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  1. They haven't been officially spoken for but I'm checking on shipping charges for someone. Would you like me to do the same for you? If so please send me your address in a private message. Thanks!
  2. I have a couple things left to sell from our wedding including 12 round bamboo chargers - $6 each (paid $10) +buyer would be responsible for shipping costs. I also have a size medium "Just Married" flip flops that leave the imprints in the sand. http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/e...Wedding424.jpg
  3. The beach reception was AMAZING!!! It was quite windy all day including during the ceremony. I don't know what happened but when Cory and I walked down the stairs to the reception it was so calm and beautiful!!!! It didn't get cold really at all. I had pashmina's for all the female guests and I think I only saw my niece with hers on. We loved it and all of our guests thought it was the best thing ever to have a great dinner and dance on the beach!!!!!
  4. We just got our slideshow from Robin DePaula.....and think it's terrific!!! Jocelyn & Cory
  5. We just got back from our wedding and honeymoon. We spent 4 nights at CSA and we thought it was really great and would go back!! The beach is large and beautiful white sand. There are two pools, both are quite small, one with a swim up bar. The food is great....the buffets to the gourmet restaurant Feathers. The sports complex across the road is really fantastic. They have a really nice spa, gym, a few tennis courts, squash courts, raquet ball courts, a bar that makes really good smoothies, which of course we didn't discover until our last day there! There is a night club there which had a piano and I think they have duelling piano's every night. We didn't actually go, but it looked cool. We had just spent a week with 47 people so we were only there to relax and quiet time, but we really enjoyed it and would go back. We had a beachfront verandah suite which was really awesome, however the bathroom was quite outdated. All in all I'd recommend it!!!!
  6. Thanks for all your help and well wishes! Can't believe it's actually here! I guess I'll see how it does on the plane and take it from there. TwelvePiece: Hope you have a very wonderful wedding! We transfer to Negril on the 12th but maybe I'll be able to see your wedding before we leave (3:00) I'll be sure to write a review with pictures in a couple weeks when we return!
  7. That is great!!!! Thank you! I wanted some reassurance...I've had thoughts that if I get it steamed and they take it offsite I might not get it back, or there would be a big burn mark in it or something...a little bit paranoid. ha ha ha
  8. Did any ROR brides get their wedding dresses steamed or pressed at the ROR? We leave tomorrow morning and I'm just wondering if anyone has good or bad stories about this? Thanks!
  9. YAYYYY! I got mine today and they are so pretty!!!!!! More to pack!!! ha ah ha Thanks again for all of your help!!!!!!!
  10. Interesting...I guess they don't have set rules. I did receive a response back from Chandlyn and she said we have to pay the dj cash.
  11. I thought I read somewhere that if you hire the dj at the ROR he only accepts cash? does anyone know if this is true? or can we just add it in to our payment to Chandlyn? Please help! I really should have worked out these details earlier! hee hee
  12. Great!!! Thank you so much!!! Our poor visa...ha ha ha!
  13. I probably should have thought about this before, but doesn anyone know how we can pay for wedding costs at RIU Ocho Rios? VISA, traveller's cheques, cash? We'd rather not incur a 5% surcharge, but also don't want to travel with thousands of dollars cash? Please help...we leave next Saturday...yikes!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Heidi Perfect! Jocelyn, we're so CLOSE!!! eeeekkk!!! Hi Heidi!!! I know...it's really crazy that it's actually here!!! I cannot wait! I hope you guys have a really wonderful wedding!!! Maybe we'll see you there!
  15. I just thought I would share the email I just got from the wedding sales coordiator at RIU, which was cc'd to Chandlyn. I felt a huge relief that we should not run into complications on the wedding day. Dear Jocelyn, Thank you for contacting RIU Weddings Sales Department. I would like to confirm that if your friend will be part of your wedding guests, there will be no problem if he takes your wedding pictures. There will be no problems with Michael or fee if you don't use the photographer of our Hotel. I am "cc" to Ms. Chandlyn Edwards, our On Site Wedding Coordinator in Ocho Rios, so she can be informed about this matter. If you shall require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. Warm Regards, Valeria Munguia Weddings Sales Coordinator Ocho Rios & Negril, Jamaica Weddings By Riu America's Division Email: weddings05@riu.comwww.weddingsbyriu.com **In order to have a wedding at our RIU Hotels & Resorts, the couple and the 80 percent of the total amount of the wedding guests must stay at the hotel where the wedding will be performed. This is a strict Riu policy we must follow.
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