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  1. Congrats on your wedding! I was married at Rui Ochos Rios back in April 2008 Thank you so much for your review as actually my mother and myself are considering going to the Grand Palladium next spring....but weren't sure how good it would be...so thanks again:)
  2. you're welcome Hey your getting married on my 1 year anniversary!!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Jamaicabride409 Can you use your credit card instead of travelers checks to pay for everything? Will Chandlyn accept that? We used a credit card to pay Chandlyn ( band... flowers etc.) and paid Photoshop with cash There was no extra charge on my credit card... but I did call Visa before I left to let them know i would be using it out of the country... can't hurt:)
  4. This is something I emailed Chandlyn about before my wedding. The tax is built into the prices
  5. Congrats!! You're pics are just awesome...very nice I love the colors of the wedding party
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by carrieandjoe Thanks for the info! Did Christopher come back and forth between wedding and reception? Did someone else to the Video then? We didn't really have a "reception" as there was only 10 of us. Just dinner at Mamee There was always a Photoshop guy wandering around at the dinner place so we just got him to take a cake cutting pic. And yes someone else does the video..you just tell Micheal and he sets it up
  7. Hi We used Micheal ( well Christopher his assistant) as well. Cost us about 700.00 (video..and 50 pics on CD) We had the Royal pkg. so we only purchased an extra hour as the pkg. included the 45 min. ( I think it was 45) He was great
  8. Norma is fantastic....Can't say enough good things about Lee's. We also did the Dunn's and shopping with them as well as the private transport to the hotel from the airport. The drivers are awesome...polite, acomadating...etc. Norma also gave us a phone to use for the week should we need to call for taxis, excurtions etc.
  9. Hi I used my Jamaica certificate for a Health card ( I had to take it with me) also used it to change my name with the bank etc. I didn't have to get one here It took about 7 or 8 weeks for it to arrive.
  10. Hi Not sure about the Half Moon....we got married at Riu and when we booked the wedding time slot we had to give our credit card info in case we cancelled then we'd be billed $250.00 ( I think it was 250) We paid the wedding co-ordinater the total cost for everything when we arrived. your situation sounds kinda odd
  11. Welcome back Mrs Your pics look amazing...I love the light blue your girls were wearing, the flowers, and you looked beautiful Congrats
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by amagee I am flying SkyService and probably just have carry my dress on and stuff it in an overhead storage. The only problem with my dress is that it can't be steamed! Also, a little off topic, but apparently the RIU does not have irons in the rooms, you have to rent them from front desk?? Keep this in mind for the guys!! We flew Skyservice as well and we did have to put in up overhead...but another bride had to put hers in the same spot so we both took extra care leaving the plane so as to end up with the right dress They do have irons and boards
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by klopez thanks ladies does anyone have an email address for tai flora? i can't seem to find it on their site. Here's the address i used (they took so long to reply then when they did never got the info i wanted so i went with silk) ochorios@taiflora.com
  14. Hi I didn't bother with the "trial" one...but I did take a pic with me to show her how i wanted it to look. I was happy with the way it turned out.
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