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    Attn Ror Brides....

    You can definitely do your ceremony at Mammee Bay or the Plantation if it rains. You're covered, but the restaurants have no windows so you're technically still outside. You still get that tropical feel since the beach is in the background. You can manuever from your hotel room to Mammee Bay without ever getting wet, but if you do it at the Plantation you'll have to take a quick walk in the rain. We had to move our ceremony in to Mammee Bay because it rained just about ALL day!!! But everything worked out fine. I wouldn't advise using the conference room by the front desk, but that's just personal preference.
  2. starryeyedbride2b

    ROR Decorations Set Up

    Yes, I must agree that they did a haphazard job tying my chair sashes too. I often find myself focusing on uneven sashes when I'm looking at my pictures!!!
  3. starryeyedbride2b

    Back from ROR Wedding!

    Quote: Originally Posted by msasfraz great review.. thanks for the bed heads up... did you pay for the mixer on thursday? The mixer was free. They basically just sectioned off a few tables and chairs and added a table cloth to the tables. We went to the bar ourselves and got plates from the restaurant on our own.
  4. starryeyedbride2b

    Table set up at Mammee Bay

    Definitely keep your additions simple. We did tealight candles in small holders, flower petals, and diamond sparklers all sprinkled down the center of the table. They added my gazebo arrangements at the head of my table and the other did fit on the long table. Also, you can request clear glasses w/out the blue rim and you don't have to use the wood chargers. I think that helps give the table a cleaner look and a little more space without the chargers.
  5. starryeyedbride2b

    Troubling sister in-law...

    Sounds like you just need to have your wedding when you want to have it...chances are she may not even be pregnant by then, but she'll definitely have another excuse. Sounds like your brother is on board, so to hell with her!
  6. Beautiful pics!!! Congratulations! )
  7. starryeyedbride2b

    Riu Tropical Bay Wedding in beautiful Negril

    Congratulations! I'm sure everything was beautiful! We'll try to be patient for pics!!! )
  8. starryeyedbride2b

    Warning ROR!

    I think that is just CRAZY. I didn't use my own photographer for budget reasons, but if I would've, that would be COMPLETELY unacceptable. And I would not have taken to any threats well at all (would probably be in a Jamaican jail!). I'm surprised they went to those lengths, it's really petty. That is definitely not a good way to do business. If they take all things into consideration, the few dollars that they aren't getting for the photographer doesn't compare to the money they'll lose if people don't come there at all. I don't know if the Jamaican Tourist Board or council can have any impact, but I would definitely report these incidents to them and let them know that people are being threatened and physically removed from the property. I would also have someone with a legal background call or write to Riu's corporate office and let them know what is going on and explain the possible amounts of business to be lost when every wedding, travel and tourism board/site is told about these ridiculous practices---as well as the legal impact on the resort if any physical harm actually occurred. Not cool at all!!!! I'm pissed just hearing about it.
  9. starryeyedbride2b

    Traveling with the Wedding Gown

    We flew Air Jamaica and the dress was hung in first class with no problem. There were a few wrinkles at the bottom of the dress, but they didn't show much. I tried to steam it in the bathroom, but it only helped a little. I will say that it was a bit of a chore walking through the airport with the garment bag, but I definitely wasn't going to check it going over!
  10. starryeyedbride2b

    Tour Companies in Ocho Rios

    I planned a small excursion to Dunn's River Falls with Lees Tours. They were very nice and accommodating.
  11. starryeyedbride2b

    Back from ROR Wedding!

    There should be a picture of the cake table included. I should be getting more pictures from other cameras in the next day or two; hopefully there's a few of the table before we sat down. It's on video, just not sure about the pics! I wish I had told Michael to take one or two. As for Lees Tours - yes, I corresponded with them prior to flying over. It was $6 for transportation per person and it costs $15 for an adult entrance into the Falls; children are $12. I just told them what day and time and we paid once the bus arrived at the hotel. You can pay in advance if you have a firm number of guests or have Lees Tours purchase your tickets in advance. We just waited because we didn't have firm commitments from everyone.
  12. starryeyedbride2b

    Back from ROR Wedding!

    Quote: Originally Posted by jesjess Beautiful pictures, I love the greenish ribbon on your chair, did you made them yourself? Thanks! That was one of the colors offered by the resort through Tai Floral, their floral vendor. The white cover and sash are $12/chair.
  13. starryeyedbride2b

    Back from ROR Wedding!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Agape Gems Gorgeous!!! You can't even tell it was rainy day! And you got your heels and the oceanview Your flowers turned out beautiful too. I saw them before my mom shipped them and loved them, but they really pop with your girls dresses. Yes, the flowers REALLY went with the colors! I owe your mom an email, but tell her I said hello and much thanks!!! )
  14. starryeyedbride2b

    Back from ROR Wedding!

    Thanks ladies! Posting them was a bear, but finally! When I figure out how to share the whole album, I'll post a link...if that ever happens!
  15. starryeyedbride2b

    Back from ROR Wedding!