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  1. that's a very nice place and the backdrop is certainly is world class! Quote: Originally Posted by amanda0309 The wedding on the web page at the mona lisa is breathtaking how much does something of that caliber cost?? I am planning on around 50-60 people could it still be that beautiful
  2. Jus wanted to compliment on the very nice pic that just above the collage. I really love it! Have a great day. Quote: Originally Posted by Jessalyn That's a tough question with Daylight savings time and all. I thought I had a good website for you, but did further research and got myself confused. Sorry, just wanted to complement on the pic that above, really looks nice with the water as a fore-ground. I haven't seen many of those pics, it's a great idea, though. sorry to bother, great day to you. .I love the pictureIt looks like daylight savings time in Baja California Sur, Mexico happens the first Sunday of April. Mexico Daylight Saving Time Here is the website I use to determine sunset times http://www.sunrisesunset.com/custom_srss_calendar2.asp Using the above info, it looks like the sunset would be at 6:30pm on March 24, 2007. Tough question, looks like it depends on the day we "spring forward" our clocks. Might want to contact someone in Mexico to make sure. Doubt I helped...but I tried...
  3. Wow! that is kind of original, if nothing else Quote: Originally Posted by LadyCheese We woke up one Sunday morning in December and went to eat breakfast, after breakfast we drove to NJ to visit my parents and we stayed there for quite awhile. FI stated he wanted to take me to dinner at a restaurant in NY so off we went. We're driving on Rt. 80 heading to George Washington Bridge when all of a suffen he tells me he feels sick and he needs to vomit!! I know he had a drink with my dad but he's not a weak drinker by any means!! After 2-3 minutes of questioning him if he's really going to barf and to find a bag in the car, he tells me to pull over on the shoulder....I pull over to the side of the road and remain in the car while he gets out, he leaves the passenger door open...I'm afraid to look because I'm thinking he's barfing, but then I see him approaching the car and he gets down on one knee on the road and he asked me to be his wife. I was completely shocked, I start crying like a lunatic...I said "yes" of course and moments later I was driving again...lol. It was different and it was just the two of us on a highway we use very frequently...the highway that allows us to get to one another, from NJ (where I live) to NY (where he lives). Now everytime I'm on that highway and I see the exit where it happened, I cant help but have a big, cheesey grin on my face.
  4. thanks for the tip, all is very helpful! Quote: Originally Posted by mpark46 I found this site, which says that sunset in July 2008 is right around 7PM, and another site that says the sunset is at 8PM. OY! Who is right 2008 July Sunrise and Sunset - Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico in Mexico http://sunrisesunset.com/calendar.asp
  5. I've photographed many flowers, but these look quite special. Congrats! Quote: Originally Posted by BarefootBride how sweet!
  6. ....definitely a nice and sweet idea with those cards. marTin Quote: Originally Posted by Tobi Jessell I guess the "Will you be my bridesmaid?" cards were a hit. All three of my BMs were balling when they saw the pictures and read the poems. (There are a few inside jokes which may not make sense)
  7. ...pardon me for interrupting, I never heard of "cinnamon beach", that truly is a beautiful name for a beach. Good for you! marTin Quote: Originally Posted by www.storybyphoto.com Well. We just got back from the Virgin Islands for 1 week. Had a good time. The nicest beach we saw was Trunk Bay and Cinnamon Beach. Both amazing and both on St. John. Only thing that we did NOT care for were the locals. Kinda shady characters and definately not the most friendly. Moreso in St. Thomas than in St. John but overall our feeling was that we wont go back. Great beaches is one thing but we enjoy spending time with locals and taking in the cultures. These local left alot to be desired. Not only in our opinion but in the opinions of all the people we were there with.
  8. Hey!, it looks pretty good!, simple, but very nicely done! marTin Quote: Originally Posted by SoontobeMrsE Let me try to post the pic again...
  9. ....you're right, hadn't thought about that, but cushions are for he buttox. Your guests will appreciate them for sure! martin
  10. no kidding!, who would want to cover such pieces of art? Quote: Originally Posted by Leia78 I thought Tiffany chairs aren't covered, since they're so pretty as is.
  11. Ya, your're right, walking along the estuary is nice and also going all the way to Puerto Los Cabos Marina is very nice, too. marTin Quote: Originally Posted by Mango Deck What I can tell You is.... Art Walk in San Jose Walking near the Stuary at San Jose (Right beside Presidente Hotel, don't swim on the ocean though) Visiting Lover's Beach at Cabo (fair swimmable) Dune Buggy's tours at Buggy Adventures) These ones are free/cheap
  12. Oh, yes, the art galleries have some really exquisite art work. They are small galleries, but what they have is really unique. I loved the old, old paited doors, showing some kind of lifestyle paiting over them. I thought that was amazing and quite original, martin Quote: Originally Posted by coreyphil Leia - I would DEFINITELY recommend the art walk in San Jose - we actually didn't get to see as many of the galleries as I would have liked because our welcome dinner was on Thursday night. Basically all of the galleries stay open late and serve wine ... they are really nice and have some amazing works! Also - it's not free, but it's a pretty cheap all-day activity --- SURFING! We absolutely LOVED surfing with Costa Azul. The owner's name is Alejandro Oleo and he is wonderful. He makes surfboards and his family owns a number of shops around Mexico. He provides private lessons and we all fell in love with his operation. For $55 per person you get the board, wetsuit, and shoes plus one hour of private instruction --- the great part is that you can keep it all day. He is a great instructor - my son had a blast. Alejandro is also very safe and has an amazing ability to keep an eye on everyone ... Some of the members of our group went 3 days! You surf on the beach by Cabo Surf - so you can eat lunch there ... it is fun just spending the entire day at the beach and watching all the surfers. Costa Azul has a tent that they set up where you can leave all of your things, they also have beach chairs for you to hang out in ... Everyone on the beach was super-nice and friendly. We loved it! I'll try to think of other freebie / cheap activities!
  13. unikphoto


    Hello, Elizabeth and welcome, but most of all congratulations on your engagement and your coming here to Cabo. I'm a photographer and I also wish you the best possible pics on your wedding. God Bless, marTin
  14. I'm pretty sure they would let you travel with your fireworks, as long as they are well sealed and in checked luggage. ask them, nothing to lose. Quote: Originally Posted by becks Does anyone know where to get them in the Cancun area? I don't think the TSA will let you travel with them, even in your checked luggage...
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by twinkletoes Very cute! Love the colors. , yip, very nice colors, indeed.
  16. woooooooooooo!, that looks very nice, I had no idea Portugal had such nice sandy beaches, of course I've never been to Portugal, but anyway, very nice, thanks Quote: Originally Posted by xJuicyJx This one is going to be biased but this is to me the most beautiful. It's my hometown in Portugal.
  17. My brother and his bride got on top of a small podium and had a special dance, though there were plenty of singles, they avoided the garter thing and the bouquet, they kept both. They just skipped those and no complaints were heard. No biggie
  18. You guys may also visit the new main plaza in San Jose , it's really nice and they have even closed the access to cars and got rid of the pavement, so it is really friendly now, with a nice big fountain. I must for visitors.
  19. Well, I don't know what exactly you mean by "free", but going to lovers beach is surely nice, no really swimmable, but the sites are gorgeous, I believe it's one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and the water taxi isn't expensive at all, they drop you off there and pick you up at your desired time, just take some goodies with you, cause there's no food there nor beverages. Well, there are some opportunistic vendors there, only a few who cash in on unprepared turists. marTin
  20. Hello!, well, in order to tell ya, I would first like to know what date is your wedding, otherwise we are just guessing. Right now, march 3rd, the sun sets at 5:40, martin
  21. Well, I'm a photographer, so in terms of the best beach to photograph, I believe Lover's beach on the Pacific side (not suitable for swiming) is got to be second to none in the Americas, truly a beautiful spot with monumental rocks as a backdop, specially at sundown, the tones are just spectacular and the ocean roars and splashes are just fascinating! marTinCOLOR]
  22. Hello Leia, this may sound a bit nuts, but we are in a country that's very flexible on many things, and it is quite different from the U.S., where standards are all set. It may sound wild, but for an extra fee for outstanding expenditures, a small-town catholic priest may in the area of Los Cabos may want to consider marrying you both on the beach. don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about a hand out or anything beneath the table, but going out would mean greater expenses for him as well. Though your WC might not like the idea because this would obviously mean investing at least a day's worth of traversing small town nearby. It would cost you extra to pay the WC, of course.
  23. unikphoto


    Orange county?, well, they have real nice places there and beautiful vistas, so it is exotic in a way. Congratulations to the couple and hope you finish on time marTin
  24. unikphoto


    Hello Michelle, You are very welcome to accomplish your task here. May I ask what the destination is, just curious. martin
  25. ...don't forget about the cake picture as well, and if possible, have him take pics of the decor of the ballroom before everyone steps in. Tell him not to miss the kiss and the vows. The farther he is from everybody else, the better for everyone. I certainly hope he has at least an interchangeable lens camera and digital. Make sure he also has enough memory cards, otherwise he could end up empty and miss out on a lot. Just trying to help. I'm a photographer. regards and congrats marTin
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