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    Dreams Cabo Wedding Review

    Yes, it is: Paco Davila Baja Pro Audio mister_davila@hotmail.com Baja Pro Audio - Home Page Cell, (011 52) 125 2265 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Hope that helps!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by shadam Beautiful pictures! I am hoping to have sparklers too but was planning on finding them when I got to mexico. Where did you get yours & how much? Did the resort plan it? I asked Yarai at Dreams and she said we could have them but she doesn't take care of it. Please help! Thanks! Shannon I got the sparklers through Maye, who was my wedding coordinator. Unfortunately I have no idea what vendor she used. She just showed up with them. Actually, she accidentally forgot about them and took them with her when she left our wedding. Juan Carlos had her cell (luckily!) and she came back immediately and the problem was solved. So, the point is, if you do get the sparklers make sure you know where they are on the day of the wedding. Everything is such a whirlwind that it's easy to forget about them until the end of the night when you need them.
  3. Thanks everyone I really couldn't be more thrilled with how it turned out. Juan Carlos is seriously a photography genius. He had us running around Dreams like crazy, and it was all completely worth it. He knows that place like the back of his hand and is really the best. The hammock pics - I love those too! Not fun climbing into the hammock, as I felt like I was going to tumble upside down, but soooo worth it. Again, it comes down to Juan Carlos really knowing his surroundings. We stepped away from dinner and asked Juan Carlos if he wanted to do any other photos, and I'm so glad we did, because he took those. Definitely glad we had him for 6 hours instead of the 4 I had originally planned. Plus, the song - I loved it. I really believe that Juan Carlos takes the time to put together a slideshow that really captures the essence of each couple. The only thing I regret is not doing a TTD or engagement shoot with him. If we go back next year, I'd consider doing a belated TTD though!
  4. I'm thrilled with our pics. Juan Carlos really does an amazing job. I am so not photogenic, but I thought the pictures were fabulous. http://www.juancarlostapia.com/s/dre...dra/index.html Highly recommend him!
  5. sandyroo

    Dreams Cabo - DJ or ipod?

    We used DJ Paco Davila - very reasonably priced and a very cool guy!
  6. Great review. I saw you running around the hotel with Juan Carlos and caught a glimpse of your reception from our balcony Very beautiful! The suspense of waiting for the professional pics is starting to get to me! ARGH!!!
  7. sandyroo

    Dreams Cabo Wedding Review

    Quote: Originally Posted by shadam Thanks for your review! Also, I LOVE the sparklers! I just got an email from my WC at Dreams (Yarai) and she siad no one has done that there before, therefore they didn't supply them nor did she know how much they cost. Any details you can provide would be much appreciated!! Thanks! the sparklers were so fun! however, i was afraid someone was going to catch the hanging paper lanterns on fire, since they were so long. a bunch of drunk people playing with fire, not a good thing. it was fine though. they were seriously the longest sparklers any of our guests had ever seen - very impressive. i got them through maye cortinas. not sure who she gets them from. totally worth it. Quote: Originally Posted by sedonabride Sandyroo, your review is a fun read, thanks for sharing your experience from the bride's side of the equation! Dreams is a beautiful resort, and makes for really cool portraits and such... plus, love that horizon pool overlooking the ocean! Did you all enjoy the food there? ~andrew~ yes, the food was very good for an AI. we had a lot of guests, and i'm pretty sure everyone found things they liked. i never liked anything i got at the asian restaurant, but i liked plenty of things at all the other restaurants.
  8. sandyroo

    Dreams Cabo Wedding Review

    Honestly, I was thinking of doing the under the table lights rather than the lanterns (based on the one picture on the Dreams website where the under the table lights looked really good), but Mariana strongly recommended that I get rid of the under the table lamps rather than the overhead lanterns, and I'm really glad I listened to her since you really don't notice the lit up tables when people are sitting there, and it just wasn't that impressive. I'll try posting a picture later. Thanks for the comments about the dress. It was sooo cheap. It was actually a Watters bridesmaid dress that I ordered in white and added a sash to, and I absolutely loved it. I can't take credit for the idea though. Someone from another message board had done it.
  9. How wonderful! I just got back and have already been thinking about going back!!!
  10. sandyroo

    Dreams Cabo Wedding Review

    Here are some pics!!! I'm holding my bouquet during the ceremony since I totally forgot to give it to my maid of honor. Nobody mentioned it to me during the wedding rehearsal, so it totally slipped my mind. Also, I used a frame for the sand ceremony, and I was hoping that I could transport it back home in tact, but that didn't happen. The sand got all distorted. There's a possibility that TSA checked it (it was in my check in luggage). I'm still glad we did the sand ceremony though.
  11. Thanks so much to everyone on this forum. My wedding happened this past Sunday, and it was absolutely amazing. Hope this wedding review helps you future brides: Friday - Casino night at Dreams We did this at Barracuda Beach, which is the beach in front of the Oceana pool. The fee for this was about $800 I think, which included 2 poker tables, 2blackjack tables, dealers, and a full bar. This was a good event that gave everyone a place to get together. We didn't have prizes, but the resort gave a bottle of tequila to the biggest winner at each table. Saturday - Sunset Cruise on the Sunrider The bus arrived on time and the cruise was great. The boat itself was very nice and the guys who work on it made it really enjoyable. However, the bus which was supposed to take us back to the resort came about 1/2 hour later than it was supposed to. I'm not sure why this happened. I had a little bit of a meltdown since I had no cell phone on me, and no phone number of the bus, the hotel, or our wedding coordinator, Maye. Plus we had about 50 people, including 1 infant, all standing around waiting. Nobody else really minded since they were all just talking to each other, but I felt really badly for the wait. I'd recommend taking a cell and having important numbers with you in this situation. We told Maye about it and I think she was really surprised that the bus was not there when it was supposed to be. I don't think this is common, since I haven't read about it happening on this forum, but be prepared just in case. Sunday - Wedding Day Adriana from Suzanne Morel came in the morning to do hair and makeup for me and my bridesmaids. Adriana is really good! She did not speak much English, but the translator was there to help. Plus, I had done a hair trial at their salon with her, so she knew what to do. (Note: Do not take your fiance to the salon for your hair trial unless he doesn't mind sitting in a hot, unairconditioned waiting room for a few hours. We thought there might be places for him to walk around, but there really wasn't.) The fabulous Juan Carlos was our photographer, and we absoutely LOVED him, which I knew we would after reading all the great reviews on this forum. He was very good at giving some direction as to what to do, which we totally needed, since both me and DH are somewhat camera shy. Plus, he blended in perfectly. I can't wait to see his photos! Also, he really pulled through at the end of the night when we couldn't locate the sparklers that I ordered from the wedding coordinator. He happened to have Maye's number and let me call her on his cell. She showed up right away to save the day and bring the sparklers. Those things are the longest sparklers I had ever seen! Totally worth it and a great way to end the night. Our DJ was Francisco (Paco) Davila. He was such a pleasure to work with! I HIGHLY recommend him. Apparently, in addition to doing weddings, he DJ's at the Mango Deck, so he knows how to get people out on the dance floor. His prices were far more reasonable than some of the other DJ's I contacted. In fact, Dreams was going to charge me 2 set up fees if I wanted to rent speakers from them to play my iPod (I think each set up was $200, so it would have been $400). It was not that much extra $ to get a DJ, but it was definitely worth it IMO. Francisco was fantastic. Mariana was our wedding coordinator at Dreams and Maye Cortinas was the coordinator that we hired from outside. Maye was very nice and took care of the sunset cruise, transportation, flowers, petal cones, and sparklers. The centerpieces looked great (drowned orchids), but the bouquets of roses didn't seem the freshest. Maybe this was because my wedding was on a Sunday? Mariana was such a sweet person to work with. I had a bunch of last minute requests and she took care of everything with no problem at all. She was SO good! The hanging lanterns, which we got through Dreams, gave such a nice ambiance. We also lit the underneath of each table, but I wouldn't recommend it. You could hardly tell they were lit since it was pretty bright. The luminaries looked good. I brought the white paper bags and tea lights with me, and there was no charge for Dreams to set them up. Hope that helps!
  12. sandyroo

    Dreams Cabo Brides

    So glad to see that everything went so well! Looked really beautiful I was wondering how people pay for the wedding. I would normally want to pay with credit card, but have heard that there are extra fees when charging things internationally, so I'm looking for a way to get around this. I was thinking travellers checks maybe? What did you all do?
  13. Hi Leia. Just out of curiosity, what type of flower did you end up going with? I was just wondering why you didn't like the gardenia since that's one of the ones I'm contemplating.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by becks Too bad! Have you just tried calling the store? Nordstrom's customer service is outstanding. They will find you the suit you want - looking nationwide if need be, and mail it to you. Sometimes, if they don't have it at your local store, they'll mail it to you for free. Yeah, I did their online chat thing, and they searched the stores with no luck and told me they weren't planning on ordering any more at this time Quote: Originally Posted by FutureMrsB We have been working with Saks Fifth Avenue for FI's suit. The salesman told us they are expecting a white/off white linen Hugo Boss suit in the next few weeks. You might call your local Saks or Neimans and see if they have it available. Good to know. I might have to make another trip to Atlanta. Quote: Originally Posted by Galit Oh, I know that suit! They sell it at bloomingdales... I think its called "Hugo Boss Black passinni(?) Movie". Definitely check with Bloomingdales because I am 95% sure FI's dad just bought it! I just saw you are orignially from MA... I was in Bloomingdales in Chestnut Hill when I saw it this weekend I would definitely call them This is VERY good to know. I wish were back in Boston! Nashville shopping is awful. No good stores at all. Is this the suit? They have it in Tan?
  15. So, FI has been really set on getting a Hugo Boss suit. In fact we even made a trip out to the nearest Nordstrom (which for us is 4 hours away), and they didn't have any nice tan suits Well today I see the perfect suit online at Nordstrom.com but they don't have his size, 42R. I figured I'd post this for any other brides, though, who might be looking for one of the sizes still left.