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  1. jesus rocks, he came on time for my trial and the wedding, and brought 3 helpers
  2. So the Twins were not terrible , I just expected more high energy and really trying to get people on the dance floor. Dont get me wrong people danced for awhile but then the Twins lost everyone and me being an event planner had to go up to them with my assistant and tell them to "kick it up a notch" and gave them specific songs to get people on the dancefloor. Paying this much money, they should have done this. They were more shy than I expected. Their mexican music was good and the gypsy kings but the frank sinatra stuff etc. was really weak. I expected really great entertainers because everyone says they are so fabulous - but they were not all that. Trust me and when they left in a hummer at the end of the nite I really knew that I overpaid for them. Cabo del Sol upcharged a little bit for them so I think normally you can get them for 3k for 4 hours but still - for mediocre entertainment that is not a lot. And at the end a few people wanted more songs and they did not do it. The song everyone danced to the most was the CD I brought Jesse's girl. That really said it all to me, it was a waste of money.
  3. Hi, I just wanted to give my input on the Twins, I heard so much about them and how great they were so I booked them for 4 hours at my wedding. We only had 40 guests so this was a splurge at $3500. I am a wedding planner in the states so I hear lots of good wedding bands but honestly did not like the Twins. They are average and a DJ would have been a better choice. Think twice before booking, 3500 is a lot of money! DJ would have done the trick for sure!!!
  4. Hi, Marco only charges 300 us dollars, i just learned. thanks
  5. can you give me directions on how to post photos? I don't know how ? thanks
  6. hi, i went to weather.com to ensure the sunset was right for my ceremony and it was a disaster! it was way too bright for the ceremony and it messed up the lighting........so pics are not as good. major bummer!!!!
  7. Excellent transportation services in cabo! Andres is the owner - here is his info: Cabovipservices@prodigy.net.mx They are timely and professional. They have private escallades to take people from the airport to the resort and helped our guests tremendously. They also have large buses/shuttles to transport guests to events that are modern and clean with bathrooms. Highly recommend- the best in Cabo. They work at Las Ventanas.
  8. hi, well, i think if you book him directly it is 350 ...but see cabo del sol booked all of our vendors so they charged us 450 (they upcharged everything) but i didn't really mind because it was easier for billing for us. he will do anything you ask, religious non religious, he also does weddings at the one and only palmilla - where the celebrities get married...so he is reputable.
  9. Marco, he was personable and did what we asked we had 30% of the mass in spanish and it was on the golf course overlooking the ocean...he had beautiful words and it was seemless, he also was classy calm and wonderful. We had some religious segments because we are both catholic. he will do whatever. i highly recommend him!
  10. cabo vip services is the best, the owner is andres and I really believe in them. let me know if you need the email. the key is to not pay in advance like we did apparently
  11. Do not use them, they are late and service spotty! I had a made experience, I paid them in advance and they could care less about service.
  12. i forgot to tell you about my minister he was great! marco arichega from los cabos today! let me know if you need a minister, he was wonderful!
  13. My minister was fabulous! Here is his contact info: Marco Archiga marco@loscabostoday.com He was patient, caring and wonderful. Our guests loved him. Go with him!!!! Very nice.
  14. Sign in to Kodakgallery.com create photo gift, make digital Kodak prints, and more hi christa, i hope these work! let me know if they don't and i will email it to you! thanks for asking! cheers, angela
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