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  1. OOT left over: $15 or best offer + shipping cost Rafia fan - Various size Qty: 11 Pouch Qty: 3 Flip Flop Sticky Notes Qty: 3 Qty: 3 Qty: 4 Color - Sage PM me if you're interested
  2. I'm such a procastinator. I'm finally trying to get rid of these left overs now that we're expecting our baby to arrive in just a couple weeks. Sorry some of the pix are small, it has been awhile since I used Photobucket. MIB left over: $20 or best offer + shipping cost Message Bottle w/ cork - Glass w/ boxes Qty: 9 Message Bottle w/ cork - Plastic (no boxes, you can put a stamp on) Qty: 12 Sand Bottle Umbrella Qty: ~120 Bag of minature shells My finished invites Angel's Accent Bouts and Corsages: $30 or best offer + shipping cost 1 Groom's bout & 3 GM bouts 4 corsages
  3. I really like the first one. It is very unique and island like. I probably will suggest a different or simpler vein so the focal point will be the dress itself. The second one does showcase your figure really well, but it doesn't stand out like the first one.
  4. 1. Save - every month, put some money aside for wedding only and only use that money for wedding stuff 2. DIY - don't get too caught up on too much detail, only the ones that really matter.. guests will have fun either way and they're not going to notice the minor details 3. Instead of regular gift registries, maybe set up a honeymoon registry 4. Shop around and negotiate
  5. Don't worry too much/get hung up on all the details, people won't notice them anyway. They're going to have a great vacation regardless. You should just try to relax and enjoy your big day as much as possible...
  6. It can be pretty windy. Some brides worn veils, some just put on some tropical flowers. Whatever you feel like having. Why don't you bring a veil with you and if it gets too windy then don't wear it? Or wear during ceremony and take it off for reception..
  7. with one day left, I am hoping to get more votes...
  8. What a gorgeous dress! Can't wait to see pics of you in it...
  9. Desiree, you looked SOOO beautiful! I definitely missed CSS, that IS a romantic resort. I am glad that you had a frantastic time!!
  10. Thanks for your advice! We're staying north of downtown, so I'll look into the best way of getting there. I've heard so many positive reivews regarding ONP and Seattle in general. I can't wait to visit soon..
  11. Good luck Andrea! Keeping my fingers croseed for you, your FI is such a caring and a thoughful guy...
  12. Sorry to hear that. I had it a few years ago and it wasn't fun at all. Just make sure you drink lots of fluid and rest well. I hope you get better soon. The cough will stay with you for awhile though, sux...
  13. Thanks for the info! We don't mind getting up early for a full day. Since there are 2hr time difference, it won't be too early to us anyway. A few more questions please. Where do you take the ferry to ONP? I heard that there're construction, so the traffic might be bad getting to Hurricane Ridge, is that true? How long does it take to get to ONP?
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