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    DJ's besides Ricardo

    HI Everyone, Just wanted to tell you that I recently got married at the RIU Palace and and hired DJ Mijares. He was so GREAT. We met with him a few days before and gave him a list of songs that we liked and he just took it from there. We told him what songs we absolutely wanted played and then he did the rest. He read our guests perfectly and most importantly us!Everyone commented on how great the music was. If you are looking for a DJ I HIGHLY recommend him. If you guys have any questions, just let me know.
  2. Hi Girls, I am getting married at the RIU Palace on the 24th. We have about 50 people coming and did not want a "semi private" reception. So.. we rented out the entire San Jose restaurant for $1800.00 from 6:30-11:00. They give you a choice of menus for the restaurant and it includes beer and wine. We wanted to have enough room to dance and not have to worry about other people since our party is kinda big. That might be an option that you would want to think about. If you have any other questions, just let me know.
  3. jennyle0082

    Steam Service for my Dress-- RIU

    Hmm i wonder if they use the same person. Did you already have your dress pressed? Do youthink i have time to do mine?
  4. Hi Girls, I contacted Daniela at the RIU Palace about steam service for my dress. She told me that they usually send the dresses off site to get this done for $85 Has anyone done this in the past, can I trust them to not ruin my dress and get it back in time for the wedding?!
  5. I am nervous about the weather too! I keep on checking!!! Daniela really has not contacted me on her own. I found that you kind of have to be on her to get a piece of mind!
  6. jennyle0082

    DJ's besides Ricardo

    Hi, I have booked DJ Mijares for my wedding on October 24th... He is excellent at getting back to me with all my questions and concerns. Unfortunately i cant meet with him til the week of my wedding. Please let me know how your visit with him goes! Jenny
  7. jennyle0082

    Receptions at the RIU??

    Hi... I ended up booking the entire San Jose restaurant for our reception... I didnt like the idea of other guests sitting next to my group. I dont think any other girls have done this before on this site, but if they have please let me know how it worked out for you!
  8. jennyle0082

    Renova Salon .. RIU Palace

    Hi, I am still undecided who is going to do my hair and make up. Has anyone out there had their hair / make up done at Renova? Please let me know what you thought of their services... Thanks!!!
  9. jennyle0082

    Legal vs. Symbolic Ceremony, RIU Palace....

    Thanks, this really does help! I will look for him. What type of symbolic ceremony did you choose?
  10. Hi, I am still undecided on Legal vs. Symbolic for my ceremony this October at the RIU Palace. Can anyone tell me what the difference is? Also, if anyone has had the symbolic ceremony at the RIU , please send me the reading or options that we have. Thanks!!!!!
  11. jennyle0082

    Legal Cermony - RIU Palace

    Hi Everyone, Thanks so much for the responses..... I got Daniella to send me a copy of what will be said in the ceremony. If anyone wants that, please let me know. I have asked her if we could change some of the wording but she has not gotten back to me. I pretty sure we can, but I will let you know if she says otherwise. Thanks!!!
  12. jennyle0082

    Salon-- RIU Palace

    Hi Everyone! Has anyone used the salon on site for hair and make up? Please let me know what you thought of their services. I am going back and forth with myself on whether I should take care of it myself or hire someone!
  13. Hi Everyone, I am getting married at the RIU Palace and decided that we were going to have a Legal ceremony. Daniela has said the legal ceremony is performed by a judge in Spanish then translated into English... has anyone had this done? Please let me know, Thanks!
  14. jennyle0082

    Receptions at the RIU??

    Hi, I am booked for October. At first I decided i wanted a beach ceremony but then after i saw the pictures i went with the Gazebo... Yes, there is an extra fee of 500$ for a private reception. When do you need to tell them where you are going to have your reception, May 24th is comign up so soon! Has anyone out there rented out the entire San Jose restaruant for their reception? Any info regarding this restaurant would be apprecitated! Thanks.....