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  1. Hello you two, Well, if ya wanna do something different, how about this: in the Jewish weddings the couple breaks or steps over a glass cup that's covered or wrapped around with a napkin or cloth. Well, if you're doing in on the beach, you could have a seashell and do the same. It would simbolize a "break" of the old life and begin a new one.
  2. Hello, Well, yes, legal issues here are a little more complex on the civil/legal side of the weddings for foreigners. The language is different, and customs are different and legal formalities are different as well. You certainly can get married in Mexico, but in order to accomplish that,you will have to go through a little bit of trouble and time. A good WC should get this settled pretty well, don't try it alone, you'll only get frustrated. Most people say: get married in a beautiful beach or colonial town of Mexico, and then do the civil one in the U.S. or viceversa. Best of best, marTin Quote: Originally Posted by Yari I keep on going back and forth on this. My friend is an ordained minister in the States, and she is doing the ceremony in PV. I believe she has to do the ceremony in the States for it to be valid. I need to look into this.
  3. Yip, just like starlight said, if you know your vendors and suppliers, then it is not a bad idea, but if you really don't know the place and have a vague idea about the venue, you're in place for surprises here and there. If the local language isn't a barrier, then it doesn't sound that bad. That spaguetti does sound nice! yummy marTin /COLOR] Quote: Originally Posted by happyone I really don't feel that I need a wedding coordinator. I feel like it is a waste of money and that I have everything under control. My wedding is only going to be 40 people and we're all really laid back. I already have the venue, flowers, photographer, welcome dinner site, and transportation to the site under control. I am not worried about booking the music and my future MIL and friend is cooking a dinner for everyone the night before our wedding in the master suite at our hotel (spaghetti and salad). Is it a bad idea not to hire a WC? Any thoughts from those who have or haven't had them? What are they really going to do for me? Please tell me if I am crazy!
  4. You'll save time, hassles and money if you take care of the legal aspects of the wedding where you live and have the nice DW later in Mexico. Legal issues here are, of course, different and the language barrier never helps. But your wedding will turn out really great, wedding coordinators are really great here and they know Americans pretty well. Best of everything for your wedding day! marTin Quote: Originally Posted by tina.scott32 This is a great question! I was wondering the same thing.
  5. Just wanted to say hello and hapy valentine's day to everyone. Best of love to everyone in the forum. Lova ya all! Quote: Originally Posted by Christine Happy Valentine's Day everyone.
  6. Ya, well, they do have a point, it will be your wedding, but you also have to consider that if you really want superb photos, you will definitely need natural light and avoid the night for nice portraits. Medieval weddings? Cute! /COLOR] Quote: Originally Posted by Be Photography LLC If you are talking about group photos with the 2 of you - before always works out better than after - but many people dont want to see each other before hand! -- If you are talking about just shots of the 2 of you - Id say a day-after session (either trash the dress - or combo of couples shots and TTD) - would work best!
  7. Hello, Well, yes, I have to agree on my Jamaican friend, you are much better off having your day-after pics than having them early on your wedding day. You won't be relaxed on your wedding day, there are too many things to worry about on that day. Relax and enjoy your day after pics and you could even turn them into mouth-watering pics if you trash your dress, if you really want awesome and extra-ordinary pics your friends will crave marTin as Quote: Originally Posted by cheribeth I wanted to see what people thought about pictures before the wedding? I really want nice beach pictures, we are getting married under a pretty gazebo at 6pm.. So I am afraid getting married that late we wont get good pictures at the beach. I was thinking of getting up early in the AM when a lot of people are not on the beach , getting out there for 8am showered in my dress, and my fiance and MOH and bestman, getting pics done at the beach.. Going back to the room taking everything off, and then getting dressed at night again for the wedding.. UGH seems like a lot of work..
  8. Hello Chsitine, I'd never heard of Green weddings, but it sounds like an in-thing today, right along with hybrids and such. Great idea, keeping it simple and classy at the same time. Though the name "sustainable weddings" sounds a bit un-romantic to me. Whatever, the idea behind is is good: getting rid of wasted flowers and wedding attires from bridesmaids sounds good as well. Good idea overall. marTin ps. thanks for sharing the info Quote: Originally Posted by Christine no I am sorry, I think its something my grandma sent me. I will try to look though.
  9. Yip, those beaches are open-sea shores, though there are some small streches of "swimmable strips", but ya, they could pose a few unnecesary risks. And you'd be better off just getting your feet wet and enjoy the splash. Medano is your best bet, though it is sometimes very crowded and jet skis around. I personally don't like that beach, but if you go further down, close to RIU, the place is quite swimmable when the waves aren't high. Have fun! Quote: Originally Posted by tkim Just got back from a site visit of Sheraton, Casa del Mar, and Dreams. The beaches at Sheraton and Dreams are both not swimmable. Not sure about Casa del Mar. There is a beach about 10 minutes away from these resorts that is supposed to be swimmable though.
  10. Ya, I know some of those places, but I recently visited Guanajuato City, near San Miguel de Allende and I actually thought it was more magical than San Miguel. I mean, San Miguel is nice, but Guanajuato is so beautiful and even protected by the UN for its historic value and places. marTin
  11. Hello, Well, my favorite beach to swim is a "no-name" beach, and it's just about a 5 minute drive from the Riu Hotel area. It's called Misiones. It's behind Cabo Bello and it is usually with few people and a friendly-family atmosphere. marTin
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