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    Question about RIU Ocho Rios dress code

    Wow, that pretty much sounds like Chandlyn. She doesnt usually respond quickly to emails but once you're there you'll understand why. She does give each bride a lot of attention in person. As for the Sandals it should be a big deal because the section that you're in at the Mammee Bay is sectioned off and its your day, I doubt she will tell you anything different. But if you're very worried I would get a pair of nice white closed toe sandals just in case.... btw if you would like to see some pics of what the area looks like, here's the link Charlene Connors's Photos - Wedding | Facebook
  2. Everyone is definitely correct. At the end of the day you want to be happy with your choice and Jamaica is a little more expensive, which is a lot to ask of your family. All I can suggest is that if you want to have it in Jamaica that the ROR is perfect. We had our wedding there and it was fantastic. If you decide to go there we did a few things to cut down our costs that might be helpful. Here is a link to some of the pics..... Charlene Connors's Photos - Wedding | Facebook
  3. Ilandking

    Just Returned From ROR

    Thanks everyone. I would say all in all everything went well. We ordered the Royal package but I had my Aunt who lives in Jamaica bake the cake and my Uncle who is a minister there performed the ceremony. We didnt use Michael because a friend of ours who is a amatuer photographer came i our group and he acutally took some amazing shots. I would have to say the best parts were the service and the scenery. Everyone was at your service and you can't beat blue skies and no clouds in sight. We only had a couple of problems, one with Skyservice and one with ROR. A lady at the checkin counter told us that we could hang my wife's wedding dress in the plane so we took it out of the box that it was in and discarded the box. However, when we got on the plane they told us that there was no such thing and we had to find space some where in the overhead compartment to stuff the wedding dress into. At the ROR they had 4 (thats right 4) weddings on the same day. So when we came for our reception at Mammee Bay it wasnt ready. No tables, no decorations, nothing. However, we I spoke to the restaurant manager, within 5 minutes he had about 4 staff plus himself set up the area. Even the Hotel Manager came to make sure we were 100% happy. In the end we were able to get a few freebies to make up for the inconvenience so it wasnt too bad. We werent able to go all out for the wedding and reception because we had to plan a reception back home for another 300 people. But we think what we got was great. Ocho Rios, is great and the ROR is fantastic and I cant say enough about the service. I was really worried about going there but Chandlyn does a great job and making you feel at ease. I guess the best way to sum it up was when my wife went to the salon the day before our wedding to make an appointment but the girl at the front desk said that they were all booked up. Just then the actual hair stylist came out and when my wife told her the situation she said " Never let anyone tell you that we're too busy for you". Pretty much made her day. I put a link on here for the pics, but these are from friends that came. Once we receive all of them I will post them soon...... Kodakgallery.com*Join now and receive beautiful photographic prints from your camera Let me know if you guys have any specific questions.......
  4. Hey ladies, my wife and I just returned from ROR and it was fantastic. If anyone has any question feel free to message me.
  5. I received an email from Chandlyn and she said that as long as we provide a list with names it wont be a problem. Also what I intended to do was pay for 50% of the $50 entrance fee since we will be having about 40 people from off the resort to kind of help them with the cost. She also said this wouldnt be a problem.....But for some reason I still feel the need to keep my fingers crossed...
  6. Ilandking

    Decorations ROR

    Well between the decorations, the wedding gifts and the travel gifts, I have absolutely no idea where we're going to carry all that stuff...plus we're goin on Skyservice. Hopefully they dont charge too much for extra baggage.....Marlon
  7. Ilandking

    Decorations ROR

    Just curious is anyone actually bringing with them little things here and there to decorate or is it mostly whatever the resort has. I would hate to have one thing in mind and then not be able to get it...
  8. Ilandking

    Wedding favors came in

    quick question, how are you going to take your gifts down? Are you taking Sunquest? Im just a little concerned with our weight.....
  9. Ilandking

    Jamaican lingo

    You know I wouldnt worry too much about the lingo, some people find it difficult but if you really listen its very similar to English...oh and if you try to speak it and they laugh its just that it sound funny to us without the accent....Have fun with it!!!....Marlon
  10. Ilandking

    Okay, A little Worried...

    Hey, I wouldnt worry too much, once you booked your date and get the confirmation you will be ok. I would also go so far as to put the deposit down for the trip once youre 100% sure, that way there's no doubt on their part. The only reason I say this is because I know from time to time slots become available because they tell you to keep contacting them to see if spaces open up and Im pretty sure people dont call in to cancel....could be just me I always try to err on the side of caution....Marlon
  11. Ilandking

    Wedding Packages at the ROR

    she definitely right....I would go with the free package and do all the upgrades afterwards, it just makes more sense...I was wondering if anyone knows if the pastor has to be used...my uncle lives in Jamaica and he is ordained so I wanted him to participate in our wedding, but Im gonna really hate it if we have to pay for the other pastor as well....
  12. Ilandking

    Back from Wedding at ROR!!

    Hey...welcome back and congrats. We're glad you were able enjoy it and make the most of Your day.....hopefully we can see some of great pics soon... :-)
  13. Ilandking

    Wedding Packages at the ROR

    We're actually trying to cut our list down so as to have it at Mamee Bay...there are just too many additional costs every where both for the wedding in Jamaica and the reception here....Marlon
  14. Ilandking

    ROR vs Riu Negril

    well if you're about beaches, then you cant beat the beaches in Negril, they're the best....but the thing about ROR is its alot newer over two years old so the amenities inside the property should be better...plus you have the falls close by as well...other than that its pretty much a toss up....personally I just felt that if its the same price might as well go for the new stuff....Marlon
  15. Ilandking

    ROR free package question???

    wow, those prices seem like a rip off....30 pics on a CD for $240, they really know how to stick it to the tourists in Jamaica...oh well I hope ALL my guests take some really nice pictures....Marlon