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  1. Congratulations on the engagement! I'm getting married at the Sheraton on 6.26.09 at the De Cortez beach and we're expecting around 80 people. Viviana was very responsive in setting up the contract, and once it was signed she turns it over to Marcos, who becomes the contact person after that. I decided to hire an outside planner because I'm actually doing the reception off-site at Villa Cortez, which is a 5 minute walk on the beach. The house is in the same development and you can see it from the beach, and vice versa. We are staying at the house with our wedding party but got group rates for our other guests at the Sheraton. I'm spending the extra money on a planner because I do not want to deal with coordinating vendors and set-up between two sites. And while I did do a lot of my own research on vendors, our planner set up all of our appointments when we did our site visit. I have peace of mind that my planner will be taking care of everything on that day so I don't have to stress. Her name is Amy from Fiestas Los Cabos, and she's been really great! She also really tries to help you stay within your budget. If you want more info, feel free to PM me. Good luck!
  2. Dino - Thanks for posting the pricing info. How many hours does this include? Do the pictures come out like photostrips with 4 different shots? Do you have sample images that we can see?
  3. Hi all! Username: Mrs Torrence Name: Jane & Aaron Wedding Date: 6.26.09 (a Friday) Location: Sheraton Hacienda del Mar I'm getting married at De Cortez beach at the Sheraton and having the reception at Villa Cortez for about 80 people. I've been working with Amy from Fiestas Los Cabos and am having catering done by Lazy Gourmet. Please feel free to PM for any info if you need help!
  4. Hi there, does anyone have info on renting photo booths in Cabo? I'd like to do this during the reception and use the photos to go in the guest book, instead of using polaroids. Thanks!
  5. We're getting married at the Sheraton in Cabo. It's not an AI, but our ceremony is on one of their beaches on the other side of the De Cortez restaurant and there's very few people around because you have to get on the sand and walk around the restaurant to get to that side.
  6. I'm doing luggage tags as place cards that will double as favors. This website has them for $4.95 and they look pretty nice. I haven't tried calling yet, but they may give a discount for a large order. Curry's Leather Business Card Luggage Tag - green :: Le TRAVEL STORE This site has them for $3.25 but minimum order is 100. Accent Leather Luggage Tag (Item No. 7987) from only $1.75 ready to be imprinted by 4imprint Promotional Products
  7. Sorry, I'm not familiar, although the website looks nice. I'm working with Amy from Fiestas Los Cabos, and she's been great! She's a little pricier than other planners in Cabo, but we've already met with her twice to do tastings, do a site visit and meet the florist. And she really is conscientious of creating the wedding we want within our budget. Good luck with your search! Fiestas Los Cabos
  8. Never mind, I can see the pics now that I'm on a different computer. Weird. But I love the make-up in the photos you chose!
  9. Wow, I'm so glad for all your responses! I can't wait to read all your reviews and see pictures. For those of you who are going with Suzanne, how far in advance did you guys do a trial run? And I looked at her prices and I didn't understand her prices for lashes. She charges $25 extra to apply fake eyelashes? Or $60 if she uses her own? And Aeroo, how do I see your inspiration pictures?
  10. Hey ladies, there are lots of great reviews on hair and make-up and everyone looks so beautiful, but do any of you guys have any input for an asian gal like me? I hope no one is offended, but I've had make-up done at the counter by people who are not experienced working with asian features and it turns out horrible. Are there any asian brides on this post that can recommend someone in cabo, or anyone that had asian bridesmaids that were happy with their make-up? Thanks so much!
  11. We're renting Villa Cortez for the week and having the reception there after the ceremony on the beach at the Sheraton. It's walking distance and has enough space to accommodate our party, which we're hoping will be around 80 guests.
  12. We are doing the reception at a villa and the quotes we've received for just food ranges from $50-70pp for passed appetizers, salad and main course depending on the selection. But you also have to figure in cost of table/chair rentals, linens, silverware, kitchen staff, bar staff, etc. They are providing alcohol, mixers, soft drinks, bottled water and beer as well, for 4 hours and coffee service. We just have to supply wine and champagne. So with all that figured in, plus 10% tax, it ends up being about $120-$150pp. In the end, we may not save that much, but we figured at least we have the flexibility to allow the party to go on longer and we can continue providing alcohol for our guests by stocking up at Costco.
  13. Amy @ FLC has been great! Sometimes they have email glitches. I had the same thing happen where I emailed that general info address and didn't get a response for weeks. I got a response right away when I emailed one more time. And since then, we've talked on the phone several times. Just recently she sent an email to me which I didn't get so she followed up by calling to ask if I got it. I didn't receive it, so I was glad she did call. I'm also paying $3000 for her but I feel it's well worth it. We go out to visit in October, and she's going to set up the tastings, meeting with florist and set up a visit at the reception site (we're renting a villa near the Sheraton) and driving us around. I personally like not having to contact vendors and negotiate. I really believe she's doing the best to meet my budget because she knows all the vendors, their costs and the quality of their work. I've just collected images of what I'd like to see at my wedding and sent them to Amy to help me achieve what I want. She'll be there for the rehearsal and wedding day, coordinating the ceremony and reception set up, so again, I feel like the extra money is worth the peace of mind. Another thing is, since she's American, I never feel like things are lost in translation. I'm always confident that what I've communicated is fully understood. Hope that helps!
  14. My wedding is on the beach at the Sheraton with the reception at a villa that is in the same development complex, and our coordinator is Amy Abbott from Fiestas Los Cabos. She's a little pricier than other quotes I've seen on this forum, but I was willing to pay a little more because I got the feeling that she really understands I want to stay within my budget (which isn't very big) and and I love that I can call her anytime because she has a cell phone with a Texas number. She called me after my initial email, and I've spoken to her one more time after that. But we mostly communicate through email. So far, she's been really responsive and great! There are couple other girls on this forum that have worked with her as well. Hope that helps. Good luck with your decision!
  15. Love the robes! Can I ask what color the thread is used for the embroidery?
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