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    Did I see this here???

    If you have enough people going to the wedding, book the entire catamaran to Dunne's River Falls. All of my guests said it was the highlight (besides the wedding of course) of the trip...they told us you need minimum of 30 ppl to book it, but I think we booked the entire thing with less.
  2. Cherie


    Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan Of all the stories I've heard of people having their safes robbed, none we reimbursed. i'm not sure if they were honest about the insurance. The safes sound mroe dangerous to me. It puts all your valuables in one spot that doesn't sound that secure. when my luggage locks arrive I'll let you know how secure they seam. Sure they could take the whole suitcase, but I don't think that's as easy as pocking some money. i plan on locking all suitcases, not just ones with money/ cameras. So they'd have to get 4 big cases out of our room without being noticed. That is what we were told by the resort. Anyway, nothing happened and we had 60 guests with us. Good luck.
  3. Cherie

    Plantation Reception at ROR

    Our party was still going strong at 10:30 pm...therefore we paid for another hour and it was fine. The staff was great about staying on...they were partying it up also!!!
  4. Cherie


    I just was married at the ROR in January 2008. I have to admit we did have a scare while there. We were moving from the ceremony to the Plantation for our reception when one of the groomsmen was stopped by someone also there for a DW. Supposedly (as they have no reason to lie) his brother was married a couple days previously, and while the bridal party was at their reception, their safes were drilled out. We all rushed back to our rooms to ensure everything was IN the safe; because if anything is stolen out of the safe it is insured. If you leave anything lying in your room, the resort insurance won't cover it. That's what we were told anyway. Just be smart and make sure you lock everything up.
  5. Cherie

    Back from Wedding at ROR!!

    Thank you everyone! If you wanted to PM me your email...I could send the flower pics directly to you.
  6. Cherie

    What Is a TA's Role for a DW?

    Quote: Originally Posted by host i personally don't but have thought of charging a retainer that goes back towards bride and grooms trip...so many people contact me looking for information then disappear once they get the inforamtion they are looking for. it is a big waste of time and they dont even respond with a thank you or a explanation. the worst was the bride that had me book the wedding date, negotiate the group rate then had her sister get the commission...umm thanks.... I can't believe someone did that to you...maybe you should charge a consultation fee! I'm definitely fine with paying the fee...especially after everything she did for us. I couldn't believe how quickly the WC responded to my TA than myself. The tours she booked were cheaper than we could find, and everything we wanted during our stay...she worked her magic and miraculously got for us! I was just wondering if the fee is a standard fee...or based on how many people are being booked. If you were to charge a fee for your services...what would it be? I would like to confirm a ballpark amount before we pay our TA. We had 57 people at our wedding. Thank you for your input! Cherie
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    What Is a TA's Role for a DW?

    I have a question... Can a travel agent charge a fee for not only booking the flights, resort, gathering deposits and payments from the guests, etc. but also if she plans on handling your requests for the wedding coordinator (she had previously booked weddings at the same resort and knew important contact people), room upgrades, tours...? What would be an acceptable fee for the TA if this is done? Is it like a consultation fee? Is it based on the number of people booking? Thank you! Cherie
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    Jamaica Riu Brides

    Quote: Originally Posted by chicago88 I think its buffet for soup/salad & they bring out the entrees...Does anyone know this for sure? Hello, When we sat down with Chandlyn, we decided to have everything served(including the soup/salad) and brought out except for the dessert. We had a table with desserts on it that guests could eat at their leisure. Cherie
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by jmhein Hi Cherie! Did you still enjoy your honeymoon despite the lack of nightlife? What did you think of Sandals overall? We have our honeymoon booked at Sandals Royal Caribbean, and the more I read reviews, I almost wish we were staying at the Riu Ocho Rios for our entire two weeks... but I still think a change in scenery will be good.... I did enjoy our honeymoon...really, how can you not?! We were in Jamaica!! I was a little stressed all week because I decided to get my scuba diver certification. It was too good a deal to pass up on, and I would rather do it in warm water than in Alberta!! Therefore I was reading my diver manual most of the week trying to get ready for the final exam!! LOL..it was pretty funny to be doing that on my honeymoon I have to admit that I did miss the RIU though. Maybe the Royal Caribbean will be different than the Whitehouse.
  10. Cherie

    Back from Wedding at ROR!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jamaica2009 I have to say that your pretty amazing, answering all of these questions!!!! Someone asked about the steel band and if they sang; if so, do you have a choice of songs, or do they have a set list? Stupid question, does anyone know what a 'mento' band is Also, you were there for 2 weeks? How was the weather for the 2 weeks? Sorry, last but not least, did you find that it was getting dark by the time you were married at 4:30? And BTW, CONGRATS! Thank you! It's not hard to answer questions about something that was so wonderful! We didn't choose any songs for them...I guess we thought since we're in Jamaica, and they do so many weddings...they would know what to play! We had recorded music for the walk down the aisle, and then the steel band started playing on the walk back down the aisle. I have no idea what a 'mento' band is! We were at the RIU Ocho Rios for one week with friends and family. There were some people staying on, so we decided to honeymoon the second week at the Sandals Whitehouse. (I have to say I liked the atmosphere at the RIU much better!). The weather during the first week was phenomenal. It was absolutely beautiful every day, and only had a couple showers during the night. What was so great about the RIU is that everything is covered. The ceilings are so high, you feel like you're outside...but the show and bars and everything are under cover! The second week we were closer to Negril. The weather was nice until about 4pm everyday, and then the clouds would move in and the rain would be torrential. I've never seen anything like it! Our sandals were floating in the water standing beneath our loungers at the pool! That's when we would head back to our room, have a nap, and get ready for dinner I really wanted to have a sunset wedding. However, things didn't work out that way, as my husband didn't want to break the tradition of seeing the bride before the wedding. The sun doesn't really set until 5:50 pm in January. The ceremony started at 4:30 pm and only lasted about 20 minutes, and then we had pictures directly after. We seemed to have more than enough time!
  11. Cherie

    Back from Wedding at ROR!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by juanslake Thanks for answering all our questions...here's another! Did you used the Steel Band? If so, do they sing also? Thanks! We did use the steel band for the walk back down the aisle and then for an hour during the cocktail reception. We didn't have anyone sing...but as our room overlooked the beach area where brides were getting married, I'm fairly certain I heard the steel band with a singer. That would be a great question to ask Chandlyn!
  12. Cherie

    Back from Wedding at ROR!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by 2bmosley Congrats. Welcome Back!!! I Want To Know And See Everything You Are Willing To Share.. Did You Take Pics Of The Disco? I Am So Excited For You. I don't believe we or any of our guest took pics in the disco. It was really really dark in there. We had alot of fun at Pasha's and closed it down many nights. My only complaint was that the music was sooo loud, you couldn't carry a conversation. If it rains on the day of your ceremony, I was under the impression the ceremony would be moved into the conference center (not even sure where that was!!). Just think positive thoughts...and it won't rain on your wedding day!!
  13. Cherie

    Back from Wedding at ROR!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by march1508 wow..u looked beautiful/ congratulations.. thanks so much for your review..its always so helpful to hear from brides that have experienced their wedding at the ror.. just a few questions for u if u dont mind.. the hoopa that u married under is exactly what i want.. did u ask them for the vines or did it come with the vines.. i remember sending a pic to chandlyn she quoted me 200.00 but it was with out the vines.. your ceremony location looked so beautiful.. u said yr mom helped move the decorations into the reception..(would u recommend we assign a back up coordinator) i remember somewhere another bride suggested this.. did u have the cocktail reception after the ceremony? oh your bouquet was gorgeous.. thanks.. Thank you! I did ask for the vines to wind down the two front posts...but they wound up doing all four, which looked great. I think our floral arrangement on top cost so much due to the flowers we used. Most of them had to be imported, which drastically increases the price. I think it is a good idea to appoint someone if you want things planned in detail. I actually gave my mom and mother in law carte blanche on the reception decor. They actually put everything together that afternoon before the wedding and then surprised us with it. Everything looked absolutely lovely We did have a cocktail reception after the wedding with the steel band rented for an hour. Fruit and rum punch were served. I loved my bouquet too!! Thank you!
  14. Cherie

    Back from Wedding at ROR!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by JUSTUSTWO Thanks for the pics Cherie. Everything looked soo great. From all of those smiles you all look like you had the best time. I loved your dress & your hair and I love how that blue looks in the pics. I'm glad you brought up the wind. I was thinking of wearing my hair down but I think I'm having 2nd thoughts. For some reason, I wasn't thinking about wind. Also loved the hoopa. It was very pretty. Oh, quick question. I really liked your sand ceremony set. Where did you get that from? Did you get it home ok? Thanks again!!! Thank you! We did really all have an amazing time. As for the wind...it was a relatively calm day and my bangs still kept flying everywhere in the breeze. Perhaps you could consider a partial updo with your bangs back? That is what I now wish I would have done. Perfectly beautiful pictures were slightly wrecked because my bangs were covering half of my face. We found my sand ceremony set online at Weddingstar - Wedding Accessories - Cake Toppers - Wedding Favors. We also had our initials engraved on the main vessel. It was very nice with the stand. We packed it to the top with the leftover sand, and then grabbed some industrial saran wrap out of a restaurant kitchen! According to my mom, it worked just fine!
  15. Cherie

    Back from Wedding at ROR!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by mopher I too was wondering about paying with credit card. I have read lots of pages that say we have to use cash...but I think that is there way to pocket some of the money. The pictures look amazing! Congrats. Even more excited to go after seeing them. You were such a pretty bride. Kinda of dumb question considering where we were all going, but were you hot? I am worried that I will be uncomfortably hot. Thank you! Actually paying by cash slightly lowered the cost, because then Michael doesn't have to pay a credit card surcharge to the bank. But that is something you have to work out with Michael. I wasn't hot on the beach because of the constant breeze...but that night the wind completely died down and it was sweltering upstairs at the Plantation. I kept going down to the pool to dip my feet in and cool down...it was also a nice little quiet reprieve!