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    Wireless Internet ROR?

    i dont think they do they have internet for a fee in the lower bar but it was really slow and didnt work well at all
  2. 937 on Flickr - Photo Sharing! 927 on Flickr - Photo Sharing! [/img]I really didnt like it there actually i spent the first 2 days crying and trying to find a different hotel we stayed in a beachfront veranda and it was DIRTY the maager called it rustic - i call it dirty The beach and food was really good there though bathroom was moldy side tables were cement and stained Curtians were filthy veranda cushions were moldy - not what i would sit on
  3. albianstar

    Past ROR Brides........Some Questions

    i would do everything at the plantation and just use the disco if people want to go there afterward dont bother renting it it is like a bad bar from the 80's , lots of mirrors, small, etc i think you would like the first dances at the reception area better. otherwise sounds good basically what we did adn it worked great
  4. albianstar

    RIU Ocho Rios Gazebo weddings

    the groom has a mic attached to him so everyone can hear and this goes to the video as well = if you are gettign one
  5. albianstar

    Our Wedding Was PERFECT!!!

    Your Flowers Were AWESOME that was such a great idea
  6. albianstar

    My Ocho Rui Wedding Jan 31 08

    I 100 Percent agree about hte disco The plantation reception for us was great and the seagrape looks awesome too to us the disco was an option for people after the dinner etc if they wanted to party, but we just all hung out at the stage and watched the show after we had our private reception at which we did the speaches, cake cutting etc, we had the mento band there which was great also but too us the disco was kinda tacky for the reception - but that was our opinion
  7. albianstar

    Riu Negril vs. Riu Ocho Rios

    I just got married at the ROR in december and HM in negril couples swept away, so i didnt see the negril riu BUT We liked Ocho Rios better for us Negril was too boring, the shopping is not there adn there are more activites available in Ocho Rios. If you do go to Negril Make SURE to go to YS Falls fro the day. It is included in the appleton rum tour - but skip that and arrange to go to ys falls for the day. It is so wonderful. You can buy food there or bring your own and the canopy tour adn zipline are at hte same place. Not to be missed!
  8. albianstar

    Leaving in 5 days to ROR

    AHHHH Good luck Lucky u leaving this time of year its -50 where i live for a few weeks now i wish i could go too cant wait to see pics!! Have a great time
  9. albianstar

    mammee bay restaurant

    We al found the steak at mammee bay really good, you will like it. If you like wine though i would suggest going to town and buying it. The hotel wine is not that great- if you drink a lot of wine. The grocery store in town had great stuff - all the brands we love- and we just gave it to chandlyn who gave it to the staff to serve us. They did NOT charge extra corking fee which I expected them to. I cant wait to see pics!
  10. albianstar

    Thank you letters

    I found a nice to my parents on my wedding day that i used. It was really sweet and I just added a little extra to it. I also brought thank you notes pre made for the wedding coordiator, band, officiant and the reception staff, with thier tips in it.
  11. albianstar

    my riu wedding in ochie

    i didnt request either, however i liked the top just fine. It was more than enough room, and there was no one else in the resterant so if we wanted we could have taken the whole place over. also the beach bar remained open directly below the resterant, and since no one was around there it was basically our private bar.
  12. as with many things with a foreign country, what you are told is not always the case LOL The hotel prefers you to book thru them bc they make money on it, and chukka may well make more money if you book thru the hotel, but its not nessesary. It is convinent though However when i was there 4 years ago, and 3 weeks ago we did not book thru the hotel and still did the chukka's river rafting and thier appleton river tour.
  13. i was just there my hubby and his boys went while sandels is right beside riu the golf was a short drive away, a few blocks you book the golf at the riu with one of the tables of excursions about 12 of them went. They pick you up, and the green fees, mandatory caddy, cart adn tranfer was about 150 usd each
  14. chukka cove DOES NOT have to be booked thur the hotel We hired our own driver to take us on the river rafting tour which was a chukka excursion. Becouse we had 24 people going it was cheaper ,a dn better for us becouse we could do our own thing with the driver etc and not have others there with us. any tour you want to go on you can book with the hotel, or hire a driver to take you to the place. When i was in j 4 years ago we stayed in a private house, not a resort so we had to get a driver to take us to say dunns river falls and we just payed the entry fee when we got there there are pros and cons to both ways of doing it. I would suggest just istingthe types of activities offered and figuring the rest out on site
  15. albianstar

    Room Upgrades???ARRRRGGHH

    i would say the same book the room you want i found it really hard to get an upgrade, i had to ask everyday for 5 days then finally i got it I wish i had just booked the deluxe suite to begin with - its tottally worth it