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  1. I'm not really sure about how often the shuttle leaves, but I would imagine there would be flights coming in quite often so it shouldn't be too long of a wait. Plus I figure if our guests are waiting for their departure, we could sit with them for awhile anyways.
  2. We are doing the exact same thing for our honeymoon. Our travel agent arranged for us to ride the bus back to the airport with our guests, which is included in our package anyways and then catching the free shuttle to Couples Negril from the airport. You could check into doing this. It will be a long day, but we also like that we're able to see all of our guests off.
  3. I found my bridesmaid dresses today at David's Bridal! They were not what I had in mind originally, but when we saw them we thought they were cute. The girls LOVED them and they were very flattering on. They will also be able to wear them again.
  4. I definitely would go with the brown one from David's Bridal. It is very cute and would be more flattering on your girls.
  5. Thanks so much!! The picture helps and it does look like it would be a little crowded. I hope we don't have too much!!
  6. I have a question for those who did the dinner at Mammee Bay. I am thinking of doing a long runner across the table and then decorating with candles, sand, shells, and starfish instead of centerpieces since it all one table. I have 26 people total, is there anyway to find out the dimensions of the table so that the runner fits well?? Also, do they provide you with white table cloths or do I need to bring one? For those who have been there, do you think this will be too much and make the table too cluttered?? If anyone has pics of the table and how they decorated, they would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  7. I will definitely not be using it for long, it is just a small boost to help me with the beginning weight loss and see results a little faster. The Dr. told me that after a few weeks it loses it's effectiveness a little bit. It is not addictive. I have all ready lost a few pounds and I feel great!
  8. Thanks! Sounds like a good idea! I think I may register today I'm so excited!!
  9. For those who registered early and have all ready received gifts, how did you get the word out about where you registered in a tactful way. Typically isn't that announced in the shower invitations? I really like the idea of registering at Home Depot! FI will love that!!
  10. I was wondering the same thing about registering. We aren't getting married until April of 09, is it too early to register? I thought it was but my friend is here from out of town and wants to come with and told me I should register now. Is it too soon??
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by lauren c. is this the same adderall that's prescribed for children and adults with ADD? Oops! I'm an idiot! No it's not called adderall, it's called adapex. It is a type of phentermine and is used as an appetitie suppressant. Sorry! Guess I should have looked at the bottle before I posted that.
  12. My doctor prescribed an appetitie suppressant for me that is called Aderral. It works wonders! I have way more energy and can go all day without snacking and eating between meals. Ihave also been forcing myself to get to the gym more often so I am hoping to start seeing some results!!
  13. I didn't start to get really excited until our trip was all booked! How far are you in your planning process?? Maybe your just overwhelmed right now?? It will get better!
  14. Dez, Hi I just came across this thread and my heart goes out to you. Everyone is giving you really good advice and you will work through this and be just fine whether you are with him or not! Every relationship has it's issues, but if he's not willing to pull his weight and work at the issues with you, it will not work. It is so obvious that you love him, but first and foremost you need to loe yourself! His behavior is unacceptable and frankly pretty immature. I know you say he has had issues, but you can't make excuses for him disrespecting you! I say that you and your family/friends that have booked take the trip together and just have fun! I know this is all easier said than done, but you will figure out what is best for you in your heart. I am sorry and you are in my thougts!
  15. I love the starfish centerpieces. What a great find! I'm going to have to head over to Kohl's and see if they have anymore. Thanks for sharing!
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