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  1. welcome Jess Me and the future misses just got back from vacationing there. LOVED IT JD
  2. Addison, Where exactly was your villa located it all looks and sounds amazing especially the fireworks. JD
  3. Thanks, I guess I should also note my fiancee wants outside wedding planners from a resort because she feels they then would work for us not the resort
  4. Hi Everyone. My fiancee and I are torn between a destination wedding or a wedding closer to her family. So it is down to Kansas or Cabo san Lucas...... I know very tough calls both beautiful exotic, well nevermind....... anyways I have been give homework by my blushing Bride and that is to find recomendations for 3 wedding planners with experience in Cabo. and honestly who better then all you ladies and couple guys. I have been reading all the reviews and that has helped but if you guys could help it would be much appreciated. Thanks
  5. hey guys I am new and I am a groom.......... wait am I alone here in that respect oh well. My name is JD my wedding date is summer/fallish 2009 if we can ever determin that Location: worse then the date I kid it isn't that bad but it has been four months and no date or location
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