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  1. I was wondering if some RIU ocho rios brides could help answer a question for me. I have been emailing Chandlyn and of course, I'm not getting a response. Not surprising - haha! Question: Can the groomsmen and my fiance wear their sandals to the reception dinner at Mammee Bay? I've read that they need to wear closed toe shoes, but they are wearing sandals for the wedding. Just wondering if they have to change shoes. Chandlyn hasn't responded to my question regarding a rehearsal dinner either. Is this something she arranges once we arrive or can it be scheduled ahead of time? Where are they held? Thanks for your help ladies!!
  2. BeachBrideBeth08

    1 more week to go!! YEAH!!!!!

    Hey Sarah, I haven't been on a in a few weeks (SO MUCH TO DO, of course!) but I wanted to be sure to say - see you in a few days!!!!! I'm arriving on the 1st! Cheers!
  3. BeachBrideBeth08

    Any fellow ROR brides tying the knot April 3rd???

    Yes, let's definitely meet up. I feel like we have so many conversations going on with all the overlapping threads. haha! I fly in on the 1st and we should be at RIU by mid afternoon. Maybe we should meet up on the 1st in the evening or maybe the 2nd in the afternoon? That's so junky to hear about your friends and family! I can relate on some level too since we got grief from people and they are not coming. I feel like, if you really can't afford it or even just plain old don't want to, then speak your truth - don't hide behind excuses. Just be honest, right? Ah, if only it were that easy. Who cares, party on.
  4. BeachBrideBeth08

    Two more weddings on our day :-(

    Quote: Originally Posted by jesjess Well Im convinced Ladies... for all I care there will be 60 weddings,, And Sarah and Beth, we definately have to get some together. X For sure! See you guys in 6 weeks!
  5. BeachBrideBeth08

    Two more weddings on our day :-(

    Quote: Originally Posted by kitty_kat_uk Hey Beth and Moy Re notarized documents. I had mine copied then certified by a solicitor in England (lawyer) ready to post them, but decided to scan them and send by email just incase they didn't get there by post. I asked if they still needed to be sent hard copy and Chandlyn said no the scan was fine as long as I bring my original documents with me to Jamaica. So don't stress! Thanks for the info, Kitty kat!
  6. BeachBrideBeth08

    Jamaica wedding blues

    Good for you for not doing the bridal party! That's the one thing I would take back if I could. I'm sure it will be fine in the end and all, but it was a headache like you said. And yeah, all the people I invited who complained had never been there but just heard bad things.
  7. BeachBrideBeth08

    LF TTD size 8 or 10

    I have a size 8 J Crew embossed halter beach dress like this one (except white of course): Google Image Result for http://www.tikimama.com/images/dress.jpg sorry for the unusual link: I just did a google search for the dress and it came up with good pictures. Never wore it - I intended it to be my wedding dress, but I changed my mind and decided I wanted something more formal. I paid 30 for it, I got it on sale and so I can't return it to J Crew. Thanks! Beth
  8. BeachBrideBeth08

    Two more weddings on our day :-(

    Hey Moy! Yeah, I need to send my documents as well. I am OOT bag shopping on Saturday. And maybe dress shopping. lol I was hoping to have my welcome dinner on Thursday, since most of my guests are getting in that day. Plus I heard it's "Mexican night" somewhere? I don't know what restaurant though.
  9. BeachBrideBeth08

    Jamaica wedding blues

    So true, that this experience happens to so many of us. I too gave everyone a year notice, which I thought was fine (I couldn't wait 2 years lol). I also got the same comments from people - "If only it were St. Lucia...". I really couldn't think of a ruder thing to hear from my FBIL, but then, other people complained that I had picked Jamaica and they weren't interested. Nice manners! So, out of 150 invited (and really, I totally didn't expect that many, of course) we have 14 booked. My MOH has daily fights with her tool of a boyfriend so that has delayed her booking. On the bright side, two couples are coming that I never thought would (and we are super pleased about that) and with just 6 weeks to go, my travel agent says that new people are 'inquiring' every week. So, until I am there, I will just wait to see what happens. I'm so anti-big-wedding, I still couldn't imagine a better way to do the whole thing.
  10. BeachBrideBeth08

    Shipping Wedding Items Before?

    Thanks Maureen! I've been debating this too.
  11. BeachBrideBeth08

    Two more weddings on our day :-(

    I will be there from the 1st through the 6th, too! We should definitely have cocktails. My wedding is at 2:00 on the 4th. But, unlike you and Sarah, I have so much left to do - including a dress. That's right, NO dress. I should probably be freaking out, but I'm pretty laid back, so I know I'll get one before my 6 am flight on the 1st.
  12. BeachBrideBeth08

    Any fellow ROR brides tying the knot April 3rd???

    Hi Sarah, You already messaged me, but Dan and I are going to be there from the 1st through the 6th. Our wedding is on the 4th at 2:00. What time is your wedding? -Beth
  13. BeachBrideBeth08

    Barbara and Tobias - ROR and Dunns River Falls

    These are great shots!
  14. Kozmo is adorable! And your jewelry choices too, of course!
  15. BeachBrideBeth08

    Pops in your head

    Quote: Originally Posted by *Casey* Can my mom come live with us?? : What my FMIL wishes my FI would ask me. HAHA - my FMIL, too!