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  1. Sorry I didn't post those links correctly. Our setup is the one with the green chair tie backs and no arch.
  2. We cruised with carnival. We had our reception in the piano lounge/bar (we had 30 guests). The service was awesome! The waiters were going around with drinks and taking drink orders so the guests didn't even have to go to a bar. We also paid for a piano player, and he would sing as well and take requests from the guests, he was a HUGE hit. We had him for an hour and used our Ipod for the other hour. For our lunch that day, I don't remember the name of the restaurant we used. It was up on a hill over looking the ocean, with steps down the side of the cliff to a beach. I'll see if anyone
  3. I haven't been on here in a while, but I logged in today and noticed your post. I was married in May in Ocho Rios by way of cruise ship. I too didn't want to use the cruise ship wedding planners because they were expensive and inflexible. I used Almarie from Tropical Weddings Jamaica and we started with a base package and added from there to customize a package for me. If you go to her site she lists the standard package and she is very quick in responding. However, she will work to customize a package and work within your budget. We got married in the morning. She arranged transportati
  4. WOW! WOW! WOW! Makes me want to go to Cabo just to get Juan to do a TTD session! Juan - amazing job Sarah & Jeff - Are you sure you're not professional models? You look so natural in some of those poses, looks like you've been doing it all your lives!!! Amazing Pictures!
  5. Not sure where you can get one, but I'm pretty sure they're around in Mexico. I had a steel drum band for my Jamaican wedding and they were AWESOME!!!! Everyone loved the tropical music and are still telling people about the music.
  6. My husband was planning on wearing a tan suit, with no tie and shirt out. It was soooooo hot that day that he ended up taking the jacket off and he was still sweating. I didn't mind, it's a destination wedding and anything goes, even very last minute wardrobe changes.
  7. I brought both a glass vase and votives through Miami with no problem. The only thing they questioned was the colored sand I had for the sand ceremony, and after I explained they were fine with it.
  8. Thanks everyone!!! I was very happy that day, everything went well and to have my family and closest friends with me, on a beach in Jamaica was awesome. I don't think I stopped smiling the whole day!!! Everyone who looks at the pictures comments on the colors of the girls dresses. Not bad for $39.99 on J.Crew clearance!!!! As for the flowers, the light aqua color ones were actually sprayed. I couldn't find flowers the color I wanted so I had the florist spray white dendrobium orchids that color, it worked out really well.
  9. AMAZING!!!!!! Every picture is breathtaking, your FI is going to LOVE those pics!!! I can't wait to hear his reaction.
  10. Happy B-day!!! Hope you're having a great day
  11. Wow!!!!!! What a beautiful couple!!!!! You're day looked so perfect and what great pics. Congrats!
  12. This is it....I'll put the rest in a gallery to view when I get them all uploaded. The review will come tomorrow....
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