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  1. No, thank YOU Tammy for all the good I received from this forum, truly a jewel in the business. Because of you guys destinatio weddings have a real push for us destination photographers and other vendors. Thanking you for all your work, marTin from Cabo Quote: Originally Posted by Tammy Host hi martin, thanks for letting us know...only a few more days until the changeover. tammy
  2. hmmmm, imagine us photographers who service any of the beautiful areas/beaches in Mexico?, we are pretty upset by all this, but if some of our precious clients do cancel their weddings down here, I totally understand, your wellbeing is number one, it always should be that way. We are actually doing well here in Cabo but since Cabo is part of Mexico, though it's the most secluded-hard-to-get-to place, we still have to follow the guidelines from the Ministry of Health so this country may get back to health-safety again. We love to work our butts off for you and give you the best possible service you can get anywhere. Let's wait until this passes and get back on the road again....lol....right Willie? Love ya all, God bless, and we appreciate you....our bread givers. marTin __________________________________________________ ___________
  3. Hello, I'm marTin Zuckermann, photographer in Cabo. I have been posting with BDW for over a year and it's been a learning experience for me, a rewarding one. And though I never got any direct clients from it (mostly because I'm ffairly new in the business and this mostly works through word of mouth), I've had the privilege to get to know the market and what potential clients ask and need. I've decided not to comply with the new rules for the reasons I've stated, but perhaps in the near future when my name gets to be more widely known. Whatever the case thank you for all and God bless your business, Tammy, specially since you work so hard, it shows. Best regards and wishes, marTin Quote: Originally Posted by Tammy Host bump for all vendors...we will be removing links/siggies of vendors not in compliance this week.
  4. Ok, thank you, I'll send an e-mail to the e-mail you say. Sooo many new things I'm sure this will help other vendors, cause some of us are a little freaked out about all these changes. Well, hope it works well for us all! Quote: Originally Posted by carly Hi Martin, Please see the rules for platinum vendors copied from above, note the request to send an email about rates and availability. Platinum vendor: must pay for button ad (email ads@bestdestinationwedding.com for rates and available spots) get added to the "BDW Platinum Vendor Directory" are allowed to put their website & blog links, 1 pic, & info in their siggy get to run 3 promos/ads in vendor marketplace a year (must be approved by admin)
  5. Thank you Alyssa, Okay, so I did get it right, I'm clear on compulsory pay for ALL vendors, that's clear now. What's still not quite clear is if plain "vendors" need to pay $150, then how much does a "platinum" vendor have to pay?, I seem to get lost on the fine print...lol. Thanks again! marTin Quote: Originally Posted by Alyssa Martin, Yes that is correct. ALL Vendors will now have to be paid members to participate on the forum. Thanks!
  6. You guys amaze me at all you do for your wedding....really amazing!...I love it, but still can't fully grasp why women like shoes so much...lol, perhaps because we guys only wear boring shoes Quote: Originally Posted by lgarner83 OMG CONGRATS AND GOOD LUCK!!!! Everything looks perfect and makes me think that I need to kick it up a notch!!!! Beautiful!
  7. Hello! I hope you find a good photographer and, for the most part, most Cabo photographers have good and high standards, I'm sure whoever you pick will do his/her very best to put a smile on your face! marTin Quote: Originally Posted by melinda234 Does anyone have any ideas on a less expensive photographer? I have even thought of paying for a friend's trip just instead of a Cabo photographer! I am getting married at the RIU palace, but would like some pictures around town and on the beach! Mango productions does the work at the RIU, but at 470$ hour Im not interested! Thanks for the help! Melinda
  8. Playa Grande is really classy and sunsets are so beautiful. Great place you picked! marTin Quote: Originally Posted by Kristina Hey ladies!! Just wondering if any of you have gotten married or are getting married at Playa Grande? Our wedding date is July 1, 2010 and I am so excited to start planning If you have any tips please let me know! Also if you have pictures you could share with me that would be awesome. Thanks!! Kristina
  9. Here's a link from them. Hope it helps you, Alexis marTin Hotel Los Cabos (Mexico): Melia Cabo Real - Sol Meliá Hotels & Resorts - Quote: Originally Posted by Alexisriv Has anyone had their wedding at the melia cabo real or planning to have it there? Im actually working with Yesica from dreams to have my wedding there in May 2010 but haven't set a date yet and wanted to have at least one other option so far dreams is my favorite for more than one reason compared to any other place. Ive been trying to get info from the cabo real website but it doesn't say much nor does it have any wedding coordinator information. If any one can direct me the right way and has any helpful info or hints it would be very appriciated. Thanks, Lexy
  10. rules, rules, rules That's so Riu Nice place, though. Quote: Originally Posted by BrideToBe2010 Hi everyone, Well, I thought we had made our decision on where to have our wedding. It's been a toss up between the Riu Palace and Dreams since the beginning, however in the end, we said Riu seems to be a bit cheaper for our guests so we'll go with that one. I emailed the resort to see if guests could stay at the Santa Fe and still be included in the 80% rule (ie. 80% of the guests must be staying at the hotel where the wedding will be performed or the wedding is cancelled). I was told there are absolutely no exceptions to this rule and guests must stay at the Palace if that is where the wedding will be. So, my question is ....how can I let guests know that, basically, if they are coming to our wedding they must stay at the Riu Palace.... without sounding pushy or snobby? We may just end up choosing Dreams because of this rule and because the quote that I got shows only a $120 difference between the two resorts. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks!
  11. $200 sounds about the right quote, but better make sure with hotel WC, just in case. Quote: Originally Posted by Erika J I am not too sure, but I know the $200 pricing is for the past couple of years, and other things have gone up in price (like having lanterns hung), so you may want to check with your WC to get current pricing. I agree with Mrs S that you will want to check about the 2 locations.
  12. Oh, I see! I had heard of she doing WC on her own now. I did 2 weddings with her in '08. Ya, she's very professional, I've worked with her in the past and she certainly knows her moves and is friendly. But she doesn't have a website, does she? Who was your photographer? Thanks Kellie!, marTin Quote: Originally Posted by masonkellie Mandy is a freelance wedding coordinator. I actually found her through my hotel. I think she should start her own business as she truly is a Godsend to Destination brides. She was the the wedding planner and coordinator. I forgot to say that at the end of the night my Dad gave me an extra $200 to give to her because he was so impressed. As far as pics, I don't have many yet as my pictures won't be ready until April. But if you are on facebook, email me and I'll send you some pics from the guests
  13. hello Leo!, Well, you've certainly done your homework, I see, my, my, my!, so much info and that will help other brides for sure. All I can say is that doing this kind of leg work will surely cut prices for you. Believe me, your dollars will do the walking for you martin Quote: Originally Posted by leobunny Okay, so I recieved this rough quote today from Laura. I'm still trying to decide on either the Hilton or PB Sunset Beach. I also got a quote from Carolina also, btw. Anyhoo--Do these prices seem exhorbitant? $10K for 20ppl, is that reasonable?? It seems high to me, (& it doesn't even include dinner because I hadn't chosen the menu yet) but of course this is only the first quote. Any thoughts?? Should I just hire all my own vendors? $2K for the wedding package seems a bit much for what they are including. Here it is: April 2010 20 people Location for ceremony (The Sunset Beach)$900 usd Ceremony will be at the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach at 5:30 p.m. Location Fee $900 usd Ceremony Package # 2 (From 3 to 30 ppl)$2,235 usd This package to include : Wedding Ceremony performed by a Minister or Judge Decoration of the wedding area with seasonal flowers* Bridal bouquet with seasonal flowers* Boutonniere for the groom with seasonal flowers* One hour of live romantic music for the ceremony* Banquet Chairs with chair covers and ties* Set up fee Wedding coordinator assistance Tax and service inclusive *List of options to be provided Photography$TBD Options and pricing TBD Location for Cocktail hour (The Beach Gazebo)$800 usd Cocktail hour to be held at the Beach Gazebo from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Location fee : Complementary Pueblo Bonito to set up high cocktail tables with white linens for cocktail hour Drinks during Cocktail hour $660 usd 1 hour of domestic open bar with the following drinks to be offered to all guests during cocktail hour: Vodka: Smirnoff Ron: Bacardi Blanco or Bacardi Añejo Tequila:Buen Amigo Brandy: Don Pedro Gin: Gordons Domestic Cocktails: Margaritas, Mojitos, Daiquiri, Piñas coladas Wine : Red and White House wine Domestic Beer: Corona, Pacifico Soft drinks Juices and non-alcoholic cocktails Price $26 usd per person per hour +10% federal tax +17% service x 20 =660 Music for cocktail hour$826 usd Pueblo Bonito to hire a Mariachi Band (7 elements) to play during cocktail hour from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Price $650 usd per hour +10% federal tax +17% service = 826 Mexican Appetizzers$711 usd Pueblo Bonito to offer the following Mexican appetizzers to all guests during cocktail hour: •Shrimp taquitos •Pumpkin flower quesadillas •Pork Carnitas •Assorted Mexican Salsas •Corn Chips •Guacamole •Sausage and Potato Sopes Price $28.00 usd per person per hour +10% federal tax +17% service x 20 = 711 Location for Dinner (The Beach Gazebo)$800 usd Wedding Group to have dinner at the beach gazebo at 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Location fee $800 usd Set up fee $70 usd Pueblo Bonito to set up a long rectangular table for 20 people with white linens, regular banquet chairs with white chair covers and white ties, silverware, stoneware, glassware and table for the cake Set up fee $3.5 usd per person x 20 = 70 Dinner$TBD Menu, options and pricing TBD Drinks during dinner$1,321 usd Pueblo Bonito to offer 2 hours of domestic open bar with the following drinks during dinner: Vodka: Smirnoff Ron: Bacardi Blanco or Bacardi Añejo Tequila:Buen Amigo Brandy: Don Pedro Gin: Gordons Domestic Cocktails: Margaritas, Mojitos, Daiquiri, Piñas coladas Wine : Red and White House wine Domestic Beer: Corona, Pacifico Soft drinks Juices and non-alcoholic cocktails Price $26 usd per person per hour +10% federal tax +17% service x 2 x 20 =1,321 Note.- Tequila shots will be offered for the toast Music for dinner$889 usd Pueblo Bonito to hire a Trio to play and sing romantic music during dinner for two hours from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Price $350 usd per hour +10% federal tax +17% service x 2 = 889 Fireworks $1,651 usd Pueblo Bonito to hire 5 minute show of Fireworks to start righ after the cake cutting Price $1,300 usd +10% federal tax +17% service = 1,651 Grand total- $10,863
  14. Thank you for sharing those photos Maura they are nice! I always say the Westin is a very unique place but seldom chosen but the photo ops are great and plenty! martin Quote: Originally Posted by Maura I have not been to the Marquis, but I did get married at the Westin in August 2008, so if you'd like to ask any questions I will be happy to answer them. The Westin has very unique architecture, designed by famous architect Javier Sordo Madaleno, and there are a lot of great photo possibilities there. Here's a link to some photos I took of the property: Picasa Web Albums - Maura & Jose - Westin Los Ca... And here's a link to some of my wedding photos there: Picasa Web Albums - Maura & Jose - Maura & José'...
  15. Hello, I'm sure you'll find several options, just stick with the one you feel most comfortable with and answers your questions promptly. Here in cabo there are really, really pro coordinators, probably the best in Mexico. The market here is quite sophisticated and used to tending to special clients and requests marTin Quote: Originally Posted by theinquizitivegroom Thanks, I guess I should also note my fiancee wants outside wedding planners from a resort because she feels they then would work for us not the resort
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