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  1. We tried to honeymoon at the Sunset at the Palms, but they were booked up really early. We ended up honeymooning at Couples Negril. It was a great choice. It had a much different atmosphere from the RIU, but was perfect for couples. I would recommend it. THe food was delicious and prepared when you ordered it.
  2. Congrats to anyone having their wedding at the Grand Palladium. THe other half of it was being built when we went by there in August, but it is absolutely gorgeous!
  3. We had our rehearsal dinner at Mammee Bay Steakhouse. I just emailed Chandlyn in advance to set aside an area for 30 people, and they did it with no problems. I wouldn't recommend St. Ann's because the guests get to eat there all the time. It is hard to get reservations at Mammee Bay, and the food is good, so I would suggest having it there. I had a welcome mixer at the Dunn's River Bar. I had Chandlyn set reserve some tables, we put a banner up and just partied in a corner of the bar area. (And I had 94 guests).
  4. Okay.....That didn't work. Let me try something else. http://share.shutterfly.com/action/w...AaOGLRy3asmTkA
  5. Okay......Please don't kill me. The wedding was August 2nd and I'm just posting pics. Please forgive me. I got so busy when I got back. I will post a review soon too. There are a lot of pics. The wedding pics are at the front of the album. http://share.shutterfly.com/share/re...AaOGLRy3asmTkA Let me know if you have problems accessing the album.
  6. Thanks! That makes me feel a lot better. I'm going to see if the flight attendant will hang it up. But worse case scenario, I'll just lay it in the overhead bin. And our flight leaves at 5:50 am, so I'm sure it won't be a full flight.
  7. Hey Ladies, I have a dilemma. I am leaving next Wednesday for ROR. We're flying on UsAir and I am dead set against packing my gown. I want to bring it on the plane, but we're not flying first class and I don't know if the flight attendant will be willing to hang it up somewhere. I contacted customer service at USAir and they gave me their line "you can bring it on the plane as long as it fits in the overhead cabin or slides under your seat." Has anyone figured out what they're going to do about their dress? And for those of you that have already been, what did you do? Does ROR have somewhere on the Resort where it can get pressed?
  8. Thanks, I can breathe a little bit now!
  9. Okay, notarized copies of birth certificates and passports must be received by Chandlyn 30 days before the wedding. I mailed off the paperwork on June 23 and it has been 11 days and she still hasn't received it. I'm getting frantic. It was supposed to reach her on July 3rd to be 30 days in advance. Does anyone know if they are that strict about the 30 days? Does it usually take that long for mail to reach Jamaica?
  10. You did such a fabulous job planning!!!! Everything is so gorgeous. I saw that you ordered table runners for the white linen tables. I want to have some made but don't know how long or wide they should be. Do you know the measurements?
  11. I would suggest booking it now. I booked the plantation with Chandlyn by email a few months ago for my wedding on August 2nd. I believe you can always make changes when you get there.
  12. I am so impressed. It is going to be beautiful. And both of your dresses are gorgeous. Have fun!
  13. I am so impressed. You have done a wonderful job. You guys are going to have so much fun!!!
  14. I'm so excited everything went well. How many people attended the wedding and how much were the chair covers? Can anyone give me Chandlyn's email address real quick?
  15. OH, I just saw the pictures!!! I'm so excited. You guys were all smiles. That's a wonderful thing.
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