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  1. I can only tell you what I did to get the Imperial Suite-you had to have a 2 night minimum there, so I had to put a deposit down, meaning I had to pay one full night in advance ($1875). I did have to sign a contract also, which had the room block, estimate on how many guests, etc. This was all 11 months prior to the wedding. I wound up not using the room block because rooms on travelocity were cheaper, so I released the block 2 months prior to wedding. That was the last time I did paperwork with them till we settled the bill the day after the wedding for the food/beverage. Hope this helps some.
  2. You will love having your wedding there, it is so awesome! I used a coordinator named Christina from Sunset Weddings; I used her for cake (from Sweet Dreams, awesome), videography (from helix audio, which was just okay), florist, decorations, dj, classical trio and minister. I did do a lot of leg work myself, but only to make sure I was getting exactly what I wanted. I still have to do my review, but in the meantime, I will message you with other details!
  3. It was actually quite windy-my maid of honor (my sister) had to hold my veil and thank goodness we had a microphone for the minister, otherwise no one would have been able to hear him. It was also sunny, but not humid, and my guests were happy with the parasols. I would still do it at that site and at that time, everything came out beautifully!
  4. I used Christina from Sunset Weddings and that was their bamboo chuppah-they had a couple others, one was white, another wood. They actually used a florist that was cheaper than the Flower Cart and didn't speak any English-I met them through Beth, the owner of Sunset Weddings, who translated for me. The flowers were beautiful, all of them in bloom. I wanted lavender for some of them, so they spraypainted them for me! Does anyone know how to insert pictures?
  5. Thanks so much everyone! I am working on my review now! Maria Armilee
  6. The wedding went off beautifully at the Imperial Suite and my photographer has some pictures posted on her blog at http://www.michelleturner.com/blog/. I will write a review soon, for those with questions please feel free to message me!
  7. The wedding went off beautifully at the Imperial Suite and my photographer has pictures on her blog under Armilee and Seth at http://www.michelleturner.com/blog/. I will post a more in-depth review soon, for anyone who has questions, please feel free to message me! Maria Armilee
  8. No problem. I am using Christina from Sunset Weddings, will let you all know how it goes!
  9. Just wanted to throw in my two cents-I'm getting married at the Imperial Suite next weekend, and I worked with someone else. I was told to get a room block early as well, but I wound up cancelling it with 60 days notice because all my guests got a cheaper rate on travelocity. No penalties, no charges. Also, I haven't even made a deposit on F&B yet, and all menu selections/beverages are set-I have the feeling they are very laid back in Mexico, so for my own experience, committing to a room block was no big deal!
  10. MARIA


    Thanks for the reassurance Christa-I also asked to pay in advance, and they said not to worry about it either till I got there. I think I will stick with them, I have too many family members who have already made arrangements!
  11. MARIA


    That makes me feel a little better-i guess it is hit or miss. The one thing I am worried about is using them for airport shuttle, maybe I will tell my guests not to use them going back to the airport and I will definitely not pay until the end of the night!
  12. MARIA


    This is terrible-I am going to be using them in less than 2 weeks! Has anyone else had problems with them, and how far did you pay them in advance? I am not paying them until I get there.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by KAMEYER70 Maria - We ARE having identical events! The weird thing is my birthday is May 12th. Are you working with Carla from Sunset? She's been my point person for planning, but Beth will be there for the day of coordination. So far, they've been great to work with. I will be really curious to hear how everything goes for you... let's definitely share notes. Kay-How coincidental about your birthday! My planner is Christina from Sunset Weddings, met Beth when fiance and I were in Cabo in Feb. finalizing details. If you have any questions, let me know-I did a tasting at the Fiesta, the food and presentation were awesome!
  14. I am having the exact same setup as Kay is for my wedding on May 12, 2007-puerta vieja for rehearsal dinner on the upper terrace, then wedding at fiesta americana at the Imperial Suite. My planner is with sunset weddings, and they have arranged a fajita buffet for $26 per person, then $19 per person national bar (meaning only mexican liquor, beer, etc).
  15. Has anyone heard of Bamboo Body and Mind for makeup? My WC suggested them, they will come on-site to do hair/makeup.
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