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  1. Beautiful dress. I can't wait till my dress comes in. You look amazing in it. Heather
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Amarillis Fantastic!!! When can we see pics of you in it!?!?! I will have my mom take pics during my first fitting. That won't be for awhile. Thanks, Heather
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by jkcz0702 Wow the dress is stunning! Thanks. I can't wait till I get to wear it. Heather
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by blackpearl916 I am also a Sandals Negril bride 9/20/08. Welcome. You are going before me so you will have to post a review and lot of pics afterwards. Heather
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by 2bebridejamaica Currier, I love the bouqet and found something almost similar in pink and white with a hint of blue.. how much do they want to charge?? I was thinking of using Floral Fantasies which is right in Negril. I talked with one the women directly and she said she can meet me right off the property (gate) and pick up my flowers from her and Sandals/Beaches can not say a word. YAY a lupole for their vendors ONLY. Thanks. With the delivery charge I think it was like $127. Sandals wanted to charge me $210. Then when I told them what Floral Fantasy charged they told me they could make a smaller bouquet for $150. I still don't understand how they can charge so much more. I might just go to the gate like yourself. That is a great idea. I really didn't want to do silks. I really love flowers and I want them to be real. Heather
  6. This is the link to the dress I bought. CasaBlancaBridal.com: Best Seller/1831 When I first tried it on I was 175 lbs and 5'5". I have lost 18lbs since the dress was ordered but this dress is very slimming. I am not that crazy about my arms either but with the sweetheart neckline and roughing at the waist, it accented my curves. I have also had a breast reduction and this definitely showed the best part of my body. You should try it on. Heather
  7. Erin, I hope everything works out for you. I will say some prayers for you. Heather
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs.R2be I know, I was kinda pissed about that to ! We are bringing our flowers down with us... We found a great lady that does silks and high grade floramatique flowers... VERY FRUGAL too... for got about what Sandals said, and get what you want form floral fantasy deliverd on your wedding day... I would do. In fact I am doing that with my photographer... What kinda bouquet are you getting? You will have to let me know how the photograpgy goes. I moght end up doing the same thing. The bouquet is pretty but not for what Sandals wants to charge. Here is the link if you want to see. http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/k...73/bouquet.jpg
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs.R2be Hey guys, Hows to wedding plans going? I just got back from NY, and my dress is safely at my mothers, away from the snooping FI... LOL... I have real some good news, i've lost 3pounds.... Kala thanks for the pics... I called Tina and told her i want the Beach Gazebo for my wedding spot... Good for you. I think that I will probably also use the beach gazebo. I really don't have much more to plan since it will only be the two of us. I did send a pic of the bouquet I wanted and the florist said they could do it. The one thing that pisses me off is that Sandals doesn't let you use any outside vendors. The bouquet I found was from the Floral Fantasy website and Sandals florist quoted me about $70 more for the same thing. I am even thinking I might pick the flowers up myself or have them delivered anyway. What are they going to do? I can see not allowing any vendors inside the resort but this is getting a little crazy. Heather
  10. Erin, I have tried a few things that I think will work. Those wraps actually do take a couple of inches off. Also, that celebrity diet stuff (it is a juice). You only drink that with water and you will loose at least 5 to 10 lbs. It is like a fast. You will feel like crap though. I think you can get it at healthfood stores. Hope it helps, Heather
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by dusktildawn13 Mrs.R2be, I'm having a terrible time getting the pictures to load properly! If you PM me your email address I will gladly send them to you. Here is the list of floral upgrades and their prices that I was given. Hopefully it is up to date. Tina is a bit frustrating to work with - keep hounding her and hopefully she can get you the information you need! From what I understand, you aren't able to speak with your resort coordinator until you get there.... Kala She has been ok with me. I don't call, I just email and she always seems to get back to me. I also have the floral upgrade lists if anyone needs them. I really didn't like their bouquets they had so emailed her a pic and the florist emailed me a price. Floral Fantasy is much cheaper but they won't let you use any outside vendors. When I told them how much Floral Fantasy was going to charge, they came down in price and told me they would just make the bouquet I want a little smaller. Heather
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs.R2be I was bad today i had a yummy burger for lunch... But i figured i would eat a light dinner... does that balance it out? .....LOL..... I should'nt be laughing becuase i'm picking up my dress this weekend and its my 1st fitting... I told everyone that i was going on this detox for 1 week, but it seems like i've already failed... Anyway i'm happy for you. You must feel and look like a Million bucks.... If you are going to be bad it is better to do it early in the day. Don't beat yourself up. We are our worst critics. You are going to look fab in your dress. Heather
  13. Congrats. As a former smoker I know how hard it is but just remember how great you feel. Heather
  14. Definitely get him to see a nutritionalist and just be supportive. He will make the changes when he is ready. The sooner he does the better. I have been a nurse for the past 15 years and it took my mother developing neuropathy and getting an infection on her toe and loosing it before she would listen to me. Catching and contoling the disease early is definitely key. Hang in there. He will make the changes when he is ready. Heather
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