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  1. I beleive you can bring as many outside decorations as you want. Daniella even had them put our seat cards out for us.
  2. Hi there - we had the lower terrace of the steakhouse and weren't charged $500. Maybe they put us there because of the group size which was 52 people - would have taken up a big portion of the resturant although maybe it has to do with the table setup you ask for. I wanted a U setup and thinking back now - there wasn't really enough space in any one area of the steakhouse to do a U setup for that many people. I really enjoyed the setup down there - it was very private and we could have enjoyed ourselves down there all night had we not rented the disco although we had a lot of fun at the disco too...haha. Another note on the food - we thought it was beyond EXCELLENT. We didn't have one person say they didn't totally enjoy the supper. It was fabulous and the service was excellent - there was never an empty glass! We were married Nov 14th - saltocoach - that could have been ours that you saw on the lower terrace...haha. We choose Rememberance week so that people wouldn't have to take an extra vacation day - worked out great - that one extra day helped in how many people came for sure.
  3. BTW - we had 52 people at the wedding - 50 on resort.
  4. Hi ladies - I had a friend who travelled with us to the Riu Palace to take our pictures and it wasn't a problem at all. I just said it's a friend who does photography but is also a guest and no one ever said anything about it. Bridetobe2010 - when we did our invitations we just put the Riu Palace down as where the wedding was. Honestly we only had 1 couple choose to stay elsewhere and that was because they had a timeshare in Cabo. We had a couple of people ask and we just said that you are welcome to check out other places but you will have to pay a day pass if you don't stay there with us. Honestly I think once people realized that if they are there for 7 days and want to spend time with the wedding group more than just the day of the wedding that the cost savings weren't really there. In all reality - who wants to go to a destination wedding with a group and than not spend the time during the days leading up to and after the wedding - those were the most fun for us. You'd be surprised how many people don't want 1. the cost of more than 1 day pass to spend time with you and 2. to miss out on anything...haha. I think once you explain that at $100 a day - if they want to spend even 2 days at the resort with the group - that's $400 a couple. That pretty much takes care of cost savings by staying somewhere else - not to mention the inconvenience of bringing changes of clothes etc if you are going to spend all day and evening there. That's my 2 cents.
  5. Hi There, we had our reception at the steakhouse. It's not inside - it's all open air - no walls whatsoever. What I really enjoyed is that they actually put us on the lower level of the steakhouse which was beach level so it was pretty much like having our reception on the beach. With that as well - there was absolutely no traffic around us as far as people walking or anything - it was super private. Just like asking for an entirely private reception. There are some links on here to pics of both by Mango.
  6. Hi There - we booked the Jungle Sunset cruise.....it was a blast!!! If you have even a little bit of a party crowd -we had a phenomenal time. Even our parents and the older crowd had a great time. The crew was super awesome in making sure we had fun - we even had them convinced to stay out for another hour - we were having so much fun but we decided against it as we didn't want to 'trap' anyone for another hour. We learnt afterwards that everyone would have been ok with it. We booked the entire boat for our 52 person party and it was $1300 USD I beleive.
  7. Yes we had the same situtaion but we just had our 'party' in the nightclub at the Riu Palace. Most resorts have bars that are open past 11 and that's where they will expect you to be after 11 if you still want to party.
  8. Hi There, I can try to answer some: 1. Yes you do requrie passports for Mexico 2. This is somewhat dependent of what level of accomdations, etc you want to stay at. Honestly I've been to Mexico 3 times and would never stay anywhere that wasn't an all inclusive. Not only are they typically less money - the convenience factor is huge. 3. My guests paid $1987.50 each - this is from Canada and we stayed at the Riu Palace which is a little higher end. That included flights and accomodations however there are plenty of resorts that are less than that and obviously flights from Canada are substantially more than from the states. 4. Hmmmm budget....we really tried to stick to one but didn't do that good of a job of keeping track...haha. I guess we had our flights & hotel ($5000 - we upgraded), wedding package & extras ($2500) and then attire ($1000). Other than that we didn't spend much more on anything as everything was included in the wedding package. I am guessing a little high on this stuff and honestly I don't consider the flights & accomodations as part of the 'wedding' budget as it's no different than we our guests had to pay to be there if that makes any senses. Overall I still think it was cheaper than an all out wedding back in our hometown and we went somewhat high end. And honestly - remember to keep it about you guys! It's your day and how you choose to celebrate it is about you and your newly blended famly!! I am lucky that I had supportive parents and in-laws and they were going to be there no matter where it was. The only person I disappointed by going to Mexico was my grandmother but she wouldn't have come anywhere other than our hometown and that just wasn't going to happen so she wouldn't have been there either way.
  9. Oh and if you don't have a big party or can't choose someone to translate - Daniela, the wedding coordinator will translate. Either way you will experience the vows in english and know what you are committing to... ;-)
  10. You can ask someone to translate for you as part of your ceremony. We asked one of our mutual friends to do this. They are provided with a sheet in english that they read off of to translate. The minister will start and then hand the mic to the translator when it's their turn to talk and everything is spaced so as to know when to stop talking and give the mic back to the minister. Our firiend was absolutely honored to do this for us and now the joke is that she married us in Cabo. Our vows were different than those ones but I thought they were beautiful and very well written.
  11. Sorry Lgarner for not answering sooner....this thread was just starting when the website was having some issues. I did order them directly from the resort as part of the flower order.
  12. Hi All, We rented the disco and I thought it was perfect. We did all of our speeches during supper between courses and prior to supper coming and then by the end there were only a couple left. After that we got everyone to the disco and made a grand entrance as Mr and Mrs - had our first dance, danced with our parents and bridal party and then just partied. I thought it was super having it all to ourselves - it seemed like everyone relaxed more and it wasn't such a 'nightclub' scence when it was just people you knew. Even my parents had a great time and let's be realistic that they would not have gone to a 'nightclub' anywhere else right? Honestly I thought it was worth the $500 to have it all to ourselves - it seriously made everyone more relaxed if you aske me.
  13. saltocoach - thanks so much! Such a small world - Lloydminster is only about 2 hours east of Sherwood Park. Love Sherwood Park - it's a nice place.
  14. saltocoach - thanks so much! Such a small world - Lloydminster is only about 2 hours east of Sherwood Park. Love Sherwood Park - it's a nice place.
  15. Not a clue - they were just spread out when I walked down the aisle...lol. I'm assuming they used what I ordered. This is the best picture I have of how many were actually in the sand.
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