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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by babyg Hi there Just reading down the Cuba Forum it looks like VariaStudio has shot a wedding or two at PRDO and says it is beautiful. She has the pics of a wedding posted .... and it is beautiful. I have picked Holguin for my wedding on Dec 29th. My agent said it would be a bit warmer than Veradero as it is further south. Good luck with planning. Hi ladies, Yes, I shot two weddings in PRDO and one at the Playa Pesquero in Holguin and I stayed at both resorts. If anyone has any questions do not hesitate to pm me. You can view slideshows here: Sonya & Kevin Ashley and Nick I am also in the process of booking two weddings there in May 2009.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by BlissfulMsMiranda So, we booked (well, put a deposit for our guests reservations) for Cuba next year!!!!!!! The decision has been made!!! We'll be getting married on the beach at Melia Cayo Guillermo on the gorgeous beaches of Cuba. Now I just have to wait for the travel agent to give me my wedding date. It's going to be this week and I am DYING to know. LOL Congratulations - Melia Cayo Guillermo is a great location to get married!!!
  3. Hi ladies, I just got back from Majestic Colonial Resort last week. The construction is still in progress, but I am sure Majestic Elegance will be even nicer when it is completed.
  4. Congratulations! Cayo Santa Maria is a beautiful place to get married!!!
  5. Hi Natasha, I posted some pictures of the San Jose Terrace on page #2 of this thread.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Amarillis WOW those pics are truly stunning and you chose my FAVOURITE Cuban song for the slide show! I love Buena Vista Social Club!!! Thank you! I love Buena Vista Social Club too!!!!!!!
  7. I think it is becoming quite popular to split the travel cost for the photographer with other brides. You can post online that you are looking for another couple to share the cost of travel for your photographer. I will be in Punta Cana next month for 3 weddings at the same resort during the same week, it worked perfectly for them and for me
  8. Hi ladies, I would like to share with you my recent destination wedding that I shot at the Paradisus Rio Del Oro, Holguin, Cuba in May: Sonya & Kevin
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by katsmeow Hi Ladies! Has anybody used Mexicana Airlines before? Is there anything I should know (bad/good)? Thanks in advance! Hi there, I used Mexicana Airlines to fly from Toronto, Canada to Mexico City and I was very happy with everything.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by mushkilla Hey Ladies! I have family that live in SJ and are planning on attending my wedding in October. I am not sure how to go about getting pricing information for them. Do you use a website to book, or a local travel agent?? Is there a chain of agencies in CA that I can look this info up on their website?? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks Nadia Hi Nadia, Some of my clients used Vacmart:: all inclusive vacations, vacation packages, Vacation Deals, Hot Travel Deals, caribbean vacations, Hotel Deals, Hot Vacation Deals to book their flight and hotel package, it also works for booking 3-4 days package for Canadians.
  11. I arrive on December 14 and leave on Dec 21. If you are interested pm me or send me email at varia@variastudio.com . I know this bride was looking for other couple to split the cost of my travel. As of now, I am available for your date too.
  12. Same here - I came to photograph Sandra's sister at the Riu Santa Fe in March for 1.5 hour ( TTD session) and had no problems at all. They didn't even ask us to pay for half day pass or anything like that.
  13. I am shooting the wedding on December 17th in Punta Cana and I did some research about sunset times. I also going to photograph one wedding at the Dreams Resort in October with the same ceremony time as yours, it might not look the same in terms of the light, but I will still post pictures here
  14. I have 6 weddings at the Majestic Colonial this season, looks like it is very popular place to get married. I post pictures when I get back in July.
  15. Hi dainanewell, I believe the sunset is at 5:45pm and it gets dark around 6:10pm in December.
  16. Hi everyone, Me and my associate photographer recently shot a wedding at the Riu Bachata, where we also stayed for the whole week. I really liked Riu Bachata in terms of the location (we where so close to the cliff with the gazebo and the beach), but if you are a beach person - Riu Mambo has a better beach (almost no rocks). Riu Merengue had a great entertainment, where we spent most of our nights. The couple that we photographed had their ceremony at the gazebo and it was beautiful. You can also walk around the gazebo and take pictures with ocean as backdrop. I also really liked the small beach at the Bachata (place for water sports), which was almost private and is has a bunch of palm trees and almost no people around. In my opinion this resort has a lot to offer in terms of locations for photos. I liked the cliff gazebo and the small beach at the Riu Bachata. For Trash the Dress pictures we went up in the mountains at the end of Riu Mambo to shoot at the sun rise around 6:30 am ( pictures to come). If anyone has any questions about this resort do not hesitate to email or pm me. Here are some pictures:
  17. Hi Mushkilla, I have some pictures of the reception set up at the Mexican Terrace:
  18. Hi there, Here is my updated schedule for Punta Cana: July 7-14, 2008 (Majestic Colonial, Punta Cana) - booked on July 9,10,11 August 16-21, 2008 (Majestic Colonial, Punta Cana) - booked on August 18 October 19-26, 2008 (Dreams, Punta Cana) - booked on October 22 November 20-27, 2008 (Majestic Colonial, Punta Cana) - booked on Nov 24 December 14-21, 2008 (Majestic Colonial, Punta Cana) - booked on Dec 17
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    Hi there, I would recommend Megan Crouse, she is a great TA - most of my groups used her services. Here is her website: Megan's Brides by Oceans Travel
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    Hi Sophie, Welcome to the forum !!!
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  23. Hi there, I just shot "Trash the dress" session at the Riu Sante Fe in Cabo this Friday and I had no problem shooting there for two hours. The couple spoke to the manager without paying anything and I was able to walk around and take pictures anywhere I wanted.
  24. Hi everyone, I will be in Cabo San Lucas this week to photograph the TTD session. I was there in December and I shot TTD at the Lover's Beach and the resort -Riu Palace. I am staying at the Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa and the couple will be staying at the Riu Santa Fe. This time I am planning to use Lover's beach again and thinking to go to the town of Cabo San Lucas and marina for some shots too. Can anyone recommend any other interesting spots around Cabo San Lucas? Any deserts with cactuses? Old architecture? Hidden spots? Thank you in advance,
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