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  1. Sandals, where I was married, does the same thing. It really irritated me!! I actually just bought very little. Honestly, I bought 1 photo, just to hang on my wall. Then I just used my snap shots to create my wedding album. We did get a really good camera before we left and asked friends to take lots and lots of pictures. Most turned out really well! I edited a lot of them. I wish Sandals would have had better quality and then I would have purchased more but really tried not to stress about. In the long run. I have pictures and wonderful memories and I was married, which was all that really matter to me anyways.
  2. I prepaid for mine yet when I got there I was did not have a scheduled time yet so I questioned why I was pushed to prepay. I really never got a direct answer but with the time worked out ok. The plus side is, I was married on a Sunday so the spa was not that busy. If you are getting married on a Saturday or whatever I would make sure they have you scheduled before you go just to make sure you have the time that works best for you.
  3. I was married in May and saw only other 2 weddings the whole 8 days I was there and I saw one being set up but I knew it was another BDW bride so I wanted to sneak a peak..lol The resort is large enough that unless you are looking for a wedding, you prolly will not even know one is going on. My wedding was a whirlwind and went very fast but I did not feel rushed.
  4. I just kind a panicked for a sec. We tipped $0. It never even crossed my mind. I would love to hear what other Sandals brides did so please chime in!!
  5. I like the 3rd but then again I like a lot of color for a destination wedding. If you are going for more of a formal feel then I would go with number 1.
  6. OMG I Love your post Jean-Marcus. They always have me laughing! I love the episode where Kelly is breaking up with Zach at the dance and they dance all by themselves at the picnic table. Very cheesy moment but I love it. Anyone remember what the song that was playing was? I am racking my brain but have no clue. Another favorite was the dance off where Lisa broke her ankle! Also I only liked the high school episodes. I hated the college years. It just was not the same.
  7. We used an awesome private driver named Homa and he was great! Very very laid back and fun. My husband met him while golfing. I don't think he has an email though. Sorry! I'll give you his info just in case His home number is 917-3022! We contacted him from our resort though. Just thought I would pass that on.
  8. Hehe...earplug in the OOT bags! Love it! Kinda a fun idea too.. Not sure it would be understood by everyone but still a fun joke!
  9. I was married last May at SGOR and I was like you. I wanted to keep the cost very low so I went with the basics. I literally ordered nothing extra. I bought a couple of 8x10 pictures and had my hair done. That was the extent of it. It was just my husband and I and another couple. I wanted to save the money for fun stuff like excursions and shopping. I do not regret a thing! We took a TON of pictures with our own cameras and I still look at them all the time!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by itsfinallyhere :LOL, I have to tell you thought that the walls between the rooms are pretty thick. They are made this way to withstand hurricane force winds. So unless you plan on being louder than a hurricane i wouldn;t worry about it. But thank-you this post made me smile like no other. I could just image the looks I would get if they could hear me!!!! They would probably request the room change! Louder than a hurricane...lol Too funny. My husband just asked me what I was laughing at cause I was really laughing out loud!!! :-)
  11. We went with another couple and stayed in the Rivera building (3rd floor). They were right next door. To be honest you could not hear a thing (or so they said..lol). We could not hear them and vice versa. The walls seem pretty thick. The only thing I ever herd was doors shutting from time to time. It almost felt like we were the only ones on the floor! It was great!
  12. I was married at 4pm and a small shower came through at 3:00. I shrugged it off and said it just meant Good Luck on my wedding day. The down fall was that my pictures were not as blue. After the shower it was a little overcast. The sun makes a huge difference as far as how blue the water is. I never really thought of the afternoon rain before and had I did I probably would have changed it to an earlier time just for the color effects. Either way, my wedding was beautiful and I married my best friend so it all worked out. 11am or 4pm mission was accomplished! Ok so I did not realize there was more than one page to this thread so I am basically saying what everyone else is. The beach is prettier in the morning..lol. Good luck ladies with your weddings! I am jealous of you all. I want to do it all over again! It is amazing!
  13. I am not sure because we did not spring for the butler but some advise as far as tipping goes.... Take cash and some smaller bills. We had sooo much trouble getting money and denomination less than $20!
  14. I did not worry about anything "extra". I went with the completely basic package and ordered a few pics Ala Carte. Every things turned out beautiful and was COMPLETELY care-free. The biggest stress of the day was that we forgot to eat between laying in the pool, then getting our hair done and then getting dressed. By the time we actually sat down for dinner we were famished...lol Considering that is the only thing I have to complain about, I think we were in pretty good shape. Let your wedding be as it should- stress free and beautiful. What else do you need besides you, your groom and beautiful Jamaica Everything else will fall in place!
  15. I know you already have this bridget but I thought I would share with everyone else. I have a ton and they start on page 7 I think! Pictures by hollisandsteph - Photobucket
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