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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Kits55 Kryztan: i LOVE your TTD dress...who makes it? I had it made from a chinese company...
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by inunez very cute. where did you get the table name holders? I got them at Kohls...I think for about 2 dollars each.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by foxytv I normally just breeze over reviews from resorts I am not familiar with, and look for key information about each gals day ... but your review I read start to finish. Wow - I can only imagine the stress you felt and I am sure would have cried from it and thrown up too. Man, oh, man. Bottom line, though - you looked gorgeous and I'm glad you were able to see the bright side through it all, b/c we all know that when all is said and done, you saw the man you'd been waiting for as you walked down the aisle. Definitely good words of caution for future brides at your resort. Honestly I did cry.....Randomly for two weeks after the wedding. I just remember at the wedding dinner I was so pissed, but trying to keep calm I dropped my personalized flute and damn near lost it. Some how I kept myself from having a mental breakdown.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan i'm surprised out of all those vendors Lomas gets an A. we had a terrible experience with them. I also had similar communication issues with claudia about my video. I orginally had erick for photography. I kept thinking that I was so relieved it was just my video & not my pictures I was stressed about. the video was not near as important to me. I think they have gotten overbooked or something. I really was given the run around about getting my video. It used to be you got your pictures before you even left mexico. sorry you had so much stress surrounding your wedding! I think that there was just so much chaos I was just happy I had a dang ride:P So honestly they are probably over-glorified. Your pictures turned out so amazing and she posted them so QUICKLY!!! Im jealous and I am beginning to wish I would have went that route!
  5. Josh and I at our dinner Our Cake...cute:) My dress from the back:) Our wedding party but no baby The flower girl... Ring bearer and flower girl We kiss heavy:!
  6. Ready for a short story?! Okay this is probably the worst review on the forum…but here it goes. It seems like my day was just terrible, but it was really bitter sweet. There were a lot of things that were really messed up but we had a perfect wedding and it truly was beautiful! I don’t have long to write this so please excuse the grammar and it may be a bit jumbled!! Also I want all of you to know that I am going to start a thread for Grand Oasis for those in the future that are like me and already booked this hotel. I took lots of pictures of other weddings that week and know all info that you could possibly need for a wedding at this hotel. PM me with any questions!!! Travel Agent-SunSeeker Vacations (destination wedding specialist) - F First off I got no wedding planning communication! I was provided with very little information concerning general planning info which she told me she would get. She could not get the wedding coordinators to respond. I give her a terrible score because it seems that that there were quite a few problems coming from her end; Although she believes none of them to be her fault. She knew that we were traveling with an infant and did not take the proper steps to book the infant for flight or hotel. When we arrived at the airport we ended up waiting in line for two hours while they figured out how to get an “infant tax†ticket for an international flight (being a travel agent, she should have known this and it should have already been done). Because we had waited in long so long…2 hours and 15 minutes we ended up missing our flight! At this point I was literally in tears stressed out!!! We were suppose to have some family on our connecting flight to Cancun to help us with luggage and the baby. Since we missed our flight this definitely did not happen. We called her immediately and did not get a call back. Actually I didn’t even get to talk to her until almost 2 weeks after we returned. When we arrived at the hotel there was no request for the free “suite upgrade†so I had to fight with them to get my freakin suite. I ended up getting the suite the next day that I tried to just book in the first place….(which by the way she told me that the resorts didn’t offer Jacuzzis or suites) Thank god for Funjet vacations, this is who we booked through and they took care of it….. There are many other things that happened that I don’t know whether to put her at blame or not. All of our rooms were skewed. I was suppose to have a suite and got a regular pyramid room, people who booked an ocean view got a garden view, my in-laws booked garden view and ended up getting a Jr. Suite, some were put in the wrong building, couples that booked got two beds and single men got queens,etc. (Im thinking that this is the hotels ignorance, but of course they say that this is what the travel agent submitted!) After several un-returned emails and phone calls after we returned, I finally spoke with her almost two weeks after. The entire time she claimed that she didn’t know the infant would be with us and figured she would be with someone else. I have emails confirming that she knew the infant would be traveling with us!!!! American Airlines- F I have flown quite a bit in my life, however this was the first time flying American! They are terrible and I WILL NEVER FLY WITH THEM AGAIN!!!!! We arrived a little more than two hours prior to our flight. The flight was at 6 am and we got there at 3:55 or something close to that. When we arrived there was only one person at the counter and they told us to do self check-in. Okay we tried to do that and it told us to go to the desk and check in because of the infant. They kept sending us back. Instead of helping us they continued calling names from those who had already done self- check in. Finally I was like hey we need checked in, here is the ticket we were given that tells us to come check in here!!!! We finally got some freaking HELP! We had two family members that checked in behind us for their flight which left 30 minutes after ours. The lady gave them the wrong tickets; one brother got my husbands ticket, and the other two were switched! She didn’t pay attention when she looked at the passport!!!!!!!!! Because of the switch up in tickets the luggage was sent to each others destination. The main problem started with my TA not booking the travel tax for my traveling infant. Instead of calling a manager the lady waited on the phone with corporate 1 and ½ hours. I had asked her several times to hurry or let the lady at the gate know that we were there in plenty of time and ask her to hold the flight. She said there was nothing she could do that the TA should have taken care of this prior!!!!!!!!!!! She didn’t even call the lady at the gat to let her know the situation. When we finally found out that we just needed to pay the 12.00 tax for my daughter we ran to the gate with the baby and all!!!!! It was like 10 minutes till and we get through security where they grabbed my laptop by the screen in the right hand corner and completely busted the hinge off to send it back through the machine. Menawhile the lady from the gate is yelling last call for our names. My husband ran up there to tell her we were at security and we would be on the flight! She continued to scream “you got one minute†We get there exactly 2 minutes till 6 and she sees that we have a stroller and says to me “You have to check that underneath and you have all that luggage (only our allotted carry-ons)….We cant wait, I’m sending the plane.†I watched it leave right there in front of me I am not a crier and I was so pissed I just started crying. I HAVE NEVER MISSED A FLIGHT IN MY LIFE! We ended up getting a flight that arrived in Cancun at 4 p.m instead of 10:20 a.m that sucked! On the flights (both ways) the staff was great!!! They were so friendly and talkative and smiley….I loved them. Customs in Mexico was fast and easy. When we arrived back into Dallas Ft Worth from Cancun we waited in the inspection line for over two hours. There were 11 flights coming in and only two people working the booths! It was honestly RIDICULOUS and CRAZY! People were in line backed up into the elevators. There were people missing their connecting flights left and right. We had 2 ½ layover and damn near missed ours AGAIN because after we finally got through inspection and customs it was over two hours and by the time we took the monorail to the correct gate a 15 minute ride they were already boarded! Once again…I had the worst experience with American Airlines. I will never recommend them to anyone! Lomas Travel-A I love these guys!!! Because we missed our connecting flight with several family members, they waited for hours at the Cancun airport for us they were worried. (We tried to call but they were already on their connecting flight) Everyone was suppose to have individual transfers at the time that they arrived. Lomas accommodated us all together in a nice huge bus to fit us all without even complaining. On the way back it was odd, but not their fault. All of our guests ended up getting a really nice ride from the hotel back to the airport brand new Lincoln navigator,Limo, etc. We were the last to leave and got a rusty old van cramed with people. They apologized like crazy and really suggested to make a report! Check-In - C By this time I was hoping everything would be right from that point on. We were welcomed and they were very friendly. I got to the concierge, they greeted us and then told us that it would be about thirty minutes and our room would be ready. (They were putting swan towels on our bed) They also told us that we had a pyramid room. I asked them if it was a suite. Of course they said no that the TA didn’t request one….By this point literally I told them that I was the bride and suppose to have a freakin suite (I WASN’T FRIENDLY). They told me that there was not one available. I just left telling them they better figure it out! Then honest to god I thought that I was gonna pass out! We went to my moms room without finding friends or anything. Immediately I started vomiting and could not stop with a beating headache! I was so sick I swore I was prego even though it was not possible, I starting thinking it!!! I just laid on the bed with a cloth on my head. I couldn’t move. IT WAS STRESS!!! My dad was pissed because everyones rooms were wrong including his and he saw me miserable and lost it. “ All he said was this shit will be taken care of Ill be back†LOL all I know is that he found the Funjet rep and I got my suite the next day  Wedding Coordinator-F I met the wedding coordinator the next day. Let me tell you I only got one email from her in the 8 months that I was booked that told me what time to meet her. When I got in there I asked her why the major lack of communication and her answer was that my TA was “nasty†very mean… She was actually kind of nice (the coordinator). I wanted to just go nuts on her right there though. I just figured that every thing had already went wrong and doing that would make it worse! So I start telling her what I want and it actually seemed to go good. She told me the options for wedding dinner, I told her that my photog Erick Rodriguez, we picked cake, flowers, reception and décor details, etc. Meeting over. I asked her if I need to come back down…nope! Wedding Day-A Wedding Detail-C Chaotic! Oddly though, I was not crazy about it! I woke up we had a big group and went to breakfast. The hair girls came to my room at 10 am and actually started around 12. There were 5 of us to get our hair done. We had all of our pics and they started, one of my bm’s was like I don’t like this I would like it puffy at the top not slick. She redid it and I thought that their hair turned out really nice. My hair, for some reason they began to make cornrows….UH NO! Finally one of my bm’s that already had her hair done instructed what to do to look like the inspiration. She does hair for proms etc. By this time we are getting close on time and my mother in law disappears with my daughter!!! My BM started doing my mothers hair, so only 3 of us got our hair done. My mother in law was suppose to be in my room to help my mom with bussle and getting ready…NOT SO MUCH! Some how one of my bm’s finds her and gives her my daughters flower girl dress and hair stuff. About 3 minutes before they are suppose to be seated she shows up in my room with my daughter…NO BLOOMERS AND the FLOWER WAS ON TOP OF HER HEAD AND DRENCHED WITH SWEAT!!! At that point I asked where the bloomers were and fixed her hair flower. Some how decently still calm. The ceremony set up was beautiful!!!! It is on a deck overlooking the ocean and it really looks great! I knew that their “gazebo†had some fugly looking cracks in it so I brought starfish on ribbon to cover them up. Well they only put one up!!!!!!!!! It still pisses me off when I see pictures. The music was F’ed up as well. My MOH and BEST MAN walked down to the beginning of my song “Over the rainbowâ€â€¦. Whatever! The ceremony was BEAUTIFUL, when I was walking down I saw the man of my dreams and I didn’t notice anything else. We were both so happy our eyes began to get teary as soon as we looked at each other. Our priest was hilarious! He kept making everyone laugh and gave the two groomsmen some impromptus to read aloud! Good thing they’re good readers. We really enjoyed him. After we kissed they played the wrong song again, but its ok. We did a toast. It was nice! Afterwards my guests went inside to an air conditioned bar while we took pictures. Dinner was at 6:30 at Dos Lunas. NO AC! At dinner they were short about 5 spots for my guests. I was told that they have the entire section of the restaurant blocked off for the reception with music and dancing after eating. Well that is definitely not how it was. We pretty much just had a reservation for our guests. So there was none of my music and definitely no reception with dancing. After dinner we cut the cake and did another toast. All I can say is that it is a good thing that we can make fun out of disastrous situations. I remember being embarrassed a couple of times because of the things they messed up on, but everyone comforted me and made me feel like they were having a blast so I quickly forgot about it and continued to have a great time with my new husband and all of our guests After that, I thanked everyone for coming and told them to have a safe trip. Also that we would be taking a night swim and invited everyone to join It was HOT! Hehe all the young guests went and of course security came and told us to get out because the pool was closed Erick Rodriguez from Claudias team- More to come Honestly I really liked Erick. He has a really fun personality but he was the first one to really stress me out on my wedding day. After the toast he said since the ceremony ran a little over “we were running close on time†I don’t think he should have said that! I freaked! Pictures honestly were one of the most important things to me. I could forget almost anything bad, but needed great pics! I had told Claudia that I thought that I only needed 4 hours but didn’t care if I needed more time. So for a bit everything was rushed It didn’t seem like 4 hours so I asked him and he thought that he only had three hours. Then it was a little more relaxed. Honestly from what I remember, I was not impressed with the family shots that he got. I know that there is not one with just my mother and I Tomorrow makes three weeks from the day and I still have not received any teasers and we left him a very large tip in addition. I think that I am going to write a more in-depth review once I get my photos from the photog. I have tried to contact Claudia and have not gotten a response. In the beginning communication was great, after I paid the deposit communication began to disappear. I never got a contract and when we paid there was no receipt. Anyway not going to complain about something that I haven’t even received, and I am sure that he got great photos. If you are a person who needs planning and lots of communication DO NOT HAVE A WEDDING HERE. If you want a low budget wedding and need something less pricey for guests so that more people can attend and you can mostly roll with things that come up HAVE A WEDDING HERE. I’m not crazy up-tight in planning and specifics, which is the only way I made it through this. Honestly if I ever did it there again I would hire an outside wedding coordinator because the ones that they provide are obviously lacking! I still like the resort, it holds a lot of great times and has a beautiful property and we all had a fantastic time even with the mishaps. Choosing this resort was never about the money for us. It was more that it holds memories from being here together previously on Spring Break and it was a place that a few of our younger guests were able to afford. For this wedding we only paid for our travel and hotel stay 2200.00 for both of us for 7 nights in a Jucuzzi Suite air included….and my bouquet (cymbodium orchids) upgrade 30.00 and hair 45.00! The most expensive part was photography…..and honestly I would have paid even more for perfect pictures! The day was beautiful….and when I think of the cost, even though we did not plan a cheap wedding it makes it even better. A totally debt free wedding!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by kevsgirl Congratulations and back!!! You look gorgeous in your pics and it looks like you had absolutely perfect weather. Your daughter is super cute. I love the little hair flower And is one of your BMs your sister? Your dad looks so young too! Beautiful pics! Can't wait to see more Thanks so much...I did have a blast. Looking back it was really one of the happiest days of my life....and I have had a lot:) My MOH was my sister. Haha about my dad, you would not believe how many of my girlfriends thought my dad was "hot growing up" lol!
  8. Oh there is soooo much....It depends on what you like to do. We went down town to dance and drink quite a bit with friends and family (we love that kind of stuff) Also the jet ski snorkeling is a lot of fun! The snorkeling isnt great but again sooo much fun! Parasail!!!!! Serenity all the way:) I love Cozumel, but if you go there definitely snorkel or dive...the shopping is pretty much the same as cancun! There is a catamaran that goes to isla and it is a BLAST...I could keep going for hours. PM me if you need any further help
  9. Thanks so much for the nice comments ladies....It always feels so great to get them:)
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by ErinB How pretty! The blue and white have such a great contrast with the pink! I'm sure the pro pics will be amazing! Did you change your dress at the reception? Heck yes!!! I love love my big dress, but pretty sure I would have had a heat stroke if I left it on. lol!
  11. A toast Our Cake Inside by the waterfall! My hair Back view The ceremony set-up!
  12. Guestbook table My man and his groomsmen Josh and I at dinner Ring bearer and my lil flower girl Flower girl…My daughter Were Married!!!
  13. I’m Back!!! My day was perfect minus a few bumps in the road! My review will be very long so I will post it soon....Now for the important part…A few non pro pics. The pics may be a little jumbled, sorry My BM’s My father and I. Me with my eyes closed. The boys and I Me and my girls Groomsmen
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