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    Here We Are

  2. Help.. I am hosting a bridal shower for my sister in law and she wants to do a bottle of olive oil and bread dip seasoning packet for her favors? The only ones I have found online are small cheap looking bottles that look like airline mini alcohol bottles? I am hoping to find something nice looking? Thanks
  3. ajncooter

    Bora Bora?

    i will definitly share our pictures.. i know convincing my hubby to take the flight wasnt easy but it will be worth it in the long run.. It actually isnt anymore expensive than our trip to Moorea and Bora Bora just a longer flight with a stopover in Dubai. This will also probably be our last big international trip as we will also be trying for a family soon as my time is ticking so they say hahahah. where are you guys staying in hawaii?
  4. ajncooter

    Bora Bora?

    you guys are going to have a blast... it was breathtaking morning noon and night... we actually registered for our honeymoon and was very lucky to be able to go for 3 weeks. We had our wedding in cab at the riu palace and stayed there 10 nights with out guests staying the week and then we went to dreams cabo for 7 nights after as we werent going on our honeymoon until march it was a great time... jerzeygirl... i saw the garden bungalows in moorea but didnt see any with a pool? but we just walked around for a bit as we were pretty far out on the dock in a overwater bungalow.. we have pictures of the property if you want to pm me your email i would be happy to share some pictures... we are hoping to do the seychelles and maurtius islands this year.. i hear its very similiar there but alot further away.. we are not looking forward to the flight... hahahah
  5. ajncooter

    Bora Bora?

    how exciting you will love it... We went in March for our honeymoon and stayed 10 nights at the Hilton Moorea and 10 Nights at the St Regis Bora Bora.. They are both so different.. We stayed in a premium over water bungalow at both hotels and am dreaming about the day we will return.I have alot of pictures of the hotel room etc... if you want to send me your email address I would be happy to share them with you....and give you a good idea of what rooms you should request? Any reason why you are thinking of the Intercon in Moorea? Moorea is breathtaking... and is actually my favorite out of the two but the St Regis is amazing.. In a perfect world the St Regis in Moorea would be the best of the best! In Moorea the water is crystal clear with tons of fish, coral and underwater life and only about 5 feet deep of our your villa. In Moorea you can venture outside of the hotel and dine at some great restaurants. In Bora Bora the water is completly flat an aqua almost like a big gigantic pool but not crystal clear like Moorea and only a few fish, rays and sharks amd its about 10 feet deep off of your villa..We dove 4 times in both islands and loved it but Moorea hands down was the best! The St. Regis Bora Bora is on its own little island so you really dont need to leave the resort much.. The service is first class and the villas are breathtaking.. The food is great although we did go to dinner one night at the Le Meridian next door just to switch it up a bit and realized quick we should have never left our paradise...We did visit the Intercon in Moorea however the Hilton Moorea overwater villas were just renovated and much nicer and they also had a much larger beach. The Intercon was a nice hotel we had dinner there one evening however in my opinion its a little too touristy with the dolphins experience and everything? Not really a true French Polynesia property but beautiful! I actually am in the hotel business so unfortunatly I am a little more judgemental than most sorry... I am happy to answer any questions and super jealous of your upcoming stay!
  6. Hey Crafty Girls... I am going to try and attempt doing a martha stewart glitter painting for my uncle for Christmas. His fur baby just passed away and I wanted to do a tribute to her? I have a picture of her however does anyone have a program that can help me cut her out of the picture! I would really appreciate any help! THANKS!
  7. Hey Crafty Girls... I am going to try and attempt doing a martha stewart glitter painting for my uncle for Christmas. His fur baby just passed away and I wanted to do a tribute to her? I have a picture of her however does anyone have a program that can help me cut her out of the picture! I would really appreciate any help! THANKS!
  8. ajncooter

    Bora Bora/Moorea Honeymoon

    my husband and i just returned from an amazing honeymoon i highly recommend.. we spent a week at the old sheraton now hilton moorea in an overwater bungalow and then a week at the st regis bora bora in an overwater villa... i cannot say enough great things about this trip.. please feel free to email me should you want to see our pictures? ajncooter@yahoo.com
  9. ajncooter

    Receptions at the Riu Palace

    i had my reception on the mexican terrace for 50 guests and paid the 500 fee for the food and beverage and service and also hired a dj for 500 for the night it was nice and private and right on the beach with plenty of room for dancing. we had our welcome dinner at the steakhouse and it was amazing... who can say no to surf and turf... the food is much better at the steakhouse but it was nice to have our reception on the mexican terrace. we brought our own decorations and candles.. if you would like some pics.. please email me at ajncooter@yahoo.com I am happy to help!
  10. thanks everyone.. the suits were rented thru a local tuxedo shop thru a company called Jims formal wear it is their alfresco style suit.. they do weekly rentals and they are located in most tuxedo shops...and the song is actually a christian song by jeremy camp "nothing else i need"
  11. here is my wedding slideshow.. orange and hot pink were also my colors... good luck... http://www.juancarlostapia.com/s/riu...nda/index.html
  12. thanks.. yea we did the hand ceremony I highly recommend it.. the ties were super cheap we got them on ebay for $3.00 each..
  13. haaaa.tammy you are too funny.. my dress had so much sand and water stuck in the bottom I had to hold it up or i was going to fall down... That water was soooo cold and for those who think that this is easy.. trust me its not.. we had so many cuts and gashes from the rocks it was funny because everytime i looked down my dress was pink from all of the blood.. i =m just happy that the pictures dont show it.. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!!!!!!!!
  14. yes I loved chileno.. it was perfect and private...