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  1. Hi, Im getting married in Dreams in a month and I was just wondering...for those people that got married already, did you guys make a seating for your DJ, photographer and videographer for dinner? So would that be a day pass price for their dinner since they are not staying at the hotel? i was just wondering cuz I don't know if I have to include them in my seating chart and if I have to rent an extra chivari chair for them. Thanks
  2. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone can tell me where I could purchase an I DO sign? I guess Michaels have some? Is there any other place? THank you
  3. hi, just a simple question...what type of candle is usually used for luminaries? Is is votive candles or tea light candles? Thanks
  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! the pics looks soo beautiful and lots of fun. You looked lovely. I love to flowers. thanks for the honest and thorough review. I booked Fagan too...now im changing my mind.
  5. Hi guys, does Mariana still work as a wedding coordinator at Dreams? Aside from Yessica, is there any other wedding coordinator you guys heard of or know that works for dreams? I have Yessica as my wedding coordinator now and she is very slow in responding messages and emails...I guess my wedding is not till May of next year, but im starting to get worried cuz I just read old threads about dreams and one of them said that Yessica can be a little bit disorganized compared to Mariana...but i guess if Mariana doesn't work there anymore or does she...then I have no choice. Also, is it possible to change wedding coordinators? what do you guys think. thanks
  6. oh yes please that would be great!!! What do you mean that they put tables for you? Did you actually go to Cabo and see them and they did presentation for you? or they sent you pics of a sample table setting that they already have? I really have no idea yet on how my table (ie)centre piece, set up will look like, even color...can they help me with that? can i just tell them how i see my table and they design it for me?also, would they do a presentation for you if you are just still inquiring or did you already have a contract with them? Sorry, Im kinda stupid at these types of things. BTW, what is your wedding color?
  7. congratulations!!! you looked sooo beautiful. your make up looks sooo nice and natural. Just wondering, cuz im asian too...and its hard for me to get a nice looking make up and i love yours!!!!who did your make up? also, how much did you rent those tiffany chairs and whom did you rent it from? Congratulations again
  8. hey guys, has anybody heard of del cabo event design? they are event designers... im thinking of using them but still iffy...don't know if they are good
  9. hey ana, how much do they charge? congratulations!! you look like your all set for your day
  10. thanks soo much for the info... I can't believe that all of may is almost booked!! Congratulations on booking your date
  11. sorry guys but this might be a stupid question, but did you guys book your trip already then book the date or can we just reserve the date then book the vacation package later? Also, what number did you guys call to get Yessica? I tried getting an answer for available dates for may next year through the dream site and i still haven't heard from them yet.
  12. just wondring, how private is the gazebo at dreams? is it attach to the restaurant? it seems like it...and if it is, do they shut part of the restaurant during the ceremony? are there people eating at the restaurant during the ceremony and how close are they to you?
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