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  1. Hey Danyelle, we were originally doing Hawaii and decided to stick with the beach theme but do our Vegas wedding afterall!! Hopefully it will all work out perfectly hopefully you figure out what you are looking for!! Definitly thinking Vegas is a good way to go! haha
  2. Thanks ya it should be awesome, but with crazy schedules as usual we are having a tough time finding some time to take off to get down there!! For anyone else interested in it this is the website i found for the info... Las Vegas Wedding Chapels - Mandalay Bay - Best Las Vegas Weddings thats got lots of info on different packages and upgrades, and yes it isn't the cheapest way to go but once we found this, it was one of those, ok awesome who cares lets have fun with it!!
  3. As soon as i can find some time to look into it i'll for sure send you my contact and whatever they send me! I think it would be a super fun way to have a unique wedding but still have a vegas atmosphere for partying it up Thanks for the info Jen i'll be sure to contact them and have an awesome trip back!!
  4. Hey everyone, has anyone been to, heard about, had a beach wedding at mandalay bay? Apparently they do it by moonlight later in the evening and put out 50 chairs. We had originally planned a Maui wedding but with the economy and our dollar, we aren't wanting to miss out on lots of guests coming due to the cost. We have never been to Mandalay Bay and were were thinking of getting one of the larger rooms to host a cocktail reception afterwards for approx. 40-50 people. Anyone have any info on this? Thanks all Larena
  5. Hey Shafina, I found a website in a bridal magazine a while back...it's verabradley.com - Vera Bradley - Home or Sproullie Designs | Custom Photobooks, Invitations and more! They first website boarding passes fairly expensive as listed in the book but the things you get with it are a luggage tag R.S.V.P, boarding pass invite, passport to love (has your "love story"), weekend itinerary, hotel info and maps. Either way it might be somewhere to start looking!! Hope it helps!
  6. hahaha you rock!! That toally just made me smile!! Why couldn't all brides or brides to be be like everyone on here...its true!
  7. I'm in Alberta! What made you decide Kauai? I'm having a tough time which island. My brother and sister in law just got back from island hoping for their honeymoon so i'm hoping they will have some good advice as well!! Feb!?! Thats coming up quick! how exciting! Quote: Originally Posted by Robyn Mumford Welcome to another Canadian! I am headed to Kauai in Feb and cant wait Where in Canada are you from?
  8. Oh thats a sad sad situation....but hilarious none the less...i'm just thinking if I did that how mad I'd be and everyone would be laughing!! its over and done with now though!! Makes for a good story at least!! :-) We all have those! No harm in trying to call and get a credit or something!
  9. Great idea with the palm tree!!! Just when I thought how I was going to do my MIB...all these fantastic ideas come out!! Thank god i have oodles of time to plan!!
  10. I LOVE IT!!! thats fantastic!! I have picked up a bunch of stuff for MIB save the dates!! Your turned out phenomenal and I might have to change my idea because you kicked MIB standards out of the water!! Love it!!
  11. Thanks for the support all!! You got it right!! She can be miserable but its my day and might be better if she wasn't there anyways! haha miserable people suck! hahaha
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by erin025 I have a similar situation. My brother and his new wife (just married at the beginning of July) are both teachers. I am planning my wedding for the week after Christmas - so it would be December 2009 because they are unable to get time off during the school year. The reason I am waiting until next year is because they got married this year and I wanted my family to have the chance to save some money after the expense of their wedding. My brother doesn't seem thrilled to go the week I am planning it...even through I have to do it that week because of th
  13. I am all over this show!! I am sooo happy for Twitch, he totally deserves to be up there! He may not be the best technically trained dancer, but man can he perform!! Personally i would much rather someone perform amazingly as oppose to a phenomenal technical dancer. Twitch sure does show he loves what he does!! Can't wait for the finale!!!
  14. Oh ya I agree, i'm trying to ignore it...but it just kinda hurt seeming how I was a bridesmaid for her...I actually met up with my brother that night and told him and he said its her problem and if she thinks he won't come to his sisters wedding she has another thing coming...oh i know I have plenty of time...still hurt a bit though!! Yup, thats why eloping is sounding more appealing Alyssa! haha I'm not one for drama! haha
  15. So when i called my brother and his wife to be (now wife) to announce our engagement...my sister in law asked where we were planning on getting married. I had told her Hawaii but we were going to leave any planning until after their wedding and didn't want to steal any sunshine from their big day. (it was just WAY to hard to have my ring sitting there not on my finger and to wait until they were married 4 months later! haha) So when i said it was looking like Mayish of 2010 she said to me, and i quote, "oh well i don't know if i'll be able to make it...I may be pregnant." So I'm
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