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  1. Hi, It was Sat. night when we were there too. My wedding was friday, beach party was Sat.
  2. Hi When we were married in Oct. there was no extra tax. If there is a tax it must be built into the price all ready. I dont even know if they have tax in Jamaica.
  3. I hired them just for the ceremony and cocktail hour. I walked down the aisle to Is this love, by Bob marley. I told Chandlyn at our meeting that I wanted that song and she was so happy...lol
  4. Make sure you check travelocity, orbitz, and cheap carribean. When we were married the ENTIRE hotel was sold out, But the weekend before our wedding my dear inlaws gave in and decided to attend our wedding, along with an aunt and uncle,they even called hotel directly were told sorry there sold out. Well I was able to find rooms on those websites. They have blocks of rooms reserved for them so those are the last rooms to be released back to the hotel. Just keep searching the internet sites and hopefully you will be able to find a room!
  5. For the few local Jamaican guests that I had come to our wedding we wrote down there names for Chandlyn AND I went to the front desk to double check the morning of the wedding. My father helped pay for our guests fee's he used a credit card at the front desk and we paid cash for the others to chandlyn directly.
  6. I was EXTREMLY nice to them and they still told me "I am so sorry there is no closet." Sooo I didnt argue I wasnt going to start my wedding vacation with a fight.They swore to me there was no closet in the cockpit that I could hang my dress up in So I just layed my dress across the top of the over head compartment and away we went..lol Dont worry it will be fine. There is also a 2 hour drive to the hotel from the airport and none of the busses or private transfers I saw have closets to hang things up, so its going to have to be draped over a seat or lay it across the top of the luggage in the trunk.
  7. We have flown Spirit many times out of Atlantic city to florida and Jamaica and EVERY flight has been perfect. I prefer Spirit because it flys out of AC and I dont have to travel to the bigger airports of philly or newark. The only hassel is for mexico and jamaica we have to switch planes in fort lauderdale. But for the price I dont think you could beat it. We just went to florida 2 weeks ago on the spur of the moment I booked 3 days before flight and we paid 55.00 WITH TAX each. So DONTTT WORRY, Anything could cause a delay with ANY airline.
  8. Congrats!!!!!! Your pics are beautiful, today is my 4 month anniversary and it brought back so many good memories!!! The Riu was perfect for our wedding glad you had an awsome time too!!
  9. Congrats!!!! Your pics are so beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing
  10. I had a few extras including the band and we paid Chandlyn for everything except the photo fee. We paid cash, but we could have used our cc too.
  11. We ate breakfast every morning at Mammee bay steakhouse on our last 2 trips. We never bothered to go to St. Anns for breakfast, since we were staying on the "suite" side it was just closer. We had lunch every day at the plantation, because it was closer to the Jerk hut. Most dinners we just ate at St. Anns. I didnt like the asian place on our 1st trip, so I didnt bother going back this time. Sir Johns was good, we ate there 2x on this past trip. I made reservations once for 12 and my aunt made them once for 12 people another night this is how we got to eat dinner there 2times in a week. We never made it to the Japanese place but my kids went on there own, they enjoyed the sushi. The italian place we stopped at for snacks a lot, but thats just like a fast food place to grab and run during the afternoon outside they make a lot of shrimp,scallop and paella type foods.
  12. Hi, No the photographer is not included. Its 150.00 for him to come for the ceremony and that includes 8-10 pictures, I cant remember right now sorry, but I did post the price sheet on 1 of these threads. Try to look at Nov's posts.
  13. We also did the sand ceremony, rev. Sheldon did a great job reading it. We got our set on ebay and it didnt come with a lid so I just used saran wrap and rubberbands to keep it all together and put it in the carryon, on the way home it was fine.
  14. I had 19 guests and we used the free package. No limit at the ROR...
  15. The Jr suite rooms do have 2 doubles but they are pushed together to make 1 big bed. There is nothing seperating the 2. I am not sure if they are on 1 frame or 2 but if its just 1 frame you cant push them apart. My children were in a Jr suite and the 3 girls shared the bed. My youngest who is 13 had to sleep in the crack everynight and she complained every morning, so I dont recommend 3 adults in the bed.
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