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  1. We got a really good rate from SellOffVacations.com. They guarantee to beat any rate so we shopped around and then went there. We also wanted a lower deposit which they were able to get us as we didn't want our guests having to come up with $300 to get the lowest rate within the 5 days and our guests get $100 off if they book by a certain date.
  2. I'll definitely join the next one too! Great job with this one everyone!
  3. Wow...you are all way more organized then me!! I've still got a ways to go but I just have planned to all have dinner and dessert at one of the restaurants and then music/dancing after. Maybe I need to put more thought in to this!
  4. Thanks Varia...that would be great!!
  5. Thanks Julie! Did you have any complaints at PP? How big was your group? We are thinking we will have about 30 people. Is there stuff for people to do through the week?
  6. So, I think we've decided to get married in Cuba. Now we just have to decide which resort. Any suggestions
  7. Here's what I do know! We would like: - an all inclusive resort - not too expensive due to wanting our guests to be able to afford it! - would like to get married on the beach/white sand - willing to pay for wedding package - would like different options for food - would like the resort to have a couple bars/entertainment
  8. Anyone have any suggestions for the best place to have a destination wedding? I am just starting to look.
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