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  1. Glad to know you feel more at ease with things. Give it time and you still have good time for planning things! marTin Quote: Originally Posted by hsims1 Yea we just started our planning, and we are looking to spend around $12,000. I am happy to hear that we are in the right ball park.
  2. I have to agree with KAMAY on getting to the airport at least 2 hours in advance, 3 hours is too much, but 2 sounds just right. Customs here isn't a big hassle, and they are cordial. It'll take at least 30min. from Sheraton to the airport, taking the toll road, of course /COLOR] Quote: Originally Posted by AlmostaSeif I have been searching around for information about the airport, but can't seem to find anything. I am trying to figure out how early guests should get to the airport (in Cabo) for their flight. Since the Sheraton is 30 minutes away, I was trying to factor everything in. Is it the typical three hours before for an Inernational flight?
  3. Dear bride, Sounds like you've got enough for a really beautiful wedding, specially with the dollar-peso parity, it does help to have a strong dollar when you come down here, it's cheaper for you in some aspects. Look around the forum, you'll find lotsa good tips and help and if you have questions regarding any aspect or vendor, just holler and somebody will give ya specifics on any issue or doubt marTin Quote: Originally Posted by jfromsf Hi everybody! I am only on the beginning stages of planning, but I just wanted to know approximately what kind of budget I need to plan my dream Cabo wedding. Of course, I realize total costs can completely vary depending on where and how many guests, etc. But I have been trying to price out venues and vendors and it seems to be much more expensive than I initially thought. I am working with about $12,000 for everything and am planning on 40-50 guests.
  4. Dear Stelladiver, No need to to worry, to avoid being under the shadow from the building, just make sure your wedding starts at least 2.5 hours before sunset and you'll be on the safe side. Perhaps 2 hrs is enough, but not too sure on that. I also depends on when your wedding will be held, for the sun does set differently. The very best to you, Stella, marTin Quote: Originally Posted by stelladiver Oh no, my concern is not that the hotel did anything wrong or was somehow responsible for the delay. My concern is that it sounds like based on the location of the hotel as compared to the location of the sunset, the height of the building, etc., a ceremony on the beach there needs to be at a specific time in order for it to not be too dark. For those of you who have been to the Casa Dorada around sunset or, better yet, have been to a wedding there, how long before sunset should I start my wedding to make sure that it won't be too dark? Is 1.5 hours sufficient time? Or should I even start earlier? Most other hotels have said 1.5 hours is good because the ceremony will take 30 minutes, then you'll have an hour before sunset when the lighting is the prettiest to take photos. But it sounds like the Casa Dorada might be different because of the height of the building and where the sun sets in relation to the hotel. Please chime in on your thoughts! Thanks so much!
  5. Ya, 1 day turnaround time for e-mails doesn't sound all that bad, maybe two if the weekend gets "in the way". Good comment, liked it. martin Quote: Originally Posted by stelladiver Hi Shorty, Here's my take because I'm like you and am eager to get quick responses. This is your wedding and your WC is being hired to make your life easier. I think one business day turnaround on email is reasonable, but if she's taking a couple days for her to get back to you and it's stressing you out, you should go with a different WC. Some brides are totally fine with waiting 3 days, but if that doesn't work for you, you shouldn't have to. As someone mentioned, the standard response time in Cabo is slower than in the US. But that said, there are WC's who respond faster than others and maybe you need one of those people if it's stressing you out to wait. I interviewed a few WC's and immediately ruled out the ones who did not respond promptly because I knew they wouldn't be a good fit for me. Nothing wrong with going with someone who's a better fit for your personality and needs. Good luck!
  6. Hello Dolce, wow, you picked a very nice hotel, love the entrance hall and the architecture in general. Thanks also for the input into your wedding day, it always helps to know a little of what goes on in the minds of brides. As a photographer you don't always know the small nuances that WC get, I guess. We just shoot our hearts away Congratulations, felicidades again!, marTin Quote: Originally Posted by dolcegirl01 Just to chime in here, this was my biggest concern too. Sometimes I would be waiting 1-3 days for a response. And since a lot of the time this is to negotiate things like prices I would get stressed out (since I wanted to make a decision on flowers but wanted to know all the differences of roses vs. lilies and prices for centerpieces, etc). However, I arrived a couple of days before my wedding and the WC was wonderful. Most of the things like location (beach, ballroom, outdoors) could be changed if we didn't like the setup, as could linens and lighting--we even were able to go over the music once we got there. And everything went flawlessly the day of. In fact our WC, Eva, was there until late until the night. When our flight was delayed because of a layover, she stayed around at the hotel until almost 9pm to greet us and go over the details when we got in. The customer service was amazing. So even though it may be frustrating, don't worry about emails taking a long time. I was so stressed everything would go badly, but it ended up being the most beautiful weddings and so many of my guests even commented on how fun and seamless it all seemed to be
  7. Hello dear "shorty"...cute nickname. I'm no WC but if you're stressed out with this WC, I'm sure you could try somebody whom you feel pampered with. May I add that just because this person is "highly recommended", doesn't mean or certify anything at some point or another. There are some of us (I'm not a WC) that aren't known yet, but deliver our very best every single time. I'm sure there are plenty of other choices, Shorty! marTin Quote: Originally Posted by shorty1004 I've been talking with a WC the came highly recommended on this site. However, every time I email her, she doesn't respond within the same day and blames it on her email server problems. I'm the type of person that emails a lot and would expect a WC to respond almost immediately with answers to my questions. Is that asking too much? Just wanted to know what people's experience were and if I'm expecting too much from my WC. Any advice would be great. Thanks.... -stressed.
  8. Hello there!, Just in case anyone is interested, this is the definition of a chuppa and it is of Jewish roots, it's nice, simple and looks awesome: A chuppah (Hebrew: חוּפָּה‎) (also spelled hupah, chupah, or chuppa - plural: chuppot or chuppahs, Hebrew: חוּפּוֹת) is a canopy traditionally used in Jewish weddings. It consists of a cloth or sheet, sometimes a tallit, stretched or supported over four poles, or sometimes carried by attendants to the ceremony. A chuppah symbolizes the home the couple will build together. Chuppah literally means a canopy or a covering.
  9. Hello , Well, actually they opened mid last year so it's still a brand new place and from the looks of the public-works construction, it looks like the whole area will look pretty squeaky by the time you have your wedding. Congratulations!, but parking is still a challenge, nonetheless , Quote: Originally Posted by nsmile78 marTin Hello, I am getting married at Casa Dorada in March 2009. I think I was their first wedding contract. I really had to work with them to get the contract put together however they were more than accommodating and I am very happy I to be getting married there. The wedding planner is a little more than what I wanted to spend but she has also been wonderful. I also looked at a number of different sites in Cabo and Casa Dorada to me was the best. We own a timeshare there and the place is beautiful. We were also able to work out some great deals for our guest accommodations. Please feel free to ask me any other questions that you have.
  10. Hello Sita, Regarding your comment about having a "beach wedding" in front of Riu Santa Fe, that would certainly be a challenge, specially since that whole beach (Medano) is the most crowded. It's doable but definitely not very private. For private-awesome weddings you'll have to go to the Pacific side, perhaps going to Finisterra Hotel, or Playa Grande. Or you could head down to the corridor, starting Fiesta Americana, Sheraton, which are still close to San Lucas. Dreams would be great, but it isn't close to San Lucas, about a 10mile ride. But definitely get a good deal, specially if you're bringing on family/friends with you. You should get good deals, Sita. marTin ps. wedding agency oordinators are usually a better choice and they're more professional, too.
  11. From my own lens, I saw it to be quite secluded, pretty nice for a newly-wed couple who want some extra privacy. Good pic and probably the less pricey of the bunch on the corridor between San José and San lucas. 2 thumbs up on your choice marTin
  12. Sure, the foreigner just needs an FM3 and it lasts for one full year, and it does cost approximately 100 usd, but I would add a humble suggestion, before you decide on taking your photographer and spending on the photographer's airfare (about $500usd), plus, hotel (maybe sharing rooms with one of your guests), plus food, transportation, etc. not to mention that the job is much better done if the photographer brings along an assistant, then the overheads will skyrocket. Check out the local ones, see their work and then you may be surprised about the level of quality you may be looking for. JUST my humble comment./COLOR]
  13. Hey Baja Bride! Well, like Sarai says, there are other options to consider, actually a bunch of options, depending on your budget and likes. A nice one that I like cause of it's openess and light with huge windows and beautiful vistas and quite modern is Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, really classy and it "smells" young and fun. Whatever your choice, work out a deal with them and don't give in to their first quotes, you'll be surprised at how much you could save. marTin
  14. ps. there are still a few others that nobody mentions and are quite good, too. Quote: Originally Posted by olga1708 I feel your pain. I am trying to find a photographer as well and I narrowed my choice down to Gilda howevr she is booked already. Gabriel and Jose Lima are still available and the price is not too bad... Big decision to make.
  15. Bisha is absolutely right, nobody will really notice that it is on a Thursday anyway, they would be like on a vacation and just happy to be in an exotic location like Cabo. I'm a photographer and from my stand point, Friday or Thursday is basically the same and may I say that you have a plus here, cause if it's on Thursday, then you could even ask for some kind of discount with the hotels because their busiest days are Friday to Sunday. marTin Quote: Originally Posted by melinda234 So I just got dates back from the Riu palace and they only have Thursdays avalible? Any thoughts? Does this make is hard on guests? We have a "Thank you" dinner instead of a "Welcome" dinner? I just feel having it on a thurday night, if people have to come in on thurday, it won't give them time to settle, meet up with us, etc. I am so confused now!!!
  16. Hello Ana, Well, if you have gotten jacked up prices, there are enough of us who aren't following that trend, so check all your possibilities in that vendor list, you may be surprised. Happy hunting!, marTin Quote: Originally Posted by Ana K I don't know if there's a post on this already, and if there is MODs feel free to move this or close it down. I am baffled and pretty angry. I don't understand, when the world economies are crashing around us and people are losing their jobs left right and center, how is it effin possible that Cabo vendors (i'm generalizing because I'm planning this wedding in Cabo) have the courage to inflate their prices by 30-90%?!?!?!?!?! Am I on glue?! have I somehow missed out or slept through that chapter on economic theories?! and yes I said "INFLATE" because their prices are inflated and not at all a reflection of reality. grrrr! I am so angry! Vendors around the world are losing business, people are losing their jobs, economic spending is at an all time low, am I to believe that in Cabo things are different?! eff! can someone just give me some perspective? because clearly I missed something! phew, ok i feel a bit better now but seriously, I'm about 2.5 seconds away from having a heart attack
  17. Hi!, well, I happen to have shot a wedding there back in July. It's a nice place and you'll get a front seat vista to the bay (though you can't see the arch view from that angle). The place is brand new, so all is nicely finished and trimmed. It's a good place for not-so-big weddings. The only suggestion I would make is to do the ceremony an hour before so you may have a part of the sunset, otherwise you'll get a "shadowy" ceremony, the sun sets early over the 5-story-building. Now in november, the wedding should take place (it's my humble suggestion) at 4pm, cause sun sets in Cabo at 5:30. One other thing is that although the view is really nice and all, there would really be no "intimate" shots at the beach cause the beach front is very narrow and packed with people. So, for beach pics you'll need to do that at a different beach. That's all, just thought of helping some marTin . Quote: Originally Posted by stelladiver One of the hotels that I'm seriously considering for my wedding the Casa Dorada. The hotel is beautiful and the staff seems really nice and helpful. The only downside is that it is a fairly new resort with seemingly no wedding experience. (Despite the fact that its website says it has a wedding coordinator, I learned that it did not when I spoke with the folks there.) Does anyone have any input on this hotel -- good, bad, or otherwise? Thanks so much!
  18. Dear Natashak, Before you choose your best option, I would suggest your browsing around on local photographers, there enough good possibilities here to choose from, no need to spend extra expenses on air-fares, lodging and other overheads. May you choose the best option, whatever that is, marTin Quote: Originally Posted by Natashak Hi Girls, I have been trying to pick a photographer & I am not having any luck. So far I have narrowed it down to Gabriel Garcia, Gilda, Jose Lima and Alberto. If any of you have used any of them or have some tips on deciding that would be great! Thanks a million!
  19. Yes!, we are very fortunate in Cabo, few hurricanes actually hit Cabo, they usually pass close to us, sparing Cabo which is the prayer of many of us who live here. Anyhow, Norbert is totally gone. It is Sunday at noon and all is beautiful and sunny, plus its cooler, which helps much. Tropical Storm Odile is only a Tropical Depresion, which is a degrade from a TS and is about 300 miles from here and dying....yes, dying fast! marTin Quote: Originally Posted by mushkilla Please post any updates here...my guests are worried!! Thanks
  20. ya, go with Suzanne Morel, I met 2 of her make up advisors and they did a really professional look on the bride. They were very courteous and had excellent finesse with a very demanding client. I saw Raquel and Adriana, haven't seen others in action. Best to you guys!, marTin
  21. Aha, I totally go with "bshortzie", do the 6pm wedding, but your bride-groom pics before, then the ceremony. It is still pretty hot at 4pm and you might get perspiration all over and that would be not too good for you and your guests. marTin
  22. Yip, totally agree with you, outside coordinators are always a better and wiser choice and most likely more keen and familiar with coordinating a wedding....and, believe me, there are sooo many things to do in "coordinating", I have great admiration for them. The things they get are so exquisite, specially those really elaborate bouquets, really beautiful. Hope the best for your planning! marTin
  23. Hi, Well, it all depends what beach you go to and how far the "platform" will be from the hotel, but all in all, if you aren't too skin sensitive, you would do ok bare foot. This is how the bride looked with plaform sandals in her wedding, at Pedregal beach. Best wishes for ya1, marTin Quote: Originally Posted by MrsTorrence Hey all, I was thinking of going barefoot on the beach for my ceremony. But after trying on some dresses, I realizes I need to wear shoes to give it more impact (I'm a little vertically challenged). Do you guys have any suggestions? I don't want to wear flipflops because I know it can kick up sand...has anyone tried wearing platforms or wedges on the beach? Or found any that look remotely like wedding shoes? I've seen platforms/runners, but you still have to walk in the sand to get to the platform. Thanks!
  24. I will only say that we at Cabo should strive to give you guys the best and cristal-clear service in all of Mexico. We are probably doing more weddings in Cabo than elsewhere in Mexico's beautiful venues. Service should be king in our every action lest we slip into somethig weird. We depend on the actions of all and will be affected by their decisions, good or bad. I'm glad you are finally on your way to a happy ending. I wish for you the best Ana. marTin
  25. Hello, well, no, they don't close the restaurant, but it is far enough so you may have your own space. It's a nice gazebo, they keep it nice and white. It is very picturesque Quote: Originally Posted by sherberry22 just wondring, how private is the gazebo at dreams? is it attach to the restaurant? it seems like it...and if it is, do they shut part of the restaurant during the ceremony? are there people eating at the restaurant during the ceremony and how close are they to you?
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