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  1. Im having SUCH a hard time figuring out what they are all wearing. My FI wants to wear black because he thinks he will look best in a black suit, but I don't want all the GMs wearing black bc it's too hot and not beachy. So I wanted them to be in white linen suits, so is that tacky? Also, is it OK if the GM wear flip flops and my FI wears shoes? Ahhhhh!!
  2. Can anyone tell us if the sand is too hot around 5:00 because that is a huge factor...I would imagine it is too hot (my wedding is in August)
  3. Im registering for a honeymoon registry, Bed Bath and Beyond, and I haven't figured out the third. I heard at Bed Bath and Beyond they will give you cash for your returns instead of store credit!
  4. Thanks for the info! I think I will have the GM wear flip flops and bridesmaids wear nicer flip flops with rhinestones or something. I will check out that webiste!
  5. OK I searched this forum and didn't find anything so here the foot questions come... 1) If the groom and GM are wearing suits, do they wear flip flops? Doesn't that look funny? 2) What do the guests wear? I know some people buy flip flops for their guests, but then what do they do with their other shoes to not look tacky and messy? 3) What do the bridesmaids wear if they have a kind of formal right below the knee dress? I think it might look tacky for them to wear flip flops. I would presume that some people go barefoot but the sand is kind of rocky in Cabo and I would think that would hurt. Help!
  6. Great review! You look beautiful! We are using all the same vendors! Did you find the fake flowers to be that much cheaper than real flowers? I'm debating between real and silk..
  7. Im getting a quote from Mariana soon about how much it is to rent furniture. I think she said that there are chairs, but furniture is for a price. My only concern on the beach is that there is not shade and it may be too hot to do out there. I am debating between Oceana and the beach right now.
  8. Im using Gilda and so far Im really happy with her. I met with her on my site visit and she was extremely professional and seemed really great to work with. I think her prices are very good compared to the others as well.
  9. Thanks for the info! Im a good negotiator I'm really excited!
  10. Oh I didn't know there was a walkable place to go swim...that is good to know. I will probably just tell them in the welcome letter/information. Thanks girls!
  11. I actually bought mine when I did my site visit. I went up to a bunch of the guys on the beach and told them I was going to be buying X amount, what is the best price. I got 60 of them for $5 each.
  12. Did anyone that had their wedding at Dreams already have a problem with guests complaining that you can't swim at the beach at the Dreams? Where is the closest beach that you can swim at? I have some big ocean people and I'm a bit nervous...
  13. Great advice guys! I am going to go with together with our families." What would I do without you guys??!!
  14. My dress cost $1800 and it's beautiful. I actually fell in love with one that was $4200 but realized that was just too much for something I will wear for one day. I would have definitly bought it preowned if I could have found it, but I didn't. If there is an Alfred Angelo in your city, they have really affordable beautiful dresses.
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