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  1. Look I'm here!! Sorry, I've been super busy with house selling and haven't been around. Glad that Kat could help. Make sure that you tell the Koozie guy that you're with the forum... he'll hopefully give you a deal. Feel free to email me if you have any more questions. I'll try to reply in a timely manner!! Hi Kat!! I miss you!
  2. dmarie17

    Free Wedding stuff

    Okay, my stupid computer is acting up so I can't quote anything right now but i'll try to answer everything. Lilpaisley is taking some of the stuff. JLwhite, I just PM'd you to see what you are interested in. Latinalocany, I will let you know what is available after I hear from JLwhite. Vtello, they are right now but i am waiting to hear from JLwhite. Minde, the lanterns are gone. Sorry. HaleGrifa, I don't know why I hate the dress so much. It's actually really pretty... just not 'me'. Y'know? Anyway, I bought it for $150 and would love to get that but I'd settle for less just to get rid of it... I don't have a clue how much shipping would be. It's not very heavy so it can't be THAT bad, right?!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Samantha S Okay, that helps-- thank you! I will take the advice of having the officiant stand closer, that is lame that people couldn't hear you as that is the whole point of paying so much for stereo equipment for 10 minutes. The version of Canon in D Dawn sent me is great so I can use my iPod, phew! Thank you for the song, I appreciate it!! So, did you ask them for centerpieces? I'm getting the idea that if you don't 'order' it from them, they put stuff up anyways because they did that with one other gal. I think they must try to sell it first but then do it anyways because they want it to look nice too because other people will see the weddings and want to have their wedding there in the future... ?? Was it the same that Kat had-- vase with sand and I think a shell or something? Trying to decide if I should just leave the centerpieces alone. No problem, glad that it came through okay. I didn't order centerpieces. They just did them. Same ones that Kat had. They were nice. Simple and pretty. And best of all... FREE!!
  4. dmarie17

    Free Wedding stuff

    Quote: Originally Posted by Lilpaisley I might be interested in this stuff for our AHR. (everything, but the dress). Let me know how much shipping would be and I can Paypal it to you. Sweet! I have to find a box that will fit it. I also have a pillow (for a ring bearer) that matches the guest book. Want me to throw that in? And I found some little white favor heart boxes that you could put candy in. They are Martha Stewart brand. Here is a link to them. I think that there are like 20 or so. Let me know if you want those too. Walmart.com: Martha Stewart Eyelet-Pattern Heart-Shaped Party Favor Tins, Set of 20: Wedding Are you sure you don't want the dress!!?? JK i really hate the thing!
  5. dmarie17

    Free Wedding stuff

    And last but not least, this never worn dress. I was going to do a TTD but was too tired! I'd like to sell it so if anyone likes it and wants to make me an offer, I'll get rid of it cheap!! I think that it's a size 8 (I'm a size 4 normally if that helps)
  6. dmarie17

    Free Wedding stuff

    Random Favor thingys: Yea, I don't know: Seals and 'thank you' tags: I simply forgot to use these! Bells: I was going to use these for the shower and just forgot. Seems to be a lot of that going on here. I have 2 packages, one has 3 the other has 2. Thank you cards - I never want to write another one as long as i live.
  7. Please take this stuff!! I need room to put all of our wedding gifts! I would love it if one person wanted everything but i'll separate if necessary. All of it is brand new... in orignal packaging except the flutes are just out. I never used them, but thought that I was going to so I tossed the box. Just pay shipping please!! Flutes: they have little dots on them... kinda weird but cute enough. More flutes: these are plastic (i think) and colored. There are 6 in the set. I guess they're for the guests. Cake topper: Lighted Lanterns: i think that you just put a little bulb in them and hang them. They're pretty cute. I have 2 available. Lighted Bridal Garland - I was going to use this at the AHR but couldn't motivate myself enough! There are two strands both 6 feet long. Candles: Guest Book: It's white and clothy with a bow: Favor Tags: These aren't place cards. I used them in my thank you cards to tell people the link to our pics.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by dc22173 Has anyone here had their reception in the ballroom? All the pictures I have seen of the ballroom make me believe that it it pretty dark in there. I also can not tell how big of a space it is. Also, would you spend your money on the ballroom decorations? Yea, the only sucky thing about the ballroom is that it's not very 'destination weddinglike'. We could have done something similar at home. However, with the weather situation we definitely were happy with it. The air conditioning was awesome...especially because my dress was hot! The set up was very nice. I didn't do any decorations (except I had chair bows) and they had centerpieces on the tables with candles and it was really pretty. About the lighting... i didn't really notice it being dark. We hired a DJ and he brought a lot of crazy lights and strobes and stuff so once the music started, it was like a dance club. It wasn't what I expected but it was cool. Quote: Originally Posted by Samantha S Okay, I have a question about the sound equipment for the ceremony. Does some one have a photo with where the person running the music is at (or a description will do)? Could you hook up any type of media player, i.e. iPod, CD, laptop? I am most curious about the laptop one because I have been trying to find a guitar version of canon in d and the only one I can find that I love is a guy on youtube (YouTube - Pachelbel Canon in D (fingerstyle guitar)). I figured out how to save it into my itunes but it still plays as a video and therefor not on my iPod. Just curious where the music person is at for the ceremony so I can determine if it would be a crappy place for a family member to spend the very first part of the wedding baby sitting. I think that I have a guitar version of this that I 'got' from the internet somewhere. Do I have your email address already? I will look and try to email it to you. It may be too big but I'm pretty sure that I sent a bunch of music to Kat so hopefully it will work.
  9. WAIT!! I think that I got it!!! Flickr: dawnandchriswedding's Photostream
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by ltl_leah Thank you your review. Did you have to use certain photographers or do you have the freedom to choose whoever you want without getting charged a $500 fee? Also, how were the rooms and the bathrooms? Are they outdated or a little on the small side? Did you pay extra for the reception dinner or were you allowed to have a semi-private dinner in one of the restaurants without getting charged extra? I have so many questions because I am still trying to decide on a resort. I was originally going to have it at Dreams Puerto Aventuras, but now I'm hearing that you can't use a mexican photographer at all, which I think is outrageous. I used an awesome photographer named Claudia Rodriguez. She wasn't part of the resort but she does have a good relationship with them so she is able to go and shoot weddings without a fee. I think that the fee is only $50 though if it is not an approved vendor. It may be free... not positive. Our room was awesome and huge! The bathroom was enormous too... double sink, bathtub/shower, toliet and a bidet! All of our guests were happy with their rooms too as far as I know. Feel free to PM me with any other questions you have and if you send me your email and I will send you all of our photos. Good luck!! Quote: Originally Posted by jlwhite5 these posts are my favorite here on BDW! your wedding (and you!) looked beautiful! sorry about the rain - i know thats going to happen to me, i can just feel it. i'm glad you posted the picture of the OOT bags. i like that you included a lock. i would've never thought of that, but it's a great idea! hope you're enjoying married life! I've heard rain is good luck. I think thats just what people say so their not so disappointed. It did give us an amazing rainbow though so i can't complain too much!! Quote: Originally Posted by cancunbride hahaha, your such a tease!!! Its says dawnandchriswedding doesn't have anything available to you!! hahaha Im dying to see the pics.surrender them! This site is driving me nuts!! Even when I send through the website, it sometimes isn't working. One more shot: Flickr: Photos & Video from dawnandchriswedding
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Tony&Jessica Hi everyone!!! Kat, your photos are beautiful!!! I have a few questions, I've read MOST of the forum and I don't know if these have come up...sorry if they are repeats!! -Did anyone need a handicapped room? One of my guests has a really difficult time getting around, and we were thinking of booking a handicapped room...I've been waiting FOREVER for Dreams to get me a picture of what they look like. (On that same note, how difficult would it be for a person with difficulty walking to get around Dreams?) -We're trying to do a live webcam feed for people who aren't able to make it. Dreams says that they'll have it up and running by April of '09...but has anyone else been able to pull it off? How did you do it? -A few travel websites that I've read about have said that Dreams sometimes overbooks and people get kicked out and moved to other hotels. Did that happen to anyone? -With guest passes...I know Kat said that she didn't need them, but did anyone else manage to get them for free or at a lower rate? My travel agent said that they've done it before, but I didn't know how cheap they would be willing to go! Sorry so many questions!!! It's still a whole year away and I'm already bouncing off the walls waiting for it to come! My gramps came and he did okay. the place is pretty big and the floors do get pretty slick. For the wedding, he actually was able to borrow a wheel chair from Dreams. I'm not sure if they have them available all the time, but it wouldn't hurt to ask. As for the overbooking, we had no problems. All of our guest stayed at Dreams so we didn't have anyone with day passes. And NO idea about the webcam!! Quote: Originally Posted by Tony&Jessica Haha, as long as my FI doesn't fall down BEFORE the wedding. There will be no casts in my pictures!!! Yea, Chris (hubby) totally ate it the day before the wedding. He was running and he did a Charlie Brown right on his back. Ouch!! He still managed to carry me through the threshold on our wedding night but he was in a lot of pain!! Be careful!!!
  12. Awww!! I'm so glad that you liked her!! She is the best and did an amazing job on those!!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Samantha S Does anyone know if they have different menu options from 2008 to 2009? I though I saw a peek of a menu somewhere for DC that was different than the version I have and some of the options looked way better! I've found the gold and plated but I'm looking for the silver buffet. Dawn, what did you choose for your menu? I had my first and hopefully last wedding nightmare and I woke up panicked-- time to get serious! Stacey and others who are just around the corner, how are you holding up? The menus for 2009 are different. Here is the full 08 one for you. It says that buffet is 40 people minimum but it's really only 30. Also, now that I'm looking at it, I'm not sure if this is the menu that we actually chose from. We mixed between the silver and gold buffet... but I know that we had lobster bisque soup and thats on the platinum menu and we definitely didn't pay extra. The soup was awesome but if you're eating outside, it's kinda heavy for hot weather if that makes any sense! We had the Caribbean mixed greens and the caesar salads... both were good but it's salad so I don't have a very strong opinion. Entree we did the surf and turf which was okay but kinda dry and didn't have a lot of flavor and then a chicken dish which i don't see on the menu but it was awesome!! It had like spinach and cheese or something but everyone loved it. I didn't try any of the deserts but heard good things. We went with the tres leche cake and while it is very moist and kinda looks like it's going to just moosh up, it was quite good. Hope that helps!! I had wedding nightmares too... don't worry, everything will be great!! ACTUAL WEDDINGS MENUS RECEPTION FOR 2007-2008.doc
  14. Stupid Flickr... PM me with your email address and I will send you a link. Sorry girls!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by cancunbride Im trying to PM you but for some reason its telling me I have no access...I would love to see your pix..how many hours did you use her for? I only used her for 3 hours... I don't even think that she was there that long. I am truly amazed at the work that she did in such a short time. I sent the link to my mom and she was shocked. She was like, 'it didn't even look like she took that many pics'. Even my brother was impressed, said that it looked like we were sitting in front of a backdrop... Ohh I want you to see them now that I've talked them up so much!! Does this work: Flickr: Photos & Video from dawnandchriswedding