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  1. I'm not sure on the Tropical Bay but I know that the Club Riu Negril does allow sandals.
  2. As soon as I get prices I will post them. My MOH is also my TA so it's pretty easy for me to get information.
  3. Well looks like I got the middle time. Mine is at 1pm. I really wanted 4pm. I didnt know that you could not confirm your time for dinner until you get there? We were talking about taking a bus over to Margaritaville. I would think that would still be appropriate for kids. Maybe you could even go to Ric's Cafe. I think they might even have shuttles that will take you. Ideally I wanted to do a sunset cruise for my entire group but still waiting on a cost for that. I dont know about you guys but I really wanted to stay in my dress for the entire night so I'm looking to do sometime some what casua
  4. I can not tell you how releaved I am to hear about the flowers. Thanks! You just made my day!
  5. Thats good to hear becasue I have really long hair as well. I'm glad to hear it doesnt take long.
  6. Congratuations! I'm so glad to here that everything went well. I cant wait to see your pictures. What package did you go with? Pearlygirl...good questions those are exactly what I was going to ask
  7. Thanks so much for all of your advice. I do plan on going down with pictures. Actually my hairstylist at home is going to do and then I will take pictures of that. I couldnt believe the prices for the hair styles and makeup. All of your hair styles looke great! I feel better now.
  8. Has anyone gotten there hair and or makeup done the Riu's Renova Spa? Is it necessary to have a trial done?
  9. I totally agree with you. It makes me a little nervous becasue it seems that everyone goes to the ROR. Well its booked now so there is not much we can do but help each other out. It would not surprise we if we were all getting different information from the WC becasue I actually printed out a price list in the past from an old post and there were a lot more bouquets that were offered for the Royal package then what she told me a week ago. Hopefully I get a price list soon from the florist.
  10. #30 was also my favorite. I just assumed that there would be more tropical options for flowers seeing how we are in Jamaica. The last thing I was expecting was to see carnations and baby's breathe. I'm sure we can upgrade to whatever we want for a cost of course. I have heard of brides giving there free bouquet to there MOH and then getting a special one made for themselves. I actually just emaild the florist to see if I could get a price list from them and if they could tell me what was all included in the Royal package. Once I get a response back from them I will post it.
  11. I believe Michael is the photographer that they use at the Riu in Ochos. I'm doing the Royal package. That includes 12 color photos. I'm not sure who exactly the photographer is. This is such a struggle but I'm trying to stay positive. At the same time my MOH is also my TA so I'm driving her nuts as well. I dont know about you guys but my biggest concern are the flowers and the ceremony decoratons. I wish I new exactly what was offered in the packages. Pearlygirl, what package did you pick?
  12. I am using the hotel's photographer. The royal package does include 12 colored photos. I figured that out of 32 of my guest someones going to have good pictures. I'm trying not to add any extras to this packange then what is necessary. I will probably be add more with decorations and flowers but I dont really know until I can see some set ups. I did get the website for the florist from the WC Boulevard Florist.com she said that bouquets 5/68/9/25/30 are included in the royal package.
  13. To my uderstanding the sand ceremony is in place of the unity candle. You may be able to used sand down there but I would think that if you wanted colored sand you would have to provide that yourself. I'm planning on doing the sand ceremony so I would interested as well to know the process.
  14. Finally someone with as many questions as I have. I'm with you 100% with all of your concerns. Hopefully we can help each other out seeing how we are getting married at the same location. It's nice to finally hear of someone else getting married in Negril.
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