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  1. In my point of view both resorts are great, right now the dreams hotel changed wedding planners, pure coincidence that this happened but it did and so having new coordinators they have to adjust to the massive emails they get on a daily basis you might have to wait a little on reply´s or just call them if its really urgent. Just wanted to give a heads up on the matter. I rally like the dreams hotel, I often go there for weddings ( I am a photographer) and I also talked to the wedding coordinators and that is what they told me. They are even staying late in fact to get back to all of those
  2. I have seen many firedancers at weddings and its trully a unique idea, specially if you dont tell your guests, they will really appreciate it and love it, its something they would never expect, another incredible idea is having fireworks and again the best idea for this is not to tell your guests, I think this would be the trick to having a wedding everyone will talk about for months. I think it is worth it. If your wedding is in Los Cabos you can find htem here: http://www.loscabosweddingvendors.com/firedancers.php Have fun. Juan
  3. I have worked with her at several weddings and she is very good at what she does.
  4. I believe Violeta has been trying to keep up with emails but at this time she does not have an extra hand and she has to do so many things herself that she cant keep up with everything. I really enjoyed meeting Violeta the other day, she is really nice and I am sure that everyone will enjoy working with her. Lets hope she can get an extra hand soon so that she can get those emails on time.
  5. Lets put it this way, I personally trained 1 photographer for one year to do what I normally do, this person went with me to about 60 weddings and I told this person about all of the things that I do and how I do them and why I do them and how it works better and everything that I could think so that this person would learn, and this person still does a really really bad job at shooting a camera, so as you can tell not all people have what it takes to be a wedding photographer. That is my opinion on the matter. You be the judge. Oh and I forgot to mention that this person is not working
  6. I live on the other side of town (in San Jose del Cabo) and same thing, no news here, everything is perfect. I also hate how the news media always over ranks forecasts, its a bad thing that we have to live with.
  7. You might also want to try: www.angelzapien.com , he is pretty good I think. You can also read about him from a few brides that have worked with him. Just wanted you to have more options. Have a great wedding Juan
  8. Yes you can do that either with the hotel or with the photographer, not exactly who you have to ask about this but I would try with the Hotel and then the photographer. so yes it is possible for sure. The only thing I recommend is that you look at the website of the photographer in your package to make sure that you like the work he or she does. Congratulations on your engagement. Juan Carlos
  9. I just got to my office and I was thinking that Ana probably posted the slideshow on the forum an sure enough here it is... I also enjoyed the song Ana picked for the slideshow, it went well with the pics. I had a lot of fun with Ana & Michael, and yes he is very...tall. I also had my fav. photos.... when Anas mom is looking at Ana with a smile that spoke a thousand words (before the ceremony), also loved the one where they where kissing in town with a lady selling icecream, and also one of the first photos where Anas face is not all showing. Just a little side note here
  10. I do think this is the one, or at least it looks just like it.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Elizabeth Medina Juan Carlos, Congratulations! That was just incredibly beautiful, you did a wonderful job of capturing the beauty and love. saludos! Elizabeth Thank you Elizabeth, I hope we can meet again soon, I dont have a trip to Cancun as of yet but I hope soon, or lets hope you come here again. God bless you and your family. Juan Carlos T.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by hbintexas Wow, you do absolutely beautiful work! I am getting married in St. Lucia in March and you've made me all excited again! Those town shots are breathtaking. Question - do you have any idea where she got her dress in the town shoot? It's exactly what I'm looking for. The bride (Lanya) lives in Shreveport, LA, so I guess that this is where she bought it but I have no idea at what store. Shoot me an email with your email and I will send it to her if you like.
  13. First time here "Post your wedding" place, I knew you girls where posting your pics some place here on the forum but until Leia gave me the link today I had no idea this existed, this forum is soooooo big! i cant seem to have time to look at everything you girls posted, ithink next month I will time to see what you girls have been up to. I also love the song with the pics I think it went perfect, Sandra is beautiful and she "is" photogenic she just does not know it yet. Sandra if you read this, the only thing you have to do when someone takes your pics is to think that you are phot
  14. Thank you everyone! I forgot to mention that for the first time my wife wanted to go to one of my weddings, not dum at all, I have asked her a million times to go with me when I travel but for St.Lucia I did not have to beg at all, she is the one that told me she wanted to go so I wanted it to feel like if it was our honeymoon, we stayed at the The Jalousie Plantation, and we basically stayed there because of the dream beach they haveand the reviews it got, its between the two Pitons, absolutely incredible. My wife loved it! and I could not believe the views in that place, I dont think
  15. Cabo Surf hotel is a very nice and intimate place I think you will love, from my experience I always get to see weddings that usually book half of the hotel or most of it so that they can have the hotel for them and it works because it feels like home with all of your loved ones in the same place and even if you book a few rooms you will love the feeling of a small boutique hotel. Its also close to San Jose del Cabo. The rooms are very nice too. Here is a wedding that booked about half of the hotel. Wedding slideshow http://www.juancarlostapia.com/s/cab...ana/index.html
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