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  1. We had 60 guests and all we paid was the $1000.00. I don't know how we lucked out but they had the bar open for everyone as well. We paid to have the DJ and champagne as extras. At the end of the night we wanted an extra hour so we tipped the DJ and the servers and they let us keep partying.
  2. I used real touch for my wedding and I loved them!! Angels Accents.
  3. Thanks so much, I will pass that info along to her. I am trying to convince her to join the forum. I got married at the ROR in 2008 and this forum saved me.
  4. Could anyone tell me what they thought about the Riu Negril? My sister is trying to decide between getting married at Riu TBP or Riu Negril?? Any comments on the hotels would be great
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by jaychristensen Did any ROR brides get their wedding dresses steamed or pressed at the ROR? We leave tomorrow morning and I'm just wondering if anyone has good or bad stories about this? Thanks! I had my dress steamed. They don't do the steaming at the resort Chandlyn takes it somewhere in town. My dress and veil looked great when I got it back.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by luv2love Oh you look so gorgeous!! Everything from your travel mug to you TTD pics was beautiful! So I have to ask, did the salt water ruin your dress at all? What was your dress made out of (it's sooo pretty!) The dress I wore for TTD was different then my wedding dress. I am having a reception in August so my mom wanted me to wear my dress again. The dress I wore for TTD was made out of Chiffon. It was perfectly fine after. We went inside and washed it in the shower and it looks just as it did before. I thought we would have to throw out our clothes but after we showered everything off they looked good.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by jmhein I just watched your slide show again and teared up! It was beautiful, and brought back so many great memories for me as well! Natasha, which suite did you stay in, it looks a lot like MINE! LOL! Ours was 1407! I wish I was back there! I seem to find time to watch the slideshow every day. Our room was 1601 right over top of the beach gazebo. We watched about 15 weddings the first week we were there from our balcony!! I just loved the water and the sand. Definately will be going back for an anniversary. hehehehe
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by crawford2B I loved your pictures! your wedding was amazing! I have a question. I am bringing my own flowers with me on the plane. How did you get yours there? What is the best way? Any suggestions? I just put my flowers in a box wrapped carefully and asked them to put fragile on the box. My flowers were a little bent but I just spent a few minutes freshning them up and they looked great.
  9. OMG!!!! You look amazing. Congrats to you both.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by christenew Is where you got married considered the beach or the gazebo? It is actually called the beach Gazebo they also have a Gazebo overtop a pond. Just clarify you want the beach Gazebo.
  11. We just tipped the DJ and the guys working at the restaurant and they let us stay an extra hour.
  12. Thank you all for your beautiful compliments!!! I bought my dress here in Canada but the designer is Maggie Sottero. No I didn't pay a breach of contract with Michael. I told him it was a friend doing the pictures and no one bothered us after that.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by JamaicaBrideToBe Your day is an inspiration. You have beautiful taste and your pictures are just amazing! You look so happy! Congrats!! Can you please give me some details on how things worked with Cora's photography? Did you have one photographer or was there an assistant as well? Did Micheal do some of the shots as well? Did you pay to have the photographer there for the week all inclusive or just down for a couple of days? Thanks in advance - after seeing the results of your pictures I don't think I am giving myself a choice. Also, for the trash the dress - which turned to some sexy pics by the way! It looks like you had a second dress, was that what you planned? Or is that just a slip of some sort? And last question - sorry if I am prying now, can you share how much your flower costs were...I may look at Angels as an option too. Your flowers, dresses and your men!! It all looks amazing~ Thank You!! We had so much fun with everything. I was a basketcase before the wedding but it turned out exactly how I imagined it. Cora was great. We just paid for her one week all inclusive package and she took pictures for us in exchange. No cash exchanged. Our package with Cora included our engagement photos, pictures at our welcome mixer, pictures for the rehersal, pictures the day of the wedding and pictures for TTD.She brought along her assistant/fiance. I didn't have Michael take any pictures we told him a friend was taking our pictures.I did use a second dress for the TTD I am wearing my dress for the reception we are having back here in August so I didn't want to ruin my actual dress. Cora had the extra dress so I just borrowed it. My flowers were about 975.00 in total. I had to have the corsages re-done out here so that cost me an extra $100.00. I think I posted exactly what I got for 975.00 on another thread. That included all the gazebo decorations and flowers for the wedding party. If you have any other questions feel free to ask your not prying I asked a ton of questions too
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Jamaica08bride Were you able to have your dress steamed? If so, where? I know I've read previous post about whether or not the RIU can steam your dress but I don't remember seeing a final answer. Thanks Yes we had our dresses steamed. I just gave them to Chandlyn and she took them to town to have them steamed. It was $45.00 for my dress and veil.
  15. We had no problems bringing our wedding stuff down. We had both our suitcases packed with wedding decorations and two extra boxes filled with mugs and flowers. They made us open the boxes and show them and they let us go.
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