7. Hey Alberta- I just got married at ROR on June 28th and we used the lower level of the plantation..oh and i had 108 guests.
  8. it says i have to sign for it when they redeliver or i have to pick it up.....
  9. Hey gals- When i got home on saturday, i had a certified mail delivery slip from USPS..you know the usual "sorry we missed you" notice...could this have been my marriage certificate or am i getting a little ahead of myself...it's only been 1 month since the wedding.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by KHarrod Did you have the poolside reception? no, i had the private reception at the plantation.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Jill Hi.. your pictures wont load for me is there another way to post them?? Thanks I'm not sure but i will try to figure it out...
  12. thanks guys!! pics will be coming soon. it was about 100 guests and we had an awesome time!! my review will be coming soon as well...i have so much to say, gotta get my thoughts together...lol
  13. yeah i meant the document we signed during the ceremony...my bad
  14. Is there no legal stuff i can do with this damn temporary certificate?? i have to wait 2 months to do everything
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